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Last night, T and I went to the Fox Theater to see Conan O’Brien’s Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour, and it was hilarious.  The tickets were a birthday present to T from my parents and me (unfortunately we waited way too long to order tickets, so we had to fork over the big bucks to get the tickets on Stub Hub, but I’m so glad we did!).

I wasn’t quite sure exactly where we would be sitting when I ordered them, but I knew we’d be pretty far back.  Well, we were in the very last row of the theater, but at least we were closer to the middle than the sides.   Unfortunately, it was like 95 degrees in Atlanta yesterday, and apparently the AC doesn’t like to blow its frosty goodness up to the poor people in the last row.  We were dying up there – it seriously felt like we were sitting outside.  Luckily Conan’s hilarity distracted us from the heat.

I never realized that the Atlanta show was the last stop of the tour, so I feel like everyone was putting in all they had so they could end the tour with a bang!  The night started off with Reggie Watts, who is the master of voices,  sounds and kooky songs.  I couldn’t figure out which of his “voices” was actually they way he really spoke – they were all that good.  He was a good choice to get everyone revved up for Conan.

When Conan came on stage, everyone went insane.  He hyped up Atlanta a lot (and he better since we are the home of the TBS HQ – maybe that means we’ll be seeing him around these parts more often?).  Conan had us all dying with laughter with his jokes, his songs (I never realized just how musically talented he was – he’s a real rock star), his crazy props (the inflate-a-bat was my favorite), and of course, the Chuck Norris lever  (“I don’t think Walker (Texas Ranger) has the authority to go around dropping the AIDS bomb on kids.”).

I was so glad to see some of his Late Show regulars and characters as well – Andy Richter, LaBamba (I love that guy), Triumph, and The Masturbating Bear.  Some of Atlanta’s own also made it on stage to help pull the Chuck Norris lever – Evander Holyfield (so awkward, yet so funny) and Jack McBrayer (from 30 Rock).  We were also all stoked when Conan ran through the aisles, playing the guitar and giving high fives during the finale of the show.  He made it to the bottom half of the balcony – we could see him fairly clearly from our seats! 🙂

I totally had a brainfart before we left the house, or I would have brought my camera so I could have taken some pictures.   We were so far up that the pictures I took on my cell didn’t really come out.

There was one major annoying thing that took place (besides the heat) at the show though.  A few rows ahead of us were three people – two girls and a guy that were absolutely hammered.  The guy maintained composure; the girls not so much – let’s call them Wastey Face and Drunktard.  At one point, someone was trying to walk back to his seat with drinks in his hand.  As he was stepping over Wastey Face (she couldn’t be bothered to stand to let him by), some of his drink sloshed out of the cup and landed on her bare leg and sandal (it’s not like it ruined anything).  She freaked out and would not stop bitching and yelling about it. It was obviously an accident so get over it.  At one point after the spill, she and Drunktard went to the bathroom so she could clean up.  Instead of going quietly, she was bitching and yelling the whole way.  It was so annoying because Reggie was on stage and her whining was drowning him out.

At some point when Conan was on stage, she had another freak out and was standing behind the last row, where T and I were sitting, and was literally screaming to Drunktard about how someone had pissed her off.  This went on for at least a couple of minutes and was so distracting.  Finally I couldn’t deal with it anymore and I turned around and told them to shut the fuck up and sit down. This got them quieted down and they eventually sat back down.  Later into the show, I noticed Wastey Face completed passed out cold – like draped across the seat next to her.  I was so glad.  If you can’t handle your booze, don’t go out in public and be a nuisance to everyone else!  I wonder how they got her out of there…

I’m super excited that T and I were able to go see Conan live, and we can’t wait  till his show gets started on TBS!  Did any of you get to go to any of his shows?


I sort of hate to admit it, but new favorite TV show is Style Network’s Jerseylicious.  If you are not watching this amazing salute to Jersey’s “more is always better style”, you are missing out!  FYI – I know not all of you Jersey folks dress or act that way, and these shows are not a representation of how a majority of you act, but it doesn’t make shows about the “Jersey” way of life any less funnier or addicting!

In case you aren’t in the know…

Jerseylicious profiles the Gatsby Salon in central NJ and its quirky cast of stylists.  The salon has just undergone a multi-million dollar renovation to make it a chic and classy establishment.  This means the salon’s owners are bringing in an assortment of new talent to help bring in new clientele who want to spend some money.

My favorite character on the show is Olivia.  She is the slightly over-tanned and overly made up aspiring make up artist, but she really is a genuinely nice person who is trying to do the right thing and avoid the drama.

If she would lay off the bronzer and tanning some, I think she would be a really pretty girl.

Her arch-nemesis and co-worker Tracy is always starting drama and being a pain in the ass.  Her sole goal in life is to make Olivia’s life miserable.  She is one of those people you love to hate because she thinks she is gorgeous and amazing.  Not only is she not that attractive, her personality makes her look hideous to me.

Seriously, how big does your hair need to be?

Gigi is the sweet girl next door who has a big heart and loves her boyfriend, who treats her like a jerk from time to time.  She wants to be married and start her happily ever after as soon as possible.

She is glam without being completely overboard.

Alexa thinks she is God’s gift to Earth and make up.  She does a good job, but her “I’m the best at everything I do” attitude really gets under my skin.  It’s her way or the highway, and if she doesn’t agree with someone, she will sure as hell let them know.  She has seemed to mellow out a little as the show’s progressed, so maybe that’s a good sign.

She will beat your ass if you don’t think she is the make up goddess!

If you loved Jersey Shore, you will love this show.  It’s got a ton of drama and a cast with attitudes and styles that are larger than life.

This past Sunday’s episode was amazing!  Tracy and Olivia were taken to NYC to receive a make-under.  They were stripped of their big hair, bronzer, and crazy long fake nails, and I thought they looked really good.  Of course they didn’t quite feel the same way.  Their reactions to their new looks was to die for, totally making it a must-see!

What’s your current guilty pleasure TV show?

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…I went to the Midnight showing of New Moon last night.  I was going to wait until next week to go, but as the days went by, I was getting too excited to wait.  Yesterday afternoon I thought, what the hell, let’s go.  Of course my other girl Twilight fans didn’t want to go because it was so late.  So I did what any other chica in my situation would do, I made asked T to go with me.   He hemmed and hawed, but came along (after I agreed to do something for him in return).  Bribery always works best!

After work, I was all kinds of giddy about going to see the movie.  Seriously, I felt like I was 12.  Part of me was really excited to go to the opening show of a movie because I’d never been before.  We arrived at the theater around 11:15, and there was a decent line coming out the door.  I was a bit concerned, but it moved quickly – we only waited about 5 minutes before going in to find our seats.  It was pretty crowded, but T and I were able to find seats in the center section – third row from the back.  Not too shabby if I say so myself.

The movie started right up, no previews, which was nice.  Of course the theater erupted into crazy cheers once the screen lit up.  I saw people taking pictures and videos on their phones.  It was bizarre. The theater also lost it when Edward and Jacob made their first (and shirtless) appearances on-screen.

I won’t say too much about it because I don’t want to ruin it for any of you who haven’t seen it yet, but I really liked it.  Sure it was corny and cheesy in parts, but it was so much better than Twilight.  The movie was more in line with the book, which I really appreciated.  There were also some random funny comments that had me cracking up.  The acting was also better.  Bella had a bit more life to her this time around.  I’ll give it 2 thumbs up.  And yes, it was worth not going to bed till 3 a.m. to see it! 🙂

Ok, there is something that I do want to discuss.  I’m not sure I love Rob Pattinson as Edward.  He just doesn’t really look anything like what I imagined him to look like.  He always looks so scowly and angry, which really bothers me.  I tried to give it a chance, but it’s just not working for me.  I like him better in pictures than on-screen.  I think Paul Wesley (Stefan from The Vampire Diaries) is more along the lines of the Edward I imagined.  Drool…

What are your thoughts?  Did you see New Moon last night/early this morning?  Are you planning on seeing it?


*Those lyrics are from a song that is quite possibly the dirtiest, but awesomest, song ever.  Kudos to you if you know who it is.

My lower back is killing me!  I’m not sure what the hell I did to make it hurt, but hurt it does.  It’s sore on my right side, maybe right above where non-lowrise jeans hit.  It feels sort of pinchy, and it is driving me crazy.

I noticed it yesterday, but I’m not sure when.  By the time I got home, it was hurting like holy hell.  I did fall asleep a few times on the couch over the weekend, so maybe I pinched something?  Or maybe I slept weird?  I do have a shitty mattress, that you all have heard (read) me complain about.

It is especially painful when I lean over or bend down to pick something up.  I am starting to feel a little less ouchy today though, so I guess that’s good.  When my back first started hurting, I was convinced it had something to do with my organs – maybe kidneys?  I’m not a bio super star so I’m not sure what’s located in the vicinity internally.

Anyone know of any good stretches I could try to loosen it up?


On a totally random note, T and I watched 5 episodes of True Blood last night.  It’s sick, I know it.  We totally stayed up until 1 a.m. watching, meaning I am super tired today.  We only have 3 episodes left until we finish season 1.  I’m not sure how we’ll do having to wait a week between episodes once we start season 2. 🙂

Man, is it hard returning to work after a 3-day weekend.  I love having the time off, but at the same time feel depressed because our next official holiday is Labor Day.  And that’s 62 days away still.  Sigh…

The holiday weekend was definitely needed and much appreciated.  Thursday night we went with some friends to go see The Hangover.  Unfortunately the 8 p.m. show was sold out, so we decided to go get some drinks and hang out until the 11 p.m. show.  Of course silly little me had a few too many drinks, and by the time we were supposed to head to the movie, I didn’t want to go anymore.  We’d met up with my co-worker Mel, so JJ (former co-worker) and I stayed to hang out while the T and another friend went to the movie.

That was a bad choice.  Of course I ended up drinking way too much and felt super crappy for a large part of Friday.  Luckily I did recover enough to head to the pool for a bit.  It was my first time this season – sad I know.  I was not loving the way I looked in my bathing suit, but at least there were some other people there who should definitely not have been wearing what they were wearing.  Our friend Chris so lovingly dubbed them the “bodies by bud babes,” which cracked us all up.  And also made me feel a little less self conscious.

Later that night, we hit up the Atlanta Brewing Company for some brews.  It was a pretty relaxing early evening, which got a little crazy when some bees kept dive bombing Little S and her boyfriend.  At one point they were running up and down the parking lot, screaming like crazy people to get away from the damn thing.  It was pretty hysterical.  After ABC, we decided to head to the pool for some night swimming and drinks.

I made this thing called a bowle;  it’s like German sangria.  And it’s perfect for hot summer nights.  You take some fruit – I used raspberries and blue berries – and soak them in a little liquor – I used triple sec – and a bottle of white wine.  Let them sit for about 30 minutes (you can also do it overnight, but I didn’t think about making it until sort of late and didn’t want to wait that long).  Then top the mixture off with a bottle of champagne and about half of a 2-liter bottle of seltzer.  It is awesome.  You can basically use any type of fruit and any type of wine.  I tried to stick with drier versions to keep the next day headache away.  You can also use more wine or champagne if you have a larger group coming.  Try it – I promise you will love it! 🙂

Saturday, T and I had a breakfast date at one of our favorite Atlanta brunch spots – West Egg.  If you live in Atlanta, you better make sure you try this place.  You won’t be let down.  Afterward, we headed to the pool for a bit of 4th of July sun.  Later that night, we went to CMc’s 4th of July/birthday extravaganza where we showed off some tacky stars and stripes gear.  T wore a woman’s t-shirt with the Statue of Liberty  and sparkly pink and teal stars on the front.  I’m not sure why the stars weren’t red and blue…I made myself some super cool star flops and a stunning foam visor.  What can I say, I’m crafty!  The party was fun.  We drank, we cornholed, we beer ponged, and then we danced our asses off in the tiniest and hottest bar ever at the end of the night.

Yesterday was a veg out day.  We watched Running with Scissors.  It was pretty good, but I definitely recommend the book for the full on crazy details.  I still can’t believe it’s a true story.  Later in the evening we watched Scream 3 – so not as good as the first one.  And later started in on True Blood – season 1.  Let me just say, I’m hooked.  When the show first came out, I thought it was going to be stupid.  But we watched the first 2 episodes last night, and I can’t wait to get home and watch a few more.  I even went ahead and ordered the books today because I am dying for something good to read.  I hope they are as good as I’ve heard.

Are any of you reading the books?  Or watching the show?  I figure T and I need to just go ahead and set up our TiVo to record season 2 so we can jump right in after we finish season 1!

I have noticed a bit of a trend lately when watching TV – I very rarely watch any actual scripted shows anymore.  The only one I can think of off the top of my head is Law & Order SVU.  I heart that show so much.  Speaking of SVU – did any of you catch the season finale?  INTENSE is all I can say.

My TiVo is more often then not filled with some type of reality show or real life show.  I will share some of my old and new favorites with you.

E! is a great channel and definitely runs some pretty awesome shows.  I’ve got a few regulars that I always make sure my TiVo is ready to record.

The Soup

I can’t get enough of this show!  Not only is Joel McHale hot, he is hilarious.  Some of the stuff is so random, but has me cracking up every time.  For all of you Soupers out there, Spaghetti Cat and chicken tetrazzini are some of my favorites on the show.

Keeping Up with The Kardashians

I had a TiVo build up and ended up watching 3 episodes last night.  That family is just so funny.  I love how they are all jokey and crazy with each other.  Even through all of their fights, they are still super close.


I know it’s new, but I always liked her on The Girls Next Door.  She is just so kooky.  I think this show is going to keep me laughing.

Some of my other new favorite’s include:

The Deadliest Catch – So much drama, so many crabs, so cold.

Intervention – Some of those people are just so messed up, it’s hard not to watch.

Obsessed – Chronicles people with OCD.  I start watching and get so sucked in by people trying to overcome their compulsions.

Locked Up Abroad – This show is intense.  When I first saw previews, I thought people were wrongfully getting locked up overseas.  But then you realize it was because they were smuggling drugs and got caught.  Some people are so stupid, but their stories are always interesting.

Of course I also love the Food Network, so I always watch a ton of their shows.

Some of my faves include Iron Chef America, Dinner: Impossible, Throwdown with Bobby Flay, Chopped, Triple D, Good Eats…and there are more, but I’m just not thinking of them now.

What are some of your guilty TV pleasures?

I’ve never seen this whole episode, but this girl is super special.

This weekend was one of those where you crammed in a whole bunch of stuff that you don’t normally do, and it was awesome.  I had so much fun, I didn’t want it to end yesterday.

Friday night, T and I decided to have a dinner and a movie date.  We found a theater in Atlanta that served food and drinks, so we opted to go there.  It was really nice, much nicer than I had expected.  The theater had recently been converted to a dinner theater, so everything was nice and new.  The prices for food and drinks were very reasonable, much more reasonable than going to a normal movie theater and spending $14 on popcorn and a drink.

We decided to see The Uninvited since we are both scary/suspense movie fans.  Let me tell you, it was an awesome movie!  We couldn’t stop talking about it after we’d left the theater.  If you want to see a really great movie, I totally recommend it.  It’s one of the better scary films I’ve seen lately.  A lot of the scary films that are released these days are more of a let down/cheesey than a good watch.

After the movie, we met up with a bunch of friends for bowling.  I always forget how much I like to bowl, until I do it.  It’s been months since I’ve last bowled, and even though we only got to play one game (we had 8 people in our lane – one game took 1.5 hours), we had a lot of fun.  I even broke 100!  Normally it takes me a a warm up game to score that high.

Saturday was a day filled with culinary mastery!  I’d seen a really great recipe for soup and paninis on Tyler’s Ultimate, so T and I decided we would make them ourselves.  We went to Whole Foods and spent a small fortune bought the ingredients for our meal, then headed home to cook up some delicious lunch.  We made his Ultimate Chicken Noodle Soup and Mozzarella Grilled Cheese, and they were so good!  The soup was a twist on chicken noodle, and it used cheese tortellini and chicken meatballs.  The sandwiches used fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and homemade pesto.  It was our first time ever making pesto, and it turned out well (go T!).


I just read a review that stated the recipe for the chicken meatballs left out the breadcrumbs.  Haha, no wonder I had some trouble getting them to stick together.  They were more like blobs than balls, but they still tasted amazing!  See the chicken blobs in the soup?

Saturday night, we got a big group together to do Korean Karaoke.  If you have never done this before, it is one of the best ways to karaoke, especially if you are shy about singing in front of strangers.  Basically, you rent out a room with friends and have your very own karaoke show.  You get to pick the songs, and a lot of the rooms have special added features like disco balls and colored lights that start up every time you start singing a song.  It’s hilarious, especially when you pick weird ass songs that everyone knows but is sometimes embarrassed to say they like.  We ended up singing for about 3 hours.  I’m seriously surprised that I had a voice yesterday!

Sunday T and I branched out and went to the ballet to see Dracula.  I love the movie, so I thought the ballet would be a fun way to experience the story.  It was cool, even though I got a little tired of the gratuitous dancing scenes.  I know it’s supposed to be about dancing, but there was this one tea party scene where the story basically stopped and everyone just danced for like 15 minutes.  We both enjoyed ourselves, even though T had a hard time not cracking up during some of the acts.  Some parts featuring Dracula and the other male characters were really sexual and slightly bizarre, and I could hear him fighting back laughter.

Sunday night, we busted out some more of our culinary skills and made Roast Leg of Lamb with Dark Beer, Honey and Thyme for dinner.  Apparently this was a Tyler Florence weekend since this was another one of his recipes.  We were a little nervous about preparing lamb since neither one of us had done it before, but it turned out well.  The sauce was a little sweet, so next time we’ll probably use a little less honey.  We roasted asparagus and made garlic mashed potatoes with it.  We still have a ton of lamb left, so we’ll be having it for dinner again.

So, how was your weekend?  Did you do anything exciting or different? 🙂

I have never really liked musicals.  They actually annoy me, a lot.  I can take a few songs in a movie, but constant singing irritates the living hell out of me!  I always try to give them a chance, but in the end I wind up bored or disappointed.  I’m only talking about movie musicals since I don’t go to see them performed live.

For example, almost everyone I know loved Chicago.  Me, I thought it was a bit long with way too much singing.  I’d much rather the characters just have a normal conversation instead of serenading each other constantly and dancing around.  I’ve seen it once, but I doubt I’ll ever watch it again.

Last night, I tried to push my dislike aside and give another popular musical a shot.  I’ve heard people rant about how Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is such a great musical, so I watched it.  And?  I thought it was ok.  The story was good, in an eerie way, but I feel like the singing takes away from the horror of it all.  It’s a terrible story about a murderous barber and friend who turn the corpses into meat pies.  I told T the premise of the whole thing, and he was baffled.  He said the story “sounds cool, except for the singing.”  I totally agree.  I felt like most of the songs are too cheery, even the darker ones, taking away from the horror the story actually portrays.

What are your thoughts on musicals?  Love ’em?  Hate ’em?  Have a favorite?  I feel like I’m not a real girl since I despise them so much, so I always give them a chance to see what happens.  Are there any musicals out there that are less singy that someone like me might enjoy?

First of all, let me say that we need to have more 4-day weekends.  Those, my friends, are much needed all of the time!  Trying to get back into the swing of things at work is impossible, especially with my boss being out of town all week long.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun.  This year, since T’s family didn’t come down, we (me, T and my family) got together with our German neighbors and had dinner with them.  This resulted in an insane amount of food!  My family made a small turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots, cornbread muffins, gravy, a pumpkin pie, and tapioca pudding.  The Germans made 2 geese, potato dumplings, and homemade red cabbage.  There was so much food, I barely even made it to the German food because I was chowing down on my family’s fare.  We do eat some of the German items throughout the year, so turkey and gravy were my main focus since that’s only eaten once a year.

After dinner, we invited some of our friends over for drinks.  Of course, since we were all pretty full, the German shots started being passed around.  And let me tell you, they are not for the faint of heart.  I started with some German pear brandy (Willy’s as my dad fondly calls it or fire water as JD calls it) and at some point was convinced to try Kuemmerling, which is basically like a very bitter version of Jagermeister.  It will knock your socks off a little.

After everyone was all toasty from the wine with dinner, the shots, and the beer from the kegerator (T and I really want one of these), we busted out our family’s karaoke machine.  Our German friends’ living room became a makeshift karaoke bar, and let me tell you, we sound awesome.  Not really.  Our singing was so bad that the dog hid in the master bedroom.  Around 2 a.m. , we packed it up and headed home to crash.

Once we arrived chez parents, we started nibbling on some leftovers.  This basically ended with T, Little S and I housing the remaining gravy with spoons.  At one point I stole the pot away to lick it clean.  Yes, we are classy.  I also tried to feed JD a stale roll (that was being saved for the German dog) and she actually managed to take a bite out of it.  It was so hard, I’m surprised she didn’t break a tooth.  I am a bad drunk friend.  She asked for bread and that was all I found!

Friday was pretty low-key.  We had to pick up T’s car from the shop, where it was getting the window replaced.  Of course I was dressed to the nines.  I was in my PJs – yoga pants, t-shirt, fleece pullover and boots – because we are friends with the guy who fixed the window.  I wasn’t expecting to do anything but drive T to his car and turn around and go back to my parents’ house.  Well, things never go as planned.  We drove by a Circuit City that was closing, so T wanted to go check it out.  There we were on Black Friday, surrounded by dedicated shoppers, in our PJs.  Like I said before, we keep it classy.  After our stop at CC, which resulted in no purchases, we stopped at the grocery store to buy frozen pizzas so we had snacks for our movie watching.  Piling on the embarrassment is always fun!

Speaking of movies, we seriously watched a ton of movies during our time off.  We hit up 3 on Friday and, wait for it, 5 yesterday.  Madness, I know.  We were planning on going grocery shopping and decorating for Christmas yesterday, but we couldn’t pry our lazy selves away from the TV long enough to get that done.

Here is the movie breakdown:


Forgetting Sarah Marshall – It was ok.  There were some funny parts but it was slow at times.  Best part – in the first 10 minutes you see the main character’s wang, full frontal style, a few times.  That’s always great when you’re watching a movie, with your PARENTS.  Super awkward.

LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring – Oh so very long, especially when it’s on regular TV with commercials.  I’ve seen it a few times, and I don’t mind it.  T and his bros are huge fans, so they used to watch it all of the time when the movies first came out.  T has read the book multiple times too and can quote/explain things when the rest of us (me and my family) were lost.

Ratatouille – This movie was so freaking cute!  I loved it.  It made me want to go on a crusade to save all small and furry rodents.  The one thing that bugged me a little was Linguine.  I thought he was a kid at first, then he was drinking and making out with a girl, so I’m assuming he was older than I thought.  But besides that, I totally recommend it if you are looking for something lighthearted and funny!


Big – I forgot how much I loved this movie!  I used to watch it all of the time when I was a kid.  So much in fact that I can still sing along to the song the boys sing (Shimmy shimmy coco puff).  Yeah, I’m cool.

Stand By Me – I’ve seen it a bazillion times, but it still managed to suck T and I in.  This is the straw that broke the Christmas decorating camel’s back.

LOTR: The Two Towers – Oh yes, TNT played all 3 movies during this fine holiday weekend.  So we jumped in during the middle of it.  Once again, I’ve seen bits and pieces due to T and his bros’ obsessions.  It was good.  I didn’t love it, but I enjoyed it.  Thank God Orlando Bloom looks super sexy with blonde hair and pointy elf ears! 🙂

LOTR:  The Return of the King – I don’t think I’d ever seen any of this movie.  It was nice to finalize the story and see how it all wrapped up.  The ending did bum me out a little, I was not happy with certain people’s departures, but what can you do?

We started watching Lost Boys 2 since it was on TNT after The Return of the King, but it was so cheeseball we vetoed it about 45 minutes in and went to bed.

So, that was a super fun wrap up of my time off.  How did you spend yours?  See any good movies?

I love TV just as much as the next person, and I must admit that I have my guilty pleasures.  One of my favorite shows (and sometimes it sucks to admit it) is America’s Next Top Model.  I vaguely remember when I started watching the show.  It was the weekend that I graduated from college, and my cousin Linds was in town.  We had some down time between the graduation ceremony, the family party, and going out later that night, so we started watching it.  She LOVED the show, and there happened to be a marathon of it on MTV.  I think it was season 4.  We spent most of the day watching the episodes instead of taking much needed naps.  And I have to say, I became hooked.

That fall I had moved into my apartment in Atlanta, and I was flipping through the channels when I randomly landed on the season premier of cycle 5.  So I started watching, and I am pretty sure that I have been watching ever since.  Last year I remember that I missed the first few episodes because the season started while I was in Germany.  I was a little disapointed because I never realized it was starting (or I would have set my TiVo).  Luckily (this is so pathetic) I found the episodes online and was able to catch up one week while T was out of town for work.

A couple of weeks ago, cycle 11 started.  And let me tell you, this show is starting to go downhill.  I still love it and will still watch it, but Tyra has gotta stop trying to act.  It’s awful.  The season before was pretty cheesy when they were at the Top Model Academy (or whatever it was called) in the beginning, and they were all jaded school girls.  Tyra pretended to be some kind of homecoming queen.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  But I still watched.

On the season premier of Cycle 11, I thought I was going to have to turn the TV off (but I couldn’t make myself do it).  They started off in the corniest way.  It was supposed to be all futuristic, and everyone acted like robots.  It was AWFUL.  There were horrible FX (giant lightning bolts and green zigzigs) and it was so frigging corny.  Thank God that was only the first episode, and it became more normal…until this week.

This week was the makeover episode, and Tyra and the Jays acted out some horrible Snow White, poison apple scene.  It was pretty stupid.  I was so glad T wasn’t home to see it because he already rags me for watching the show.  If he had seen the bad acting, he would have never let me hear the end of it. 🙂  When she was telling the audience what type of hairstyle the girls were getting, she was acting like the magic mirror in Snow White.  Boo!

Anyway, I LOVE the makeover shows, especially when the girls cry about their hairdos.  Maybe I’m evil, but it’s just hair.  It grows back.  Stop balling and suck it up.  But I do love when they give someone who had a nice, normal do something totally crazy.  Those ones are my favorite.  (I love crazy hair.  Talk about drastic…in HS I had shoulder length blonde hair, and I cut it off super short and dyed it bright red.  I know about drastic.  It wasn’t what I had in mind, but in the end I loved it and kept in that way for 3 years). What I hate is when someone has blonde hair, then they dye it platinum and do nothing else.  BORING.

Anyway, that’s my rant on ANTM.  But I still love it and can’t wait for next week’s episode.

Sidenote:  After ANTM I watched the new 90210 (I think it was a replay), but I’m not sure how I feel about it.  The characters seem so contrived, and they are trying way too hard.  Plus the acting is a little meh.  But I was obsessed with the real show (I own the first 2 seasons on DVD – thanks Little S!), so I may give it a chance.  But I have to remember to set the TiVo to record it.  When does it come on?  🙂

Sorry if this is super rambly.  I hung out with my old roommate and have had a few glasses of wine.

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