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Well hello little blog.  Sorry I’ve neglected you for nearly a month.  I’m not trying to avoid you, and it’s not that I don’t like you anymore, it’s just that real life has gotten in the way of my daily writing.  The weather is nice, so when I’m not at work the last thing I want to do is plop down in front of a computer.  You understand right, little buddy?

Well, yesterday I had a first.  I got pulled over for speeding on my way back to the office from lunch with my sister (shock and awe considering that I have such a lead foot).  We had decided to meet for sushi, only to find that the place we wanted to go to wasn’t open for lunch.  There was a Korean restaurant next door, so we went there instead.  The food was delicious, but the service was slow as hell.  Naturally when we were done, I felt like I needed to rush to get back to the office because I’d been gone a little over an hour already.

I was probably less than a mile from work, when all of a sudden a motorcycle cop pulled out of this driveway behind me.  A few seconds later he turned on his lights.  He told me that I was going 51 in a 35, which I hadn’t realized was a 35 mph zone.  It was not like I was on some small two-lane road, I was on a six lane state highway.  Why the hell is the speed limit 35, especially when the other half of the road that heads toward Atlanta is a 45?  Lame!  I let him know that I was sorry and that I thought that it was a 45 mph zone.  It didn’t matter; he still gave me a ticket.

The thing that annoys me about this whole situation is that on my ticket it says he lasered me.  Well, I didn’t see any radar gun.  He looked like he was sitting in a driveway, about to make a right onto the road I was driving on.  There was actually an SUV sitting next to him, trying to make a left out of the same place.  And…I didn’t even have my foot on the gas.  I was breaking because I had just changed lanes because I was gearing up for a right turn.  WTF?!?!

But since I’m a getting “pulled over for speeding” virgin, I didn’t think to ask about how he knew how fast I was going or when he got the damn radar gun calibrated.  Whatever.   I guess I can’t bitch too much.  In the 10+ years that I have been driving, this is my first ticket.  It could be worse.

Now I just need to find out what the ticket is going to cost me.  I’m assuming it will be somewhere around $200 since I was apparently going 16 miles over the limit.

Thanks Office Motorcycle Cop for popping my speeding ticket cherry!  Asshole…

So, have you ever been nabbed for going too fast?  Did you get out of it?


I’m sure you may remember some of my ranty posts that I have written about my super awesome, high-class neighbors (please note the sarcasm here).  Well, last night things went to a whole new level.

After having a remarkably fun and amazing weekend (more to come about that later), T and I returned to our little humble abode.  JD and our friend Z were there too.  We were lazing around watching TV and decided to venture onto the patio.  T had been upstairs and he noticed that there were cop cars driving up and down the parking lot in front of the condo.  Being as nosy as I am, of course I marched myself right into the living room to check out the situation (said in French voice that Dane Cook does from time to time).  We had our front door open with only our glass screen door closed.  Since they could see inside, the cops walked right up to my front door.

I asked if I could help them with anything (because I’m nice like that), and I realized they were looking for my neighbors, Jane and Joe.  I asked if everything was OK, and that’s when I was informed that my neighbors are…wait for it….meth addicts.  Yup, we’ve got some straight up Intervention type-shit going down right next door.  Aren’t we just the luckiest folks in town?

Apparently Joe was coming down from a meth binge and was having some intense pains and cramps so Jane called 9-1-1.  The best part of this story is that she actually informed the dispatcher that her boyfriend was having meth-related problems, and then the APD relayed this information to me.  I did let them know that Jane and Joe are alcoholics and like to fight and beat each other up, hoping that maybe they would get arrested or something.  But sadly that didn’t happen.

Things were pretty quiet for the rest of the day.  I was really concerned Jane was going to come over and beg me for one thing or another, but luckily that didn’t happen.  Phew…

And in case you were curious, John appears to be OK.  He made it home at 5:30 a.m. courtesy of an Atlanta cab since these meth heads can’t seem to stop crashing cars ( I wonder why that is…).  And keeping with his white trash nature,  it appears he got into some type of squabble with the cab driver, which resulted in me getting woken up.  I’m assuming he didn’t have enough money to pay the driver, which resulted in the driver getting out and causing some drama until he got his money.

I think I may start calling the cops whenever I hear any type of drama going down, with the hopes that they will get busted with something illegal and will go away.  And I guess I owe T an apology because for months he has been convinced that they are meth users.  I kept telling him to stop projecting Intervention-like drama into our real life, but I guess I was wrong and he was right.  Oh, home sweet home.

On another note…

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Today, T-Mobile really pissed me off.  My family and I have been loyal customers since 2001.  Hell, we were with T-Mobile before they even existed.  First they were Powertel, then Voicestream, then T-mobile.  I’ve always been happy with my service, because they have some of the best rates  out there.  But now TM has left me with a sour taste in my mouth.  Let me give you the back story…

For my birthday in 2008, I got the G1 Google Phone.  I was so excited about it because it was way more high-tech than any of my older phones, and it worked so well.  Fast forward to the end of 2009, and I started to notice that the battery life on my phone was not as stellar as it had been in the beginning.  I understand that battery life wears down over time, but the phone is only a little over a year old.  It should still hold a charge for more than 12 hours, especially when I’m not using it constantly.  I know using the Internet and apps drains the battery, but I very rarely sit there for hours on end using them because I’m on a computer all day at work.  The phone has also started popping up some error messages when I restart it (I turn it off almost every night to give it some down time) asking me to wait or forceclose.  I know that, that is not supposed to happen almost every time the phone loads up.

Last night I’d finally had enough, so I called T-Mobile.  I spoke with the nicest and most helpful rep who had me do a few things that would make the phone perform better.  After I explained all my issues to him, he agreed that I would need a new battery and possibly a new phone sent to me.  Here comes the crappy part…since I’ve owned the phone for more than a year, there was nothing T-Mobile could do to help me.  I was kind of annoyed, but I understood.  The nice rep referred me to the phone’s manufacturer (HTC) and told me that they would be able to help me – especially since the amount of time I use the phone didn’t seem correct for the amount of battery drainage I was experiencing.

This morning I gave HTC a call to see what they could do.  I was told that I would need to send my phone in to have a technician look over it and try to repair it.  That isn’t really much of an option since I don’t have another phone that I can use.  I guess I could try to find an old handset, but I don’t know if I even still have them (I may have donated them).  I told the rep that wasn’t really an option for me.  Eventually she put me through to a technician to see if he could assist me with my issue over the phone.  Once I got connected to the tech, I was informed that he wasn’t allowed to help me because T-Mobile has taken over the phone, and he legally is not allowed to work on it.  He was nice enough to transfer me back to TM, where I chatted with a less than helpful person.

Basically, she told me there was nothing they could do because I was out of the one year window.  She told me that I could buy a new battery for $50 from their Web site though.  After that, I got off the phone with her because I was annoyed about being shuttled back and forth and not receiving any real resolution for my problem.

Nothing irritates me more than being forced to sign a two-year contract and being sold products that can not make it for that duration of time.  If I have to be legally bound to your company for such an extended period, you better be damn sure that my phone will work up to par for that amount of time.  And if there is an issue with it, you better be willing to work with me to fix the problem.  It’s ridiculous that my phone’s battery can’t even make it 12 hours without having to be charged.  I’ve only had it a year and a few months.

I can understand not wanting to send me a new phone, but not replacing the crappy battery is pretty shady in my book.  There’s no way in hell that it’s going to survive till November, when my contract expires.  And I don’t think I should have to pay money to replace a poorly designed battery.  If it was $10, fine.  But $50 is quite a chunk of money – especially since it’s not my fault it can’t hold a charge.

T-Mobile, this really hurts my heart.  I’ve always stood by you, even when you didn’t have the coolest phones on the market.  I don’t always get the best reception, especially when I’m in NY, but I don’t complain.  I drop calls in my house at least a few times a week.  And you’ve always been so helpful in the past when my other phones have had problems ( I had a phone in college that kept messing up, and they replaced it 3 different times without any issues).  But this time around, I’m very disappointed.  You’ve left me hanging.  And if I can’t get this resolved without having to fork over my hard-earned money, you better believe that I’ll be switching to another company when my contract expires in November.  T-Mobile, your days with me as a customer may be numbered.

So, have you had any cell phone drama lately?  Do you have any tips for getting my issues solved?

Whoever said that married life is all rainbows and cupcakes, is either a liar or totally omitting the gory details.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband, but sometimes he annoys me more than any other person in the entire world.  And it’s just not cool and makes me want to punch him in the head J-Woww style (Jersey Shore reference – did you see that shit?) – not that I ever would, but still.

For the most part, I do a majority of the household tasks.  I usually do the shopping, most of the cooking during the week, laundry, kitchen straightening, etc. because I get off work a lot earlier than T.  I don’t particularly love it, but it’s not the end of the world either.  When he’s around on weekends, he’s pretty helpful – for the most part.

Now here’s what gets me freaking angry.  I hate feeling like I’m being a nag or acting like “the mom” in the relationship, but Jesus Christ, sometimes the hubs makes me feel that way.  Nothing gets under my skin more than when I ask him nicely to do something, and he tells me he’ll take care of it.  Only he procrastinates on it FOREVER or just doesn’t do it at all – “oops, I forgot.”  Then I get all bitchy and snippy and yell at him.  But I do have to say, my outbursts make him get the job done.

So let’s take yesterday for example.  T had off and I had to work.  Sometime in the afternoon I asked him if he’d mind running to the store so I wouldn’t have to stop on my way home.  He said sure.  I also asked if he would mind starting dinner so we could eat earlier than 7:30 or 8, and we’d have time to take down our Christmas tree then relax afterward (Yes, it’s still up.  I’m having a hard time letting it go because it makes the house feel so festive and cozy.  And we’re lazy.)

Anyway…I got home a little after 6, and T was not home.  In fact he was still at the store.  This only meant one thing – that he left a lot later than he said he would.  So of course, there was no dinner on the table.  The kitchen was a disaster from when we had friends over this weekend and the garbage was overflowing.  I know it was his day off, but damn son, couldn’t you get off your ass to take out the trash?  It’s not like it has to be taken very far – the can is right behind our patio, about 10 steps there and back.

When he finally got home, groceries had to be put away.  I ended up doing the kitchen cleaning and he started the food, but that was not the point.  I wanted, for once, to come home to a fairly clean kitchen with dinner on the table – like it is on a regular basis for him.  Needless to say, we didn’t eat until 7:30 and the Christmas tree is still up.

It just seems like taking care of the household is the major source of our arguments, and it’s driving me insane.  I know no one enjoys cleaning, but we all have to do it.  If I ask you to help me with something, don’t talk back to me like a 15-year-old or I will treat you like one (I should not be tested on this.  That shit didn’t fly in my parents house, and it sure as hell won’t fly in my house now).

I don’t care how late you work or how much money you bring into the household, this ain’t 1950 and I am not Susie Homemaker.  It’s 2010, we will split this shit evenly, like it or not!  And in case you’ve forgotten, I also work a 40 week on top of all the crap I take care of at home.  Enough said…

So here is where you come in, lovely readers.  How do you handle household chore related drama with your significant other (or hell, even roommates)?  Does it cause arguments on a regular basis?  Does it make you want to punch somebody?

The traffic in Atlanta is ridiculous.  I know how I have blogged about it before, but my experiences this morning have made me extra stabby.  I live about 10 miles from the office, and I give myself 20-25 minutes to get here.  But it never seems to make a difference.  If I leave for work earlier than normal, I get stuck in traffic that is a result from idiots who can’t drive.

Take this morning, for example.  I was in my car around 8:40.  I was on my way and got caught at a red light.  I was about 12-15 cars back, which isn’t so bad.  When the light turned green, it seriously took the first couple of cars about 30 seconds to get moving.  30 fucking seconds!!!  What the hell?!?!  Do you want to know how many cars made it through the light?  About 6.  To me, that is totally unacceptable.  I can not fathom why in the world it would take someone 30 seconds to notice that the light is green and push the gas pedal.

Once I made it past the idiots staring with gaping mouths at the green light and not moving, I had to get on the highway.  Entering onto the highway from where I live is always an adventure.  I have 3 different options I can take to get on the highway.  I tend to avoid the one that is furthest north because the traffic over there is insane, plus you get caught up in the back up that is on the highway.  There are 2 that are fairly close distance-wise, but the middle option has a horrible traffic light and the intersection backs up.  So lately I have been using the one that is furthest south.

Sometime in 2009, the city of Atlanta and the GA DOT decided that it would be a good idea to install a ramp meter to help regulate the traffic.  I am all for that, as long as they are helping the flow of traffic and not hindering it.  Yesterday and today, the traffic on the highway has been moving, but the extended on-ramp has been backed up to the previous exit because of the metered light!

The metered light drives me insane because it seriously does nothing to help the flow of traffic.  We are stuck in a line of cars, sitting bumper to bumper, while the cars on I-75 fly by us without a second glance.  Sometimes I cheat, because another lane merges into this extended on ramp, and I cut over into the lane that rarely has any cars in it just so I don’t sit at the light forever.

Then, once I’m finally on the highway, I have to merge all the way to the far left lane so I can exit onto I-85 north.  This is where I often encounter some major assholes – the people who ride in the lane, even though it says exit only, to avoid the standstill traffic.  At the last possible second, instead of exiting onto the next highway, they come to a complete stop and try to merge back into the stopped traffic on I-75 south.  This causes all of us exiters to be backed up and waiting for the douchebag to get over into the next lane, which is so not cool!

Once you get past all of the bad and selfish drivers, the traffic is fine.  Until I get off the highway onto the road that takes me to my office.  The speed limit is 40.  This morning I was stuck behind a van, in the left lane (surprise, surprise), going 25-30 miles an hour.  What is with people???  There is a HUGE speed limit sign right as you get off the exit, telling us how fast we need to drive.  I don’t know why people think it’s acceptable to drive 15 miles under the speed limit.  It wasn’t icy out or wet, there was no sun in our eyes, people just can’t freaking drive!

And while I’m all ranty, what the hell is up with traffic lights that aren’t sensored?  Nothing annoys me more than when I’m driving on the bigger road and the light changes red at an intersection where there are no cars on the cross street, and I have to sit there for a minute or two.  Is it that hard to install a sensor?

Don’t even get me started on lights that are on the same street that don’t sync up.  How hard is it to make sure that all the lights on the main road are green while are the cross streets are red?

So, what’s getting under your skin today?

For the past weeks, my teeth have suddenly become über sensitive.  I’ve never been able to chomp teeth first into a Popsicle, but now when anything really cold or hot touches my upper, right side back teeth, I get this shooting pain in my mouth.  And let me tell you, it’s not very pleasant.

I have always been someone who takes super care of my teeth.  I brush twice a day, sometimes more.  I never very rarely go to bed without brushing.  And when I brush, it’s for at least 5 minutes.

I never had a cavity growing up.  I go to the dentist twice a year.  In fact, my first filling came when I was 23 or 24.  I was in for a cleaning and my dentist said my top 2 back teeth had tiny cavities, so I ended up with fillings.

When I first noticed the sensitivity, I didn’t think too much about it.  I figured I’d buy some Sensodyne and go on with my life.  But then it got worse.  Sunday night I was eating some tortellini and bit down on it.  The heat from the filling sent a jolt through the right side of my mouth I took a sip of my cold drink (clearly I was not thinking) and ended up with a second jolt.   I’m not sure which tooth it is, since it only hurts when something hot or cold touches it.

I really hope my enamel has just worn down and that’s it’s.  My coworker said something similar happened to her a few years ago and she ended up with a root canal.  😦

My appointment’s tomorrow afternoon.  I’m going for my bi-annual cleaning and to get that bad boy checked out.  Fingers crossed it’s nothing major…

Today has started out kind of meh.  Well, it began last night.  I tried to go to bed around 11:30 because I was super tired.  I got ready and laid in bed to watch TV.  I drifted off to sleep.  Then I woke up when T came in to get ready for bed.  Since he’d gone to the gym, he had to take a shower first.

He finally crawled into bed, and I began to doze back off.  All of a sudden he popped up and got out of bed.  Naturally, this woke me up…again.  I asked him what he was doing, and he said he heard the cats shredding something in the guest room.  He went to investigate and found Fado rifling through some papers, trying to shred them.  He pried them free, removed Fado, and climbed back into bed.  By this time, it was around 12:20.  So much for my early night.

Around 3:00-something, I woke up because Zoey was sniffing my face.  I’m not sure what her deal is, but she likes to hop onto the bed, right by my pillow, and sniff or meow at me.  At this point she was just sitting and sniffing, so I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Fast forward to about 6:30, an hour before my alarm is set to go off.   Zoey returned to her spot by my face.  This time she was meowing up a storm.  She won’t just sit or lay there, she tries to climb onto my nightstand to bat things off.  Or she pretends she’s a gymnast, and tries to get her fat ass onto our very skinny headboard and walk across it.  This results in her sometimes falling onto your head or pillow.  Let me tell you, it’s awesome when she does that!

Naturally, I pushed her off so I could go back to sleep.  Well, she came back for a third time.  This meant war.  I scooped her little fat self up and deposited her into the hallway.  I think she stood there scratching at the door for a few minutes then left.  I happily drifted back into dreamland.  About 5 minutes later, Fado started getting restless – the commotion Zoey caused woke him up.  So he started howling, beating at the blinds, just being his annoying self.  I made T get up and dump Fado into the hallway as well.

Of course by the time my alarm went off, I felt like crap.  I dragged my lethargic ass out of bed and crawled into the shower, hoping it would help me feel more alert.  I had to shave, so I grabbed my shaving cream and sprayed it into my hand.  All of a sudden, the foam exploded out of my hand. 

What the fuck? I was so confused and couldn’t figure out what happened.  I shook the can a little and sprayed again.  This time something super cold and steamy came out.  I jerked my hand away and held it under the hot water.  Then it finally hit me – I’m not a morning person so I’m a little slow sometimes – I had just sprayed my hand with CO2 from inside the shaving cream can.  And it was cold and stung.  I don’t know what happened, and why the shaving cream wasn’t coming out, but it was stange.  I sprayed a few more times (not at my hand) until I thought it was better, then tried again.  That time shaving cream came out, but it was really fluffy looking (instead of gel-like).  Luckily, the rest of my shower was uneventful.

Once I was done, I dried off and stepped out of the shower…and almost died. My right foot was partially on our little bathroom rug and partially on the tile floor and my left foot was still in the tub, and I started to slip.  Luckily I caught myself on the towel bar, but I banged the shit out of my left shin bone on the side of the tub.  I know it’s going to be a huge welty bruise, because it hurt standing up while I was getting ready.

All I want is a full night’s sleep, not to get burned from CO2 in my shaving cream can, and not to nearly break my leg getting out of the shower.  Is that too much to ask?!?

To make me feel better, feel free to share your clumsy stories so I don’t feel like the only Bambi on new legs.

Thanks to all of you for the anniversary wishes!  You are all too sweet! 🙂

I’m not really in a bad mood or anything, but I do feel a little PMS-y, which is making me focus on the negative a little more.  As I’m sitting here trying to keep my mind focused on work, I notice that I am hovering over some of my pet peeves.  In order to help me re-focus, I figure I would share some of them with you.  I warn you, some of them may be better for TMIT, but none of them are horribly bad.

People who don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom. This grosses me out beyond belief and is so unsanitary.  I remember the last time I willingly skipped washing my hands was when I was a little kid, about 5-6 years old.  I’d used the bathroom, then plopped down at the table to eat lunch.  I grabbed my sandwich off my plate and started eating.  My mom asked if I’d washed my hands, and I said no.  Then she told me how gross it was to not wash your hands and how you could spread germs by doing that.  After that moment, I’ve never willingly not washed my hands.  If there is no running water and I’m outside somewhere, I’ll pour water from a bottle or get some ice from a cooler.  As a last resort, I will use hand sanitizer (but in my book that is still not as good as using soap and water).  There are some people in my office who don’t wash their hands – sometimes they use hand sanitizer and sometimes they don’t.  How do you know, you ask?  Well, my office is next to the bathroom.  I can hear the faucet turn off and on (as well as the toilet flushing and the door opening way too quickly after the flush to allow significant time to hand sanitize), and it doesn’t always do that…shudder!

People who sprinkle when they tinkle. I know there are some people who have an irrational fear of letting their bum touch a public toilet seat, but that doesn’t give them a right to pee all over it.  I can understand if you are in a bar and you have to use the world’s (or in the case of the movie Trainspotting, Scotland’s) dirtiest toilet, and you are terrified to get your tush anywhere near it.  But it most cases, public toilets aren’t that funky.  They end up getting funky because people Number One all over them and on the floor, which begins the vicious cycle of no one being able to sit on it any longer.  At least if you are going to hover, wipe up if you miss.  There is nothing grosser than being in a restaurant where the toilet seat is peed on – the people who work there are the ones who have to clean it up and then bring you your food.  Think about that the next time your aim is a little off.   

People who don’t know when to use I/me. I know when we were younger we were taught to use “I” instead of “me,” but that rule doesn’t apply to every situation in life.  There are times when it is OK to say me.  The place I see this error more than anywhere else is on Facebook.  People will post pictures of their friends and say “This is Jane and I at the park.”  Actually, it’s Jane and me at the park.   You wouldn’t say, “This is a photo of I at the park,” you’d say “This is a photo of me at the park.”  The best way to figure out if you should use “I” or “me” is to split out the additional person/people in the sentence and say the part about yourself alone.  That will let you know if it should be “I” or “me.”  For example…Little S and I went to the store – I went to the store.  Little S gave a card to T and me – Little S gave a card to me.  It drives me batshit insane when people get this wrong!

Over-indulgent parents. There is nothing worse than watching overly indulgent parents.  Not that I am an expert, but I think my parents did a good job raising Little S and me (see, use me instead of I).  We didn’t get everything we wanted demanded growing up.  If we had 10 things we wanted for Christmas, our parents would choose a few key items to get us.  The rest we’d have to buy on our own or wait till another holiday to receive.  I had friends who’d get every item on their list and them some, and they were so bratty.  They expected to get whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted because their parents always let them have their way.  I remember there were a few times during my school years when I ended up in classes with none of my friends.  I was miserable and cried to my parents, asking them to call the school and move me.  They never did.  They told me it was a learning experience and that in the real world if you didn’t like something that was dealt to you, you couldn’t call and complain to someone to fix it.  You have to suck it up.

Back in the day, I thought it was harsh.  Now I know it helped build my character.  I know of some parents nowadays who would go into the school and raise hell to get their kid moved into a different class.  And I find that sad.  Your kid is no more special than another kid.  Why should he/she deserved to get moved because they don’t like their class?  Moving them doesn’t teach them how to make the best out of a less than stellar situation.  It shows them by bitching and moaning you may eventually get your way.

I also can’t stand it when parents have kids who misbehave in public.  At a restaurant, kids should not have free reign to run all over the place while the parents sit around gossiping and not paying attention.  If they come into an office, they need to know it’s not a playground, and they shouldn’t be running or screaming like they are outside.  If they do act up, punishment needs to be given.  A time out, a spanking, whatever works to make them behave.  Telling them “no” halfheartedly and not making sure they listen to you does not teach any kind of discipline.  If I acted like that when I was little, I would have gotten spanked or put in time out.  It would also not have been a repeat occurrence.

Last but not least…

People who are not courteous when bombing out public bathrooms. I know that sometimes when you are away from home, your stomach will not be happy and you will have to poo in a public place.  There is nothing wrong with that; we’ve all been there at one time or another.  The thing that really drives me batty is when people are bombing out a stall (or in my office’s case, the only toilet), and they don’t courtesy flush.  That is just rank.  You are stinking up the entire bathroom and you may or may not be killing the other people in the vicinity.

Then once you are finished and have flushed, make sure it all goes down.  There is nothing more disturbing than being an innocent potty-goer who happens to stumble upon someone else’s Number Two remnants…shudder.  I don’t know if I’m psycho, but I always check to make sure everything goes down (pee- or poo-related) when I go to the bathroom, and if it doesn’t, I flush again.

So, that is the end to my very long and ranty post.  Sorry it was so heavily related to bathroom issues, but I guess those bother me more than most.

What are some of your biggest pet peeves?  Which ones drive you batshit crazy? 🙂

It’s just one of those days.  When ya don’t wanna wake up.  Everything is fucked, everybody sucks.  You don’t really know why, but you wanna justify rippin’ someone’s head off.

Yeah, I am PMSing.  And I am totally going old school and throwing out lyrics to Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff” song.  Which is sort of funny because T and I totally listened to this song on the way to the Braves vs. Yankees round 2 last night.

Anyway, I am just in one of those moods.  Nothing particular is bothering me, but I feel like I could snap.

I am so over working at the moment.  I feel like a slave to the man, busting my ass to make other people look good, but not really getting much in return.  Not a lot of pay.  No time off. (I think this is compounded by the fact that T has basically had the last 2 weeks off because his new job doesn’t start until Monday).

I love my job, but I feel burned out.  I want a break.  A mini vacation.

I want to sleep late and lounge at the pool, soaking up rays.  I haven’t been to the pool once this year.

I want to be able to go to the gym and have the energy to go at the end of the day because I’m not drained from working all day.

Even though I’ve been working full time for the last 4 years, it’s hard to accept the fact that I will no longer have all summer off to lounge around, travel or do whatever else I want.  And it just sucks.  A lot.

I want to be able to pack my bags and head to wherever I want without having to worry about taking time off.  Maybe I should start my own company one of these days so I can be boss.

I am also a fan of mandatory half days on Fridays.  It’s summer time.  No one is really busting their ass too hard.  We wouldn’t be missed if we left at 1:00 on Friday.  Things could definitely wait until Monday to be handled.

At least the weekend is almost here…I live for the weekends.

So, what’s gotten you irritated lately?

I really hate it when people get snarky at you for no reason, especially in the workplace.  It is just so uncalled for.  I’m sorry if I’ve contacted someone multiple times to ask a question, and they don’t get back to me.  There is nothing I can do about it so there is no need to get bitchy.  And I really don’t have time to sit there calling or e-mailing that person over and over again.  I do have other things I need to work on.  Plus I don’t want to be a nuisance – no one likes to be pestered.


I got a sub today from Publix (grocery store for all of you non-Southerners).  It was a Cuban and was totally amazing.  I heart Cubans.  What I hate when eating sandwiches is when the top part of the bread ends up being smaller than the lower part and the filling.  How does that happen?  I don’t understand.  Also, when the meat starts sliding out the back, that is so not cool.


I am loving these bright and sunny days we are having, but the nights are not so great.  It keeps dropping into the 40s.  I want to sleep with the window open or wear flip flops, but at night it’s still too chilly.  The hotness will be here soon enough, then I will be complaining about that too.


I am trying to be more physically fit, but it is just so hard.  I’ve worked out with Little S a few times, but that results in me getting home after 8 p.m., which is not cool when you still have to cook dinner.  I suck at waking up, even at 7:30 a.m., so there is no way I will be able to go before work.  Maybe I can try to do the 30 Day Shred in the morning, since it’s so short.  How do you manage to balance working out with work?  By the end of the day, I’m usually so shot.


Stomachaches.  At work.  With a one-seater bathroom.  A meeting going on in the conference room, right next to the bathroom.  Enough said.


Cleaning out the guest bedroom.  It is a catch all for everything.  It is so cluttered.  We will be cleaning it and the rest of the house all day tomorrow.  I am so NOT looking forward to that.


On another note, I am so happy that it is Friday and not raining (for the millionth time this spring!).  We are going to some friends’ house tonight for a cook out, which should be a lot of fun.  If it gets too chilly, I’m sure the fire pit will make an appearance. 🙂

Happy weekend!

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