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Whoever said that married life is all rainbows and cupcakes, is either a liar or totally omitting the gory details.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband, but sometimes he annoys me more than any other person in the entire world.  And it’s just not cool and makes me want to punch him in the head J-Woww style (Jersey Shore reference – did you see that shit?) – not that I ever would, but still.

For the most part, I do a majority of the household tasks.  I usually do the shopping, most of the cooking during the week, laundry, kitchen straightening, etc. because I get off work a lot earlier than T.  I don’t particularly love it, but it’s not the end of the world either.  When he’s around on weekends, he’s pretty helpful – for the most part.

Now here’s what gets me freaking angry.  I hate feeling like I’m being a nag or acting like “the mom” in the relationship, but Jesus Christ, sometimes the hubs makes me feel that way.  Nothing gets under my skin more than when I ask him nicely to do something, and he tells me he’ll take care of it.  Only he procrastinates on it FOREVER or just doesn’t do it at all – “oops, I forgot.”  Then I get all bitchy and snippy and yell at him.  But I do have to say, my outbursts make him get the job done.

So let’s take yesterday for example.  T had off and I had to work.  Sometime in the afternoon I asked him if he’d mind running to the store so I wouldn’t have to stop on my way home.  He said sure.  I also asked if he would mind starting dinner so we could eat earlier than 7:30 or 8, and we’d have time to take down our Christmas tree then relax afterward (Yes, it’s still up.  I’m having a hard time letting it go because it makes the house feel so festive and cozy.  And we’re lazy.)

Anyway…I got home a little after 6, and T was not home.  In fact he was still at the store.  This only meant one thing – that he left a lot later than he said he would.  So of course, there was no dinner on the table.  The kitchen was a disaster from when we had friends over this weekend and the garbage was overflowing.  I know it was his day off, but damn son, couldn’t you get off your ass to take out the trash?  It’s not like it has to be taken very far – the can is right behind our patio, about 10 steps there and back.

When he finally got home, groceries had to be put away.  I ended up doing the kitchen cleaning and he started the food, but that was not the point.  I wanted, for once, to come home to a fairly clean kitchen with dinner on the table – like it is on a regular basis for him.  Needless to say, we didn’t eat until 7:30 and the Christmas tree is still up.

It just seems like taking care of the household is the major source of our arguments, and it’s driving me insane.  I know no one enjoys cleaning, but we all have to do it.  If I ask you to help me with something, don’t talk back to me like a 15-year-old or I will treat you like one (I should not be tested on this.  That shit didn’t fly in my parents house, and it sure as hell won’t fly in my house now).

I don’t care how late you work or how much money you bring into the household, this ain’t 1950 and I am not Susie Homemaker.  It’s 2010, we will split this shit evenly, like it or not!  And in case you’ve forgotten, I also work a 40 week on top of all the crap I take care of at home.  Enough said…

So here is where you come in, lovely readers.  How do you handle household chore related drama with your significant other (or hell, even roommates)?  Does it cause arguments on a regular basis?  Does it make you want to punch somebody?


First of all, I want to thank all of you for your helpful advice on stretches for my back.  It is starting to feel better.  Also, thanks for all of the sweet comments on my crazy pictures yesterday.  You all are the greatest! 🙂

As you all know, we have our house on the market.  That means we have to work extra hard to make sure it stays clean in case someone wants to stop in and look at it.  Well, T and I have been too obsessed with watching True Blood to do any serious house work the last few days.  Last night we finally made it through enough episodes to start watching them on On Demand and not on the computer.

We decided we should stop being lazy and clean up the kitchen.  I volunteered to finish up the kitchen if T would scoop the liter boxes.  He said that was fine and went on his way.  I was nearly done with the dishes when he finished.  I only had some cutting boards and knives left to wash.

T came over and began drying the clean dishes while I was scrubbing one of our knives.  There was a piece of garlic stuck to the blade, and I was having a really hard time getting it off.

Let me interrupt my story here – you know how clumsy I am.  I fall a lot, sprain ankles, burn myself, etc.  So, you know this doesn’t end well for me…

I was holding the knife in my right hand, scrubbing the daylights out of it.  The sponge was in my left hand, and the blade was pointed toward my left arm.  As I was scrubbing like a maniac, I thought to myself, maybe I should turn the blade the other way.  I decided against it since I had managed to get the cling on off.

That’s when the sponge slipped off the knife, and my left wrist scrapped across the blade.  I dropped the knife and sponge and looked down.  I had a gash in my wrist that instantly started bleeding.

I had a mini internal freak out because the knife hit was so close to my veins.  Luckily, the cut was right in between 2 of my veins, and it wasn’t very deep.

Poor T was freaking out – asking if he should call 9-1-1, if he needed to bandage it up for me, was I going to pass out?  I told him to stop freaking out and let me focus for a second.  The bleeding wasn’t too bad, but I still put pressure on my arm and held my wrist up so stop the bleeding.

Luckily, the injury wasn’t very deep.  It’s more like a scrape where the skin was cut back than an actual incision.  I cleaned it up by pouring some rubbing alcohol and peroxide on it.  The rubbing alcohol hurt like hell, almost worse than the cut itself.  The cut started burning as soon as the fumes seeped out of the bottle.  Yeah, that was a major ouch.  I’ve got a few band aids on it now, and it seems to be ok.

It’s still a little sore because the way my wrist hits my desk is right near the cut.  Plus angling it up to type doesn’t help either.  But I think I’m going to be alright.

And I know some of you have a super curious side to you, so I did think to take a picture before I bandaged it up.  It’s really not that bad looking, so you squeamish folks don’t have to worry.

wrist 2I’m pretty lucky it didn’t shift the tiniest bit in either direction

wrist 3But see, I’m a pretty good sport about it

I did learn an important lesson though – don’t point the knife blade at your washing hand, especially when you’re in a hurry to finish cleaning so you can go watch True Blood.

It seems like I keep falling off the blog wagon lately.  But I have been pretty busy as of late with condo repair and preparations to sell it.  And of course, you can’t forget about work.  And planning my parents’ surprise 30th anniversary party.

Speaking of their anniversary party…things never go smoothly when you are trying to plan a surprise.  Never!  On Friday after work I met with Little S so we could do some more planning.  We decided to call the neighbor who is assisting us with getting our parents out of the house so we could formulate a plan.  Well, that is when we found out the our mom is having all of her German friends over for coffee and cake that afternoon.  Just our luck!

Now we have to totally rework our plan.  Instead of getting the parents out of the house, we will have to set up the party in the basement without them catching us.  Little S and I have already set the stage for them by telling them we have a cool anniversary present that we need to assemble in the basement.  Meanwhile we will be having our own covert mission where we will be smuggling the other guests in through the basement.  Eventually, we will invite the German friends to come and see our cool “gift” in the basement.  They will really sneak downstairs to get into position.  Then our parents will head down, only to be surprised by all of their close friends.  Fingers crossed that this goes off without a hitch!  (FYI – thanks for all of your gift suggestions.  Little S and I have decided to make them a special slide show highlighting them throughout the years).


T, my dad and I spent all day Saturday doing major work on the house.  T and I finished striping the wallpaper in our bathroom and touched up any old holes in the wall that had been covered up by the wallpaper.  Tonight we are going home to paint it so we can finally put it back together.  Showering without a shower curtain up has been an interesting (and drenching) experience.

After we finished with our bathroom, I began to remove the border from the hideous yellow stucco walls in the guest bathroom.  Imagine my surprise when the “stucco” started peeling off too.  Come to find out, some genius back in the day had used textured wallpaper.  Whoever lived there before us took it upon themselves to just paint over it instead of taking it down.  Since part of it ripped off on Saturday, the rest has to come down since there is no way to disguise the part without the pattern.

The good news is that the ugly will be gone.  The bad news is that T and I have extra work to do now.  Oh joy!

Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.  Dear old Murphy – you sand your stupid law are on my shit list!

Hey lovelies, sorry it’s been a little while since my last post but things have been fairly hectic in Bing and T Land.

Last week was major our hell spring cleaning week.  Our realtor, Diana, met with us last Thursday to discuss putting the condo on the market.  We wanted to make sure the house was in tip top shape so she could get an accurate feel of what all we’ve improved on since we bought it.  Let me tell you guys something.  Our condo, has never been this clean.  I’m really liking it – it’s much less cluttered and everything feels so organized!

She really liked what we’ve done, which is a big plus.  We do still have some minor repairs to make, but we got started on those this weekend.  My dad came up to tackle the leaky shower.  Last year when the water heater bit the dust, I had the plumber investigate the leak.  He basically concluded that the tile job was shoddy and water was getting behind the cracked tile, causing the leak.  So my dad was nice enough to bust out the tiles and replace some things behind the wall.  He is coming up tonight to try a few different things to make sure that the leak isn’t coming from the pipes after all.  If all is clear, he’ll replace the tiles and we’ll be done with it.

While my dad was working on the bathroom, T and I tackled our patio.  It really wasn’t that bad to begin with, but it could use some spruce up work.  Well, I began raking up all the leaves and debris that had blown in there.  Then we used a blower to get the dirt up.  After that, T pressure washed it while I went to Home Depot to buy some flowers to plant, some cute edgers for the flower beds, and new concrete squares that we could use to expand our patio.  Before that, our patio was half laid concrete and half blocks.  Over time, the dirt underneath them settled, causing them to become uneven.

It seriously took us all day to complete the patio project.  ALL DAY!  Whoever lived there before us had used rocks in the flower beds, so we were trying to get them all out of there so we could re-lay the concrete slabs evenly and plant the flowers.  We even dug up some decent-sized rocks, which we used to make a little rock garden – it’s really cute.  I’m not sure who thought it would be a good idea to bury those.  Even though the work was hard and I am sore as hell, the patio looks amazing.  I’m a patio girl, so I’d definitely buy the condo based on that!

On Sunday we began ripping down the old wallpaper in our bathroom.  There wasn’t anything wrong with it looks wise, but it was peeling off in spots so that wasn’t beneficial to the reselling process.  It was sort of fun pulling off the old wallpaper, until it started separating from the adhesive.  We’ve gotten most of the paper off, but still have to get all the adhesive removed before we can paint.  Guess what we’ll be doing tonight after work?  You know you are jealous!  After we finish up that bad boy, we’ll move to the guest bathroom that is painted a garish yellow and is topped with a super FUG flowered border.  At least the border won’t take so long to remove, then all we’ll have to do is paint!

I’m pretty sure that it will be going on the market in the next week or so, so I’ll definitely post some lovely photos for you guys to see.

How were all of your weekends?  Hopefully less labor intensive and dirty than mine! 🙂

I really hate it when people get snarky at you for no reason, especially in the workplace.  It is just so uncalled for.  I’m sorry if I’ve contacted someone multiple times to ask a question, and they don’t get back to me.  There is nothing I can do about it so there is no need to get bitchy.  And I really don’t have time to sit there calling or e-mailing that person over and over again.  I do have other things I need to work on.  Plus I don’t want to be a nuisance – no one likes to be pestered.


I got a sub today from Publix (grocery store for all of you non-Southerners).  It was a Cuban and was totally amazing.  I heart Cubans.  What I hate when eating sandwiches is when the top part of the bread ends up being smaller than the lower part and the filling.  How does that happen?  I don’t understand.  Also, when the meat starts sliding out the back, that is so not cool.


I am loving these bright and sunny days we are having, but the nights are not so great.  It keeps dropping into the 40s.  I want to sleep with the window open or wear flip flops, but at night it’s still too chilly.  The hotness will be here soon enough, then I will be complaining about that too.


I am trying to be more physically fit, but it is just so hard.  I’ve worked out with Little S a few times, but that results in me getting home after 8 p.m., which is not cool when you still have to cook dinner.  I suck at waking up, even at 7:30 a.m., so there is no way I will be able to go before work.  Maybe I can try to do the 30 Day Shred in the morning, since it’s so short.  How do you manage to balance working out with work?  By the end of the day, I’m usually so shot.


Stomachaches.  At work.  With a one-seater bathroom.  A meeting going on in the conference room, right next to the bathroom.  Enough said.


Cleaning out the guest bedroom.  It is a catch all for everything.  It is so cluttered.  We will be cleaning it and the rest of the house all day tomorrow.  I am so NOT looking forward to that.


On another note, I am so happy that it is Friday and not raining (for the millionth time this spring!).  We are going to some friends’ house tonight for a cook out, which should be a lot of fun.  If it gets too chilly, I’m sure the fire pit will make an appearance. 🙂

Happy weekend!

Yesterday afternoon, my parents and Little S and her boyfriend came over to have dinner with T and me.  In anticipation of their arrivals, T and I did some tidying up around the house.  T started in the kitchen as I was proof reading an article for my dad.  After I finished, I decided to start cleaning the guest bathroom since T seemed to have the kitchen under control.

I was elbow deep in bubbles and foam cleaning the sink, when I heard a scream from T and the sound of something metal clanking to the floor.  I rinsed off and headed towards the kitchen.  F-bombs were being thrown violently about.  I noticed T hunched over the sink with blood running down his hand, and I saw our giant butcher knife on the floor.  He was freaking out and wouldn’t say what had happened.

I went over to the sink and saw a decent sized gash on his index finger.  He was still bleeding, so I told him to hold his hand up in the air to stop the blood flow.  Then we bandaged it up with some paper towels until it was safe to put a band-aid on it. He was still twitching and flailing around from the pain, but he was finally able to tell me what happened.  He had just washed the knife, and was drying it off when the blade cut through the towel and his finger.  I don’t know what possessed him to dry it sharp side down.  He ended up being fine.  I don’t think he needs stitches or anything.

Later that day as I was cooking the most awesome chicken tacos ever, I decided to season our new skillet so we could start using it.  I’d put it in the oven for a bit to dry it off, but then forgot about it.  About 5 minutes later I realized that it was in there, so I grabbed it out.  While it was hot, I poured some oil in it.  I decided I needed to swirl the pan around to distribute it, so I picked it up with my one oven-mitted hand, then grabbed it with my other unmitted hand because the thing weighs a ton.  Of course, part of my pinkie finger missed the glove, and I grabbed onto the searing metal.  That was fun!  I had to remember not to throw the hot pan down because it would shatter my ceramic stove top.  An ice cube later, I was back in business and continuing to cook.

Note when seasoning a skillet, use a brush to spread the oil.  It won’t cause you as much pain!

None the less, T and I both survived our kitchen injuries.  But I do want to say there is a noticeable difference between when a guy gets hurt and a girl.  T ranted and raved, bounced and hopped, and screamed for about 10 minutes before he calmed down.  I just yelled out once, said a few bad words, and went on my merry little way.  The same thing happens when my mom or dad gets hurt.  She stays calm, and he freaks out.

Is it the same in your house?

I think my biggest problem in life is that I’m lazy.  LAZY.  I have every intention of doing stuff after work, but then I get home and hit the couch and it’s over.  I try to be more motivated.  I give myself pep-talks (come on Bing, cleaning your room isn’t that bad).  And still, the task does not get accomplished.  Every once in a while I’ll get a wild hare up my ass (what a weird saying) and dive head-first into the task I’ve put off, but that doesn’t happen too often.

Case in point 1:  My Bedroom (eeeek)

I have been talking about really cleaning mine and T’s room for months.  It’s gotten to the point that it’s ridiculous.  Clothes piles are everywhere along with suitcases that haven’t been used in months (you’d be surprised by how many suitcases we have), shoes are laying in front of the closet and not in it, T’s clothes are neatly folded into stacks in front of the closet while mine hang from the closet door frame.  What can I say??  We seriously suck at maintaining the upstairs.  The downstairs frequently gets straightened up, dusted and vacuumed, and our bedroom looks like a freaking tornado just blew in and threw up our crap everywhere.  I had planned to clean out my closet before the end of 2007 and donate old clothes to the Goodwill that’s 2 minutes from my house.  Do you want to know what I did?  I pulled some clothes out that I never wear and threw them into a pile that is still on the floor (what’s the rush now since I have till this December to get them to Goodwill?).

I keep trying to rationalize why I haven’t cleaned – I was too hungover, I had other more important plans, there is no cable upstairs and I can’t watch any good TV (I think this is the real reason).  So, now I’m going to try to change.  Since all of our favorite TV shows’ writers are striking and we are stuck with re-runs or some strange reality shows (even though I really want to see that Moment of Truth Show), I will  drag my lazy sloth-like self upstairs and clean while I watch mindless reality TV.  Wish me luck!

Case in point 2:  The Gym (gag)

I really am not a huge fan of going to the gym.  It smells, it’s always way too crowded, the big creepy muscle heads always stare you down, and people that weigh 98 pounds are working out like maniacs (seriously, go eat a hamburger and give the machines to the people who actually need to get in shape for their weddings-me).  I always want to go to a class, but I want someone to go with me.  It’s more fun with a friend (plus I like having someone there that might screw up as much as me so we can laugh about it), and it’s less intimidating to join a new class with someone you know.  Plus I’ve watched some of the classes at my gym, and they would totally kick my ass!  I’d be passed out on the floor, I’m sure. 

My new goal is to try and get up and go in the morning.  I really suck at going after work.  I get off at 6:00, then have to drive to the gym, change, and wait in line for a machine (hatred).  By the time I get home it’s after 8:00, and I still have to make dinner (yuck).  So I am going to try to be in bed by 10:30 at the latest so I can get up in the morning and go.  This morning, T had the alarm set for 6:00 a.m., and I didn’t even hear it.  I went to bed around 11:45 and totally slept through the gym alarm (yeah, I suck).  Now I HAVE to go after work because wedding body does not come from sitting on the couch (wouldn’t that be amazing if it did though?).   


     Don’t judge me because I’m lazy!  🙂

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