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Hello bloggy woggy, sorry I’ve neglected you.

Can you believe the holiday season is practically upon us?  I don’t know about you, but it drives me insane when I see Christmas decorations out before Halloween.  The retail industry has taken some of the magic out of the holiday by making it all about gift buying.  Before you know it, Christmas trees will start popping up in July.  Anyways…

Here are some random thoughts and ramblings.

Halloween has come and gone.  JD and I threw another successful Spooktacular.  I can’t believe this was our fourth one!  T and I went with a 20s theme for our costumes and dressed as a flapper and a gangster.  I’m not going to lie, but I thought we looked really cute!

My 28th birthday is on Monday, and I will officially be in the back end of my late 20s.  It’s crazy to think about.  I was flipping through a photo album last night and stumbled across some old photos of Little S and me, and we were so young.  Then I found ones of T and me, and we were such babies.  It’s funny to see how much or little you’ve changed over the years.


In honor of my birthday, T and I are making a weekend trip to Asheville.  I am really excited.  We will see leaves, stay in a cute B&B, go out to a nice dinner, and just have an all around amazing time.  I. Can’t. Wait.


Since I will be out of town on my actual birthday, I’m getting together with some family and friends on Friday night for a birthday dinner.  We are going to Abattoir, and I can’t wait to check out the menu.  I’ve heard a lot of really great things about the restaurant, and T and I have been meaning to go for quite some time now.  I’m glad we’ll finally get to experience it with friends and family.


I swear I’m not a total birthday whore, but we are also going to see Cirque du Soleil’s Ovo next Tuesday.  Every review I’ve read about it says that the show is amazing.  I love that Cirque always happens to make a stop in Atlanta right around my birthday.  It’s so convenient.


After three years of growing out my hair, I finally decided to cut it shorter again.  I like the convenience of having long hair and being able to pull it up easily, but I like the way short, layered hair looks on me.  My hair is just too fine and thin for it to look stunning long.

2-year anniversary dinner - hair at its longest

New shorter hair


And finally…you all know how much I like to cook.  Well, the other night I was chopping up some parsley for the spaghetti we were making and thinking to myself, I have pretty awesome knife skills, when the worst possible thing happened.  I sliced into my finger, pretty badly.  I cut into the side of my finger, then sliced through the nail.  Yeah, I know.  It was not pretty.  My poor left hand and arm keeps bearing the brunt of my knife-related injuries.  The worst part of it all, I had just honed the blade, so it was extra sharp.  My poor little finger.  So much for getting a birthday manicure this weekend…

I almost cut half of the nail right off =(

Seriously Mother Nature, I am over all of this rain.  Atlanta has been one soggy mess for most of this week.  We keep getting little teasers with some sunshine at the end of the day, but then WHAM.  There’s a torrential downpour, again.

Today was no exception.  Sometime in the wee hours of the day, all hell broke loose.  It rained so hard that it woke me up.  All the thunder and lightning were just the icing on the cake.  By the time I woke up, it was just a little misty and humid out.  That really wasn’t too bad.

Today I had a work luncheon to attend, so this means I’m all dressed up.  Normally we are allowed to wear jeans to work.  All I can say is that I am so freaking glad I decided to wear pants and long sleeves.  I left the office around 11:15, and the temperature had definitely dropped.

Of course I didn’t think to bring my umbrella with me as I headed into the restaurant.  But at that point in time, it was only slightly overcast and there was no rain.  By the time I left at 1:15, it was raining buckets.  I didn’t have my umbrella and I parked my own car instead of valeting (I was totally kicking myself for that one).

The parking lot wasn’t too far away, but in a torrential downpour, it would have been a long journey that resulted in me looking like a drowned rat or in me face-planting because me + running in heels = inevitable injury (I don’t want to revisit Ankle Sprain of 2008).  So instead of getting soaked, I decided to wait in the lobby for the rain to lighten up.  Yeah, that never happened.  Finally another woman and I found someone who had valeted and was willing to drive us to our cars.  He seriously was our hero.

I walked as fast as a could without falling from his car to mine, and only ended up with minimal soakage.  But of course I had volunteered to pick up publicity from the bookstore on my way back to the office.  I was all kinds of tempted to skip it, but then I remembered that my boss had given my a dated check to pay for the items.  So, I sucked it up and went.

This time I did have my umbrella, but of course the second I got out of the car the wind picked up.  My umbrella almost flipped inside out and flew out of my hand, but I managed to hold my own.  But not like it really helped much since it was doing the sideways rain that blows right under your umbrella.  Also, peep-toed shoes and water results in cold, wet feet.   It was just my luck that I couldn’t find the magazines I needed at the bookstore and had to make another stop to find them.  At least there was a parking deck to keep me dry that time.

After my magazine purchasing adventure, I stopped at the bank to deposit a check.  Since it was still pouring, I opted to go to the drive up ATM.  It was broken.  I didn’t want to battle the rain again, so I went to the drive up  window.  How cool are those little containers that shoot your check right into the bank?!?  I want one for my house! Of course I picked the outside lane, and when I rolled down the window, rain blew into my car, all over me and my hair.  I had to roll the window up while I waited for the teller so I didn’t get drenched.

After the bank, I returned to the office, where I almost blew away again walking from the car to the door.  I looked like one hot mess by the time I got inside.

Hairspray + rain and wind = some really nappy hair!

Keep your fingers crossed that this stupid rain stays away for the weekend.  It’s T’s birthday tomorrow and we are going to dinner to celebrate.  And on Saturday we are going camping, and we definitely don’t want the rain to ruin our good time!

Whew, this week has been busy.

Yesterday I was at an all day client meeting and didn’t get back to Atlanta till after 8 p.m.  That’s always fun.  Since it was so late, T and I decided to go to the Greek restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner.  I love that place.  We shared a bottle of wine, ate fresh hummus, roasted octopus, and gyros.  Then we went home and passed out at 10:30 for some much needed sleep.

We still have not set up our Christmas tree.  But I did hang up our lighted garland on the banister.  We are being total slackers this year.  I think part of the reason is that we will be in NY visiting his family this Christmas.  We’ll be there December 22-30, so even if we put our tree up we won’t get much time with it.  I swear we will do it tomorrow after work, even if it kills us!

I’m excited to go to NY, even though I won’t be spending Christmas with my family.  I haven’t been to Po-town in the winter since 2005 (the last time I sprained my ankle…figures).  I’m excited to see snow and friends and head to NYC to see the festive decorations.  Hope I don’t freeze my ass off up there!

I’m really loving my outfit that I have on today.  I am wearing a plum colored dress with brown tights and flat brown slouchy boots.  I feel very cute and very skinny!

I just got started on my Christmas shopping this week and still have quite a bit to do.  We are doing some presents in the office, and I have no idea what to get everyone.  Ugh.   I’m thinking of spending between $15-20 for my co-workers who are 24, 35 and 47.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have 8 more days of work until I am off for 7 work days!  I. Can’t. Wait.  My boss is closing the office the Dec. 24-Jan.1.  She wants us to come back on the 2nd, which is stupid because everyone is going to be taking that day off.  I am annoyed about that.  Hopefully she will change her mind.

We have a PR society holiday mixer tonight, and I am excited to go.  Yeah for holiday gatherings.

I had a hair appointment this weekend and got a much-needed trim and color update.  This time I went with brighter red highlights, and I really like it.

Yeah, with the wedding only 32 days away, be prepared for wedding blabber 2008.  It’s all I’m thinking about because I’m trying to get everything finalized so I’m not too stressed at the end. 

First of all, I ordered Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred DVD and oh. my God.  It kicked my ass.  That woman is crazy.  I’ve only done the first level, which is about 20 minutes long.  And you know what?  I have never sweat that much for 20 minutes of work.  When I’m at the gym, I don’t sweat nearly as much and I work out twice as long.  I felt pretty good afterwards, but my legs hurt like hell.  Ow.  I’m gonna try to do it again in the morning.  As long as I can move my legs again.  🙂

This weekend was wedding-tastic.  Saturday morning I had a marathon hair appointment.  First, I had my regular hair cut and color.  That lasted about 1.5 hours.  After that I went through my trial wedding hair and make up for another 2 hours.  My head was loaded with rollers while my face got beautified, then we played around with my hair.  I decided to go with an updo just because it’s super hot in Georgia in August, and it looks really cool with my color.  Plus it’s glamorous.  What, you want to see it?  Ok.


Yeah, I like it a lot.  And so does T.  He kept telling me how hot I looked all night.  Aww.

Sunday we went to my parents’ house to celebrate my dad’s birthday a few days early.  It was a lot of fun.  We ate, drank and laughed like crazy people.  We also played around with wedding songs.  My dad and I were testing out different songs for our father-daughter dance.  This resulted in some impromptu dance lessons from my mom and dad in our foyer.  I’m sure if people saw us, they would have thought we were crazy!  But I think we have a song picked out!

We also finally decided on wedding favors.  We’ve decided on personalized shot glasses that we’ll fill with candy.  Everyone loves shot glasses, and they’re fun keepsakes.  Plus being filled with candy makes them even cooler.  Now I just need to know how many people are coming so I can order them…

Today I went to look at some programs after work.  Who knew there would be so many that I just didn’t like?  I finally found one that I think is classy and modern, exactly what I’m looking for.  It comes with a pocket (that will either be red or black shimmery paper) to hold the program.  The actual program will be on tri-folded white paper.  I think it’ll look pretty nice afterwards.  No we need to finalize the ceremony so we can order them…

I can’t wait till Thursday because that’s the day we are leaving for my bachelorette party at the beach.  I’m so excited!  We’ve got a good group of girls going, even though not everyone invited can come.  I know there will be many crazy shenanigans and tons of fun!  For the weekend, I ordered some cute dresses and a bathing suit from Victoria’s Secret.  Too bad 2 out of the 3 dresses don’t fit.  This is what baffles me.  Victoria’s Secret = bras and boobs.  So shouldn’t the dresses be cut to fit boobs?  Yeah, guess they didn’t think of that.  I look semi-scandalous in them, so I’m sending them back.  But the bathing suit fits and is super cute.  It’s the light brown and white polka dotted one that’s all over the catalogues.  I love it.  And it’s bandeau so no funky tan lines for the wedding!

April 9th was my one-year anniversary at my PR job that I love. I work in a really small boutique agency – there are about 6 of us here (including one intern and another girl who’s on maternity leave) – so everything is really hands-on. I have three clients that I work on, on a regular basis, and they are great. When I first started here, I basically jumped right it. It was nice to actually be in an environment where my boss could let go of her clients and let me be the main contact.

Besides finally landing a job where I am actually doing what I like, there are some awesome perks. One of them being free travel! I know, it’s awesome. My boss has two 4-year old twin girls, so she is over traveling for all of the media trips we make. She still goes on some, but has also asked me to go along or run them on my own.

There is one coming up in two days, and I can’t wait! I get to spend four days at the beach, for free, showing journalists why my client rocks. It’s going to be great. I’ll get to try some new things (horseback riding, kayaking, maybe golf) and meet some of the people I correspond with on a regular basis. I’m super excited.

In May, I get to go on another trip to our client in the mountains. I went last July so I could experience what I was pitching, and it was great. Escaping Atlanta smog for fresh mountain air is amazing.

Another perk about working in a smaller office is the more flexible time off. We have to all schedule days off/trips around our each other’s to make sure the office is covered, but that’s still not bad. For example: A couple of Fridays ago I had a hair appointment at 6 p.m. My hair dresser is about 45 minutes south of where I live/work. This means that I needed to leave the office at 4:30 to make it there on time with traffic. I told my boss the whole reason I was going on Friday was because my engagement pictures were on the 13th, and I wanted to have cute hair.  Well, Atlanta traffic SUCKS, especially on Fridays, and I never made it. So I had to reschedule for the following Friday.  Unfortunately they had no Saturday appointments and could only fit me in during the week.  I waited to tell my boss because I was hoping something would change. It didn’t, but she was cool with it.

She’s also cool with all of the days that I will have to take off for wedding related events. Showers in NY, bachelorette party, wedding weekend and honeymoon. I love this job!

On a different note, I picked up my veil a few days ago. I put it on when I got home, and it was so weird. I felt like I was playing dress up in other people’s things. My dress is supposed to get here mid-May. That’s exciting, but also means I need to get a lot more serious about getting in shape. No more slacking!

All I can say is, yay for Friday!  I don’t know why I’m so happy that the weekend’s here.  I’ve had two 4-day work weeks because of my teeth, but I feel like the week’s been long.   Only a few more hours until it’s time to bust out of this joint!!

Another reason I’m excited is because T’s mom is in town, and she’s awesome!  We get along really well, and I’m the daughter that she never had.  Why is she here you ask?  Well…she is a huge Nascar fan (I know, so rednecky and she’s from NY), and there is a big race down here this weekend.  She flew into Atlanta yesterday morning and is hanging with her Nascar buddies at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.  Tonight they are heading up to Atlanta to hang out with us.  We’ll probably end up going to dinner and having drinks at our favorite neighborhood bar with our friends and potentially my parents (it’s like our Cheers, I swear…everyone knows our names and what we drink.  It’s awesome!).  It’ll probably get pretty crazy.  Last time T’s family was in town we went there for dinner and drinks and about $450 got dropped – no wonder they love us there! 

Back to this race thing.  I personally don’t understand how you could spend money to watch cars drive around in circles for hours.  Don’t get me wrong, I love going to sporting events, but racing… no.  But Mama T loves it.  She’s literally obsessed!  I know after we have a few drinks, she’ll try to convince us to come down and tailgate with them.  And I must admit, I am sort of intrigued to see so many rednecks and rednecky things in one place!  T’s mom isn’t a redneck at all, it’s just that a lot of the fans are.  I do have a hair appointment in the area of the race track, so maybe we’ll just have to stop by and see what it’s really like.

Speaking of hair appointments, my hair is getting pretty long.  Some of it touches my shoulders (for most of you that’s still short, but not for me).  It’s weird to have it this long.  I’m just going to get the color touched up and the split ends and bangs trimmed.  I wonder how long it’ll be by August – hopefully I don’t get annoyed with it and hack it off before the wedding.  

In wedding-related news, I’ve almost addressed all of my save the dates!  I think I have about 20 left (some people still haven’t given me their addresses and some are for the German family).  I’m still debating on whether to send them the save the dates because weddings in Germany are so much different than ones in the US, and I’m not sure they’ll know what the save the date is for.  But I ordered 100, so I might as well use them!  I also purchased the cute love stamps and convinced the guy at the post office to give me one of those envelope sealers so I don’t have to lick 100 envelops…ick.

Hope you have a great weekend!  And maybe on Monday I’ll have some stories from our (potential) adventure in Nascar land…vrooommmm   


The weekend has come and gone (boo) and left in it’s wake a tired Bing.  It’s not that I did anything really crazy, but still I feel like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. 

Friday night I went to my parents’ house for dinner and drinks with some friends.  One of their neighbors is working with a girl from Germany that is going to be here for 18 months, and she doesn’t really know too many people since she’s only been here 3 weeks.  So I went down to meet her.  She was really nice, and I’m sure we’ll be hanging out again soon.  She wants to improve her English, and I’m hoping I can practice my German when we hang out (it’s always fun to be able to talk about people when they can’t understand you).

Saturday I finally made it to the salon – woot!  I’m now freshly colored and trimmed (only the bangs since I’m trying to grow it out for the wedding – did you know your hair only grows about half an inch a month?)  I wasn’t able to use my regular stylist since I re-scheduled because of the snowy weather the weekend before (I trust myself driving in the snow but not the ATL wackos who can’t even drive in rain) so his wife did my hair.  This actually worked well since I was able to discuss wedding hair and make-up with her.  Check.  Another thing off my wedding “to do” list.  I’m pretty proud of how much I’m accomplishing, and we’ve only been engaged for 3 months.

After I was newly coiffed, I went to JD’s house and we watched season 2 of Friends since T was CPAing it at home.  It’s so funny how different they all look in the early years (especially Rachel’s boobs – they were a lot smaller in the beginning).  Later on, we went to another friend’s birthday party at The Mansion (a few years ago my friend responded to an add on Craig’s List for a house-sitter and is still living there rent-free, lucky chica), then we hit up the bars.  We ended up going to this dive called Park Bench (I am really not too found of that place.  It’s really quite a shit hole, and it’s super fratty (Southern fratty is a lot different than Northern fratty).  I was annoyed, but it was her birthday.  While we were there, we ran into another group of friends I knew from high school and that was cool.  By the end of the night I’d had a fair share of Bacardi and diets, so I was feeling no pain. 

I think we made it home around 3:00.  T had the right idea and made a snack then went to sleep, while JD and I thought it would be a good idea to continue drinking.  We bundled up and headed outside for 3 more hours of drinking, smoking and gossiping.  All of a sudden we realized it was 6:00 – woops.  We were scheduled to meet up with the rest of the bridesmaids around 1:00 on Sunday to go buy the dresses.  Let me tell you, being hungover in a bridal store with a million crazy brides and BMs is not fun.  But we finally made it through the experience and got the dresses, yay!  They are claret (deep red, it looks really pink in this picture) and black. 🙂   


Check.  More things of my list.  I think I only have a few large things left to worry about – flowers, cake (we’re thinking about doing cupcakes), booking the DJ, deciding on a honeymoon locale, actually picking items for the registry, and getting a marriage license.  Yay for me for being so organized and on the ball!   


Thank God it’s Friday!  I am so ready for the weekend.  This week at work has been hectic and busy, which is nice because it makes the time fly by but makes your brain tired.  I am ready to go out and have a drink with T and my friends and unwind.  I’m sure T is too!  He’s been busting his ass all week long.  Plus I’m looking forward to getting to interact with him for more than 30 minutes a day. 🙂

I’m sort of giddy today because it’s supposed to snow tonight/tommorrow early morning.  That will be the 2nd time this week.  You’re laughing aren’t you?  Welll…it’s a big deal to me because I live in the hot-as-hell city of Atlanta, and it hasn’t snowed here since 2005.  I used to go up to NY in the winter to visit friends, but I haven’t made it in a couple of years, so I’ve missed that snow too.  Last year I visited a friend in NYC and flew out really early on a Monday – it snowed a ton that afternoon.  That’s just my luck! 

I only hope that the snow doesn’t interfere with my hair appointment tomorrow because that would suck – I’m getting some serious roots here!!  I used to get my hair colored and cut every 4-5 weeks because I had it short, but now I am trying to grow it out for the wedding.  This means the appointments are a little more spaced out.  I’m kinda weirded out by the thought of having long hair again (for me that’s a little past my shoulders, which is probably short for most people).  I have fine, thin, straight hair so it doesn’t always look that great when it’s longer, but it looks awesome when it’s short.  I’m really laid back about my hair too – my hair’s been so many colors.  Dirty blonde, bright blonde, brown, various shades of red, and dark brown with red highlights (my fave and current look).  I basically let my stylist cut and color it how he thinks it’ll look cool.  **Side note:  I hate plain, boring hair so mine is always a cool color and a funky cut.  I hair modeled once.  Check out my skillz, ha ha. **


 I’m not sure if you can really see how cool it was because I took this picture with my phone.  My stupid camera memory card messed up and erased the real ones I took.

Well, yay for Fridays, haircuts, and really random posts.  I hope your day goes by quickly so you can jump right into the weekend. 

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