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Yesterday I had my Dove Visibly Smooth VIP party at Urban Body Studios in Atlanta for an urban bar class.  Most of us met up at the studio, and we were all really curious because none of us had taken an urban bar class before.  We were greeted by a firecracker of a woman who quickly told us to take our shoes off – all of us were walking around the room with our sneaks on.  We all quickly obliged and headed back in to begin our session.

She informed us that urban bar is a mix of dance, pilates and aerobics.  She cranked up the tunes and we all began to get stretched out and warmed up.  It really was quite hilarious because only a couple of us had ever even taken dance classes (I am one of those dance-free chicks), and some of us looked a bit goofy and uncoordinated. You should have seen us all trying to grapevine…it got pretty ugly pretty fast – I wasn’t able to get my camera up fast enough to capture it on film!  At one point she  realized that we were all wearing the same shirts (thanks to Dove – woot), and she really got a kick out of it, especially as we were all trying to get our coordination in check.  Some of us may have 2 left feet, but at least we looked cute in our tanks!

Since Dove also sent me a Flip camera, I (and some of the other girls) took time out from the class to film everyone in all of their urban bar glory.  Check out below for a short compilation of our hour in the studio.  Don’t be too intimidated by our lack of grace…

If you’ve never taken an urban bar class, I totally recommend you check it out.  It was a lot of fun and different from any other class I’ve taken before.  Plus it works muscles you don’t normally work out,(well maybe you do…me, not so much) and  I think most of us are pretty sore today.

I’ve been a Degree deodorant girl for years, but I will definitely be using Dove from now on.  A) It smells so good – even at the end of the day or after a workout. B) It conditions your underarms.  C)And I’m really excited how it is supposed lessen underarm hair after time.  I don’t know about you, but I hate having to shave everyday to remain hair-free all summer long.  My poor little armpits get a little irritated by daily razoring, and I’m looking forward to not having to deal with that anymore!

Of course the party didn’t end once we finished our urban bar class.  When we were done, everyone came over to the house for a little cooking out and hanging out.  Of course we had a few beers, which totally negated our workouts.  But it was too nice of a day to not have a couple of beers on the patio!

Thanks again Dove!

Don’t forget about my giveaway!

I am giving away five sticks of Dove Visibly Smooth to five lucky readers so you can be summer-ready and smell pretty too.

Here is how you enter:

*Go here.

*Leave a comment telling me what your favorite sleeveless summer-wear is.  Make sure to give me a valid e-mail address so I can contact you if you win.

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The contest will end at 10 p.m. EST on Monday, April 26th.


Hello lovelies!

The wonderful folks at Dove have invited me to host a Dove Visibly Smooth VIP Party for 10 of my friends and readers.  I am super excited because they are giving my friends and me samples of Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorant,  sleeveless workout shirts (so we can show off our newly smooth armpits), and a fitness class – oh snap!

On Sunday, we super awesome chicas will be heading to an Urban Bar Class to show off our beautiful armpits and get in a little workout.  After our workout, I will be having the ladies over for some snackables so we can replenish our energy.  I received a Flip Video Camcorder to document the whole thing, and of course I will share all of the craziness with you on Monday!

I received all of my goodies in the mail yesterday, and naturally I opened everything up right away.  I am totally wearing the deodorant today, and it smells really good.  And I feel nice and stink-free, especially on this beautiful 80-degree day.

Now here is where you come in, readers.  I am hosting my first-ever giveaway (I know how excited you all are!).

I am giving away five sticks of Dove Visibly Smooth to five lucky readers so you can be summer-ready and smell pretty too.

Here is how you enter:

*Leave a comment telling me what your favorite sleeveless summer-wear is.  Make sure to give me a valid e-mail address so I can contact you if you win.

*Up your chances with an extra entry by Tweeting about the contest.  Please leave a comment with the link to your Tweet.

*Increase your odds even more by blogging about my giveaway, worth two entries.  Please leave a comment with the link to your post.

The contest will end at 10 p.m. EST on Monday, April 26th.

Good luck and have a great weekend!

It’s that time again, where you share a little bit too much about yourself with thousands of strangers.  To read about everyone else’s horror stories, go to LiLu’s TMI Thursday page:)

Have you ever really given a thought to how odd it is to use public bathrooms?  No…well, I’ll give you a minute.  Ponder over how many bums have rested (or unsuccessfully hovered) there before you?

Isn’t it kind of a weird thing when you really stop and think about it?  I’m sure you are wondering where this all came from.  Well, when T and I went to see New Moon, I decided to go to the bathroom before the movie started.  I rushed in and headed straight to the stall to do my business.  As I was sitting there, it hit me how weird it was to be peeing in a bathroom filled with strangers.  Here I was tinkling with about 5 other girls standing in front of the mirror (right outside my door) primping and chatting.  I’m not weired out by that type of thing, but it just struck me as very odd.  These girls were giggling and laughing, and I was practically peeing in front of them.  Of course there was a door, but how much privacy does it really offer?

As I was heading back to the theater, I was thinking how glad I was that I am not a guy.  Peeing in a little stall with a stranger right outside the door or next to you is odd enough.  I can’t imagine having to stand next to someone while having my man parts out and peeing, being close enough that you could practically rub elbows in the process…creepy!  Honestly, if I were I guy, I’d be pretty pissed (ha ha) that I didn’t get my own separate stall.  Who wants to answer nature’s call with some random dude right next to you?  Definitely not me.  And on a gross thought – we all know how bad guys are at aiming…what if there’s a splash back from your piss pal beside you?  Nasty…

After I pondered the oddity of going number 1 in public, I started thinking about number 2.  Why is it that a bathroom is always empty, except when you have to drop a bomb?  Like seriously, Murphy’s got something out for you if you go number 2 in public.  There is nothing worse than having an upset stomach and having to use a strange toilet, and then meeting a group of ladies in the bathroom on your mad dash to the pot.

I don’t know about you, but I get stage fright in these situations.  Plus I don’t want these strangers to hear me fart or to hear a splash.  That is utterly mortifying to me.  The other horrible situation is when you are mid-deuce, and people come in to the bathroom.  Even if you courtesy flush, the room is not smelling like roses.  Then there is the shame of exciting the stall and having someone go right in after you.  I always pray that they don’t get hit with a wall of poo stink.  Fingers crossed…

Even though it’s odd, nothing will stop me from going potty in public.  I have the bladder of a squirrel, so there is no way in hell I can go all day without peeing.  And don’t even get me started on my jacked up stomach.  When you gotta go, you gotta go!

This past Saturday, we took my best friend ASP out for her bachelorette party – her last weekend of freedom.  We had a group of 10 girls, and we had a ton of fun!

The day started with ASP and I heading to get body wraps at Suddenly Slimmer.  It was one of the weirdest things I have ever done! You are wrapped up from head to toe in ace bandages that have been soaked in a mineral solution.  Then you are covered with a poncho and have to do an hour on one of those gazelle fitness machines.  Every 20 minutes you are “basted” – like a turkey – and your booties are emptied – the toxins from your skin and overflow from the bastings gather in your foot booties.  Nothing is stranger than being wrapped up like a mummy and not really being able to move while doing exercise.  It was a very odd experience, but my skin looks great.  Everything was smoother and soft.  I also had some scars/marks that faded some, which was awesome.

The night of debauchery began with drinks at JD’s place.  She has a lot of bachelorette party items, so her apartment was perfectly decorated with a variety of penis paraphernalia.  There were 10 of us girls, and ASP wanted to head to the Atlanta landmark Mary Mac’s Tea Room for dinner.  It was a funny experience because some girls were true Southerners, while some of us were not.  This led to us transplants trying some new and interesting foods like pot likker with cornbread.  I was a little scared to try it, but it ended up being really tasty, so I was glad I did.

After our Southern dinner, we jetted back over to JD’s to have the most delicious cake ever from Southern Sweets Bakery.  Then ASP opened her presents.  We had a mini champagne toast, then headed over to The Clermont Lounge.

We arrived just as the guys were heading in the door – they had also decided to head to the scariest strip club ever.  We all went inside together, but stayed fairly separate.  JD and I bought ASP’s fiance a lap dance from a 60-something year old stripper who wears a Little Red Riding Hood outfit.  Nothing is more awesome than watching someone wedge their granny panties (literally) into a thong and stick their butt in a poor guy’s face.  Priceless.

We had a lot of laughs, but unfortunately we couldn’t take any pictures of our craziness inside because they don’t allow that.  But I do have some pre-Clermont images to share with you.


ASP and me with the world’s strongest hurricanes ever – I was loving mine!


JD rocking the special fake penis undies – yes they were brought to Clermont and yes they were worn in public


Who needs a veil when you have this spiffy penis hat?


All of us ladies before we headed inside…

So, how was your weekend?


I have been thinking about writing this post for a few days now, but just haven’t had the time to sit down and actually do it.  Lately, the idea of what is considered beautiful has been on my mind.  Being a female, I feel all of the societal pressures to always be thin and pretty, and frankly it sucks.  Anytime you turn on the TV or pick up a magazine, you are assaulted by an image of a waif thin girl (if she isn’t naturally waifish, she’s probably been retouched to look that way).

When did being a walking toothpick become the beauty ideal?  What happened to the curves that were previously embraced?  And why are they suddenly being shunned?  I don’t know how you feel,  but to me, real women need to have some curves.  Encouraging grown women to look like teenage boys is not sexy, it’s creepy.  When was the last time you thought a skeleton was hot?

What I am starting to admire are the magazines and companies that are embracing real women.  I think Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty is great.  Personally, I enjoy seeing a picture of a beautiful woman who may have some flaws over someone who is considered “perfect” for being stick thin.

I know that I am by no means perfect.  I could shed a few pounds (ok maybe like 15-20), but overall I am pretty happy with myself and the way I look.  Instead of us ladies always trying to compare ourselves to these non-realistic standards that we are barraged with every day, I think it’s time for us to embrace what makes us special.  So I’m going to toot my own horn and share the things that I think make me look hot!

In no particular order:

My eyes – I have brown eyes, and I love it.  They are a pretty warm shade, that changes from time to time, depending on the color of my eye make up.

My lips – My lips are naturally full and always look like I am wearing a stain.  I’m not sure where I get this from, but it’s awesome.  I don’t have to wear lipstick, which drives me crazy because it makes my lips feel dry.  One time I was at the dentist, and they asked me to wipe my lipstick off.  The dental assistant couldn’t believe it when I said I wasn’t wearing any.

My chest – Luckily for me, I come from a family of chesty ladies, especially on my mom’s side.  Even though they can be a hassle sometimes when I’m shopping for clothes or dresses, I wouldn’t trade them for the world!  Lots of ladies pay a lot of cash for something I have naturally.

My legs – They are nice and long, which means that they always look nice in a pair of heels.  I don’t ever have to hem my pants, and I can get places fast because I take long steps.

Those are some of the things about me that make me feel beautiful.

What makes you feel beautiful and hot?  Go ahead a toot your own horn!

Happy weekend!

It’s that time again, where you share a little bit too much about yourself with thousands of strangers.  To read about everyone else’s horror stories, go to LiLu’s TMI Thursday page:)

This isn’t really a “real” TMIT, but just some random thoughts that I have on a regular basis that may convey just a little too much information about me or the people around me.

1.  Having long hair is a newer experience for me.  Since about early 2001, my hair hasn’t really touched my shoulders.  Now it goes a little below them, which is pretty long for me.  What I’ve noticed about this is that my hair tends to end up in very random places.  It falls down my shirt and feels like a bug crawling around.  After showers, I tend to notice that sometimes some strands are in my butt crack.  Yeah, it’s strange.  Does this happen to anyone else?

2.  Boob sweat.  What is the deal with that?  It drives me INSANE.  I’m pretty well-endowed in the chestal region, so my girls get a little toasty in my push up bra sometimes, especially in the cleavage area.  What’s even worse is when the girls are commando and you get the under boob sweat.  It’s so not sexy.  Is there a boob deodorant out there?  If not, maybe someone should invent it.  That would be awesome.  Do any of you chesty ladies have this issue? It doesn’t seem to be a problem for my average-chested friends.

3.  Nose blowing in public.  I know this can’t be avoided all the time, but nothing grosses me out more than people who blow their nose at the table or while they are around other people.  I know you can’t always escape the situation, but I definitely feel that there are ways to be more discreet about it.  The weird thing is, if you’re my friend it doesn’t bother me as much as when you are an acquaintance.  I’m strange…I know.  What is your stance on this?

I’m sure there are more TMI things I could share, but I’m drawing a blank right now…

Our weekend trip to Tennessee was fun, except for the fact that the Dawgs  got stomped.  We are doing awful this year!

The cute “red” dress I ordered to wear to the game ended up being more orangey than red, so that meant I couldn’t wear it on Saturday since UT’s color is orange.  Oh well, I wore it Sunday and it was still cute!


This weekend we are going on a work retreat to our mountain client.  It’s going to be a lot of fun, but it is going to be freezing up there.  The highs are in the upper 40’s and the lows in the 30’s…brrr.  Hello fall!


I went to Old Navy after work the other day and stocked up on the cutest fall sweaters and dresses.  I spent a lot more money than I intended.  Check out the dresses!




I also bought these really cute textured tights, but they snagged up after wearing them once.  I’m going to have to return them because it’s not cool that $10 tights unravel after the first wear.


JD and I are hosting our annual Spooktacular Halloween party on Halloween this year.  I can’t wait!

T and I are going to be Bill and Sookie from True Blood.  I am making my costume, I hope it turns out cute! Do you have your Halloween costume picked out?


Next week, Little S and I are starting Women’s Health’s Belly Off Club workout.  I have been a lazy slob this year, and I really need to lose some weight.  I know this is going to be good for me but I’m sure it’s going to kick my butt.  Especially rule #5 – No Alcohol for a month!  Eek!


People around me have been sick for weeks.  I have managed to avoid getting anything for a while, except now I think I may be coming down with a cold.  I’m coughing like crazy (which at first I thought was due to inhaling couscous last night, but I don’t think that’s the case) and my head hurts.  FML

So, what’s been making you smile or frown lately?

Yesterday I met up with JD at the nail salon by my house to get a pedicure and get my eyebrows waxed before the trip.  The salon is a nice place, run by the sweetest little Asian ladies.  We all (including T – he got a manicure) actually went there before the wedding to get our nails done.  They are friendly and funny, but they are sneaky.

First of all, they are always trying to up-sell you on something.  You want just a basic pedicure – they hand you a laminated menu advertising 5 different types of upgrades.  They look at you and tell you that you have callouses, you should do the $35 treatment.  You look tense, you should add in a 10 minute massage.  After going here a few times, I’ve learned their sneaky ways.

They speak heavily accented English, but it always seems to get a little bit harder to understand them when they are up-selling you.  They speak a little softer, or they let their accents show through a little more so you have a harder time understanding them.  I learned this the hard way.

One of the first times I went there, I got a manicure, pedicure and an eyebrow wax.  As I was laying there waiting for the painful waxing process to get underway, the technician mumbled something about waxing.  I didn’t quite hear what she said, so I said yeah.  The next thing I knew, she was smearing molten wax across my upper lip to remove my “mustache.”  I, in fact, do not have a mustache.  Maybe there’s a little peach fuzz in places, but it’s not dark and you can’t see it from afar.  It doesn’t need to get waxed.  Needless to say, I left there with a red “mustache” from where the process had irritated my skin.  Lovely.

I am n0t the only one who has had an issue with waxing there.  Last summer, Little S stayed with us until she found her condo.  One day she came home from work and asked if there was a place she could get her eyebrows done.  I told her about the place I always go to, but I warned her about the mustache waxing.  She drove over and returned about 20 minutes later, with the same red “mustache.”  I started cracking up because they’d gotten her too, even after I warned her.

You may ask why I keep going there?  Well, they do an awesome job.  My toenails look wonderful.  My eyebrows are perfectly shaped and scraggle-free.  The girl probably spent 10-15 minutes waxing, shaping and plucking the strays.  Sometimes I let my hair dressers wife do them, and they never turn out as nice.  One time she made them fairly uneven, and I didn’t notice it until I got home and really looked at them in the mirror.

Have you ever had any nail salon or waxing people try to sneak one over on you?

*Those lyrics are from a song that is quite possibly the dirtiest, but awesomest, song ever.  Kudos to you if you know who it is.

My lower back is killing me!  I’m not sure what the hell I did to make it hurt, but hurt it does.  It’s sore on my right side, maybe right above where non-lowrise jeans hit.  It feels sort of pinchy, and it is driving me crazy.

I noticed it yesterday, but I’m not sure when.  By the time I got home, it was hurting like holy hell.  I did fall asleep a few times on the couch over the weekend, so maybe I pinched something?  Or maybe I slept weird?  I do have a shitty mattress, that you all have heard (read) me complain about.

It is especially painful when I lean over or bend down to pick something up.  I am starting to feel a little less ouchy today though, so I guess that’s good.  When my back first started hurting, I was convinced it had something to do with my organs – maybe kidneys?  I’m not a bio super star so I’m not sure what’s located in the vicinity internally.

Anyone know of any good stretches I could try to loosen it up?


On a totally random note, T and I watched 5 episodes of True Blood last night.  It’s sick, I know it.  We totally stayed up until 1 a.m. watching, meaning I am super tired today.  We only have 3 episodes left until we finish season 1.  I’m not sure how we’ll do having to wait a week between episodes once we start season 2. 🙂

Man, is it hard returning to work after a 3-day weekend.  I love having the time off, but at the same time feel depressed because our next official holiday is Labor Day.  And that’s 62 days away still.  Sigh…

The holiday weekend was definitely needed and much appreciated.  Thursday night we went with some friends to go see The Hangover.  Unfortunately the 8 p.m. show was sold out, so we decided to go get some drinks and hang out until the 11 p.m. show.  Of course silly little me had a few too many drinks, and by the time we were supposed to head to the movie, I didn’t want to go anymore.  We’d met up with my co-worker Mel, so JJ (former co-worker) and I stayed to hang out while the T and another friend went to the movie.

That was a bad choice.  Of course I ended up drinking way too much and felt super crappy for a large part of Friday.  Luckily I did recover enough to head to the pool for a bit.  It was my first time this season – sad I know.  I was not loving the way I looked in my bathing suit, but at least there were some other people there who should definitely not have been wearing what they were wearing.  Our friend Chris so lovingly dubbed them the “bodies by bud babes,” which cracked us all up.  And also made me feel a little less self conscious.

Later that night, we hit up the Atlanta Brewing Company for some brews.  It was a pretty relaxing early evening, which got a little crazy when some bees kept dive bombing Little S and her boyfriend.  At one point they were running up and down the parking lot, screaming like crazy people to get away from the damn thing.  It was pretty hysterical.  After ABC, we decided to head to the pool for some night swimming and drinks.

I made this thing called a bowle;  it’s like German sangria.  And it’s perfect for hot summer nights.  You take some fruit – I used raspberries and blue berries – and soak them in a little liquor – I used triple sec – and a bottle of white wine.  Let them sit for about 30 minutes (you can also do it overnight, but I didn’t think about making it until sort of late and didn’t want to wait that long).  Then top the mixture off with a bottle of champagne and about half of a 2-liter bottle of seltzer.  It is awesome.  You can basically use any type of fruit and any type of wine.  I tried to stick with drier versions to keep the next day headache away.  You can also use more wine or champagne if you have a larger group coming.  Try it – I promise you will love it! 🙂

Saturday, T and I had a breakfast date at one of our favorite Atlanta brunch spots – West Egg.  If you live in Atlanta, you better make sure you try this place.  You won’t be let down.  Afterward, we headed to the pool for a bit of 4th of July sun.  Later that night, we went to CMc’s 4th of July/birthday extravaganza where we showed off some tacky stars and stripes gear.  T wore a woman’s t-shirt with the Statue of Liberty  and sparkly pink and teal stars on the front.  I’m not sure why the stars weren’t red and blue…I made myself some super cool star flops and a stunning foam visor.  What can I say, I’m crafty!  The party was fun.  We drank, we cornholed, we beer ponged, and then we danced our asses off in the tiniest and hottest bar ever at the end of the night.

Yesterday was a veg out day.  We watched Running with Scissors.  It was pretty good, but I definitely recommend the book for the full on crazy details.  I still can’t believe it’s a true story.  Later in the evening we watched Scream 3 – so not as good as the first one.  And later started in on True Blood – season 1.  Let me just say, I’m hooked.  When the show first came out, I thought it was going to be stupid.  But we watched the first 2 episodes last night, and I can’t wait to get home and watch a few more.  I even went ahead and ordered the books today because I am dying for something good to read.  I hope they are as good as I’ve heard.

Are any of you reading the books?  Or watching the show?  I figure T and I need to just go ahead and set up our TiVo to record season 2 so we can jump right in after we finish season 1!

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