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I guess I’m not doing so great with posting regularly in 2011.  Life and work have been a little hectic, and now I’ve come down with a case of sinusitis from hell.  All last week I felt it coming on, but was able to keep it at bay…until Friday.  I woke up that morning with a runny nose and ended up spending most of the day sniffling and sneezing.  Figures that I would get sick right at the start of the weekend, especially because we were supposed to go see Girl Talk with our friends.  I tried my best to rally through, but in the end the pounding bass was too much for my sinus headache, so I had to head out a little early.  The concert was cool, I just wish I’d felt better.

By Saturday, I was a hot snotty mess.  I was so congested that my head was pounding, my eyes looked puffy, and even my teeth hurt.  That meant that I spent the remainder of the weekend (and Monday and today) glued to the couch, popping pills and blowing my nose like it was my new hobby.  On Friday night, T and our friend Hippie watched this crazy documentary about the White family from West Virginia on Netflix.  T was so obsessed with it, that we reinstated our Netflix account just so we could watch it.  And thus began my sickly movie marathon.

We began with The Wild and Wonderful Whites.  This is the true story of the infamous White family of West Virginia.  They are known for living on the other side of the law and are often doing drugs, stealing, murdering, and dancing (yes, dancing).  It’s an interesting look into small town life in West Virginia that revolves around the coal mining industry.  If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it.  It’s so far out there at times, you won’t be able to lift your chin off of your chest, trust me.   Plus the names of the family members alone will have you cracking up.

Next we watched Shutter Island. This is the story of an up-and-coming US Marshall sent to Shutter Island to investigate the disappearance of a patient who is also a murderer.  I don’t know about you, but I love a good suspenseful thriller.  This movie had it all.  Definitely a great movie to watch when you feel like being inquisitive. I am really starting to like Leonardo DiCaprio in these darker films.  I think it helps make him seem less pretty and rougher around the edges.

Later on Sunday night, we watched Inglourious Basterds, the story of a rag-tag bunch of Jewish-American soldiers who are single-handedly trying to wipe out the Nazis and Hitler.  I was a little leery about watching this movie at first because I was worried that it would be all blood, guts and war.  That was a heavy part of the film, but at the same time it was a clever and funny tale of revenge.  Plus a lot of the film was in French and German, giving me a chance to practice my languages.  It’s gritty and I had to turn my head away at times, but really was quite a good film. I would recommend it, but you may want to watch it with a guy, so you can hide your face on his shoulder during the gross parts.

On Monday, while I was home from work, I watched Alice in Wonderland.  It’s the story of a young adult Alice returning to the world of her dreams where she has to help end the Queen of Hearts’ reign of terror.  It was definitely bright, colorful and fun, while at the same time slightly dark and twisted.  It’s more of a grown up version of the story but still contained a lot of the elements you may remember from other versions you saw as a child.  Johnny Depp made a wonderful Mad Hatter, but I did have difficulty understanding him from time to time.  It could have been his accent or the fact that my ears were clogged.  Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet!

I also watched An Education on Monday.  I’d heard great things about it, so when I saw it was available instantly, I thought why not.  This film tells the story of a teenage London girl in the 1960s who is smart, beautiful and talented but is bored of her middle class life.  Her father is pushing her hard so she will get accepted into Oxford so she can have a better life than he did.  Everything changes when she meets David, who is twice her age and charming, and wants to show Jenny there is more to life than studying.  Their friendship eventually evolves into much more, potentially changing the path that Jenny has planned to follow for years.  This movie was much different than I expected it to be, but it really sucked me in.  Being from Europe, I always love movies that highlight the culture and countries there.  It’s also a coming-of-age love story that we can all relate to in ways.  This is a good rainy day watch.

Since I was still out sick today, I watched The Runaways, which is the story of the first all female rock group of the 1970s featuring Joan Jett and Cherie Curie.  It’s a nitty, gritty look into how a group of talented teens embark on the journey of their lives while trying to make it big in the industry, all while surviving the sex, drugs, and rock and roll lifestyle around them.  Let me just say, I loved the crazy clothes and make up, and of course the hard-rocking music.  It was an interesting look into what these girls had to go through to “make it,” especially since they weren’t even 20 and were basically traveling around unsupervised.  It was definitely one of the better Kirsten Stewart films I’ve seen – she looses her deer-in-the-headlights look and really embraces the bad ass role of Joan Jett.  This is definitely a great watch when you want to channel your inner punk rocker.

Lastly, I watched Up.  I can’t believe I waited so long to watch this movie – I loved it!  But I do have to say that I was crying like a baby throughout.  When I wasn’t sobbing (no fun when you are sick), I was laughing like crazy, so that was a plus.  It’s funny that it’s a children’s movie because the themes are definitely so adult – love, following your dreams.  If you haven’t watched it yet, go out there and do it now!  I guarantee that you will love it!

So, that’s all for my movie-watching for now.  I may try to get one more in tonight, but that will depend on how long it takes us to straighten up the house.  We haven’t really done much since I’ve been sick for the last 5 days…

**Oh, and to let you know, my sister, Little S has started blogging.  I’m excited that my blogging ways (even though they have been a bit slack) have rubbed off on her.  She is still in the beginning stages and doesn’t have many posts up yet, but I thought you lovelies could help welcome her to the blogosphere.**


Well hello little blog.  Sorry I’ve neglected you for nearly a month.  I’m not trying to avoid you, and it’s not that I don’t like you anymore, it’s just that real life has gotten in the way of my daily writing.  The weather is nice, so when I’m not at work the last thing I want to do is plop down in front of a computer.  You understand right, little buddy?

Well, yesterday I had a first.  I got pulled over for speeding on my way back to the office from lunch with my sister (shock and awe considering that I have such a lead foot).  We had decided to meet for sushi, only to find that the place we wanted to go to wasn’t open for lunch.  There was a Korean restaurant next door, so we went there instead.  The food was delicious, but the service was slow as hell.  Naturally when we were done, I felt like I needed to rush to get back to the office because I’d been gone a little over an hour already.

I was probably less than a mile from work, when all of a sudden a motorcycle cop pulled out of this driveway behind me.  A few seconds later he turned on his lights.  He told me that I was going 51 in a 35, which I hadn’t realized was a 35 mph zone.  It was not like I was on some small two-lane road, I was on a six lane state highway.  Why the hell is the speed limit 35, especially when the other half of the road that heads toward Atlanta is a 45?  Lame!  I let him know that I was sorry and that I thought that it was a 45 mph zone.  It didn’t matter; he still gave me a ticket.

The thing that annoys me about this whole situation is that on my ticket it says he lasered me.  Well, I didn’t see any radar gun.  He looked like he was sitting in a driveway, about to make a right onto the road I was driving on.  There was actually an SUV sitting next to him, trying to make a left out of the same place.  And…I didn’t even have my foot on the gas.  I was breaking because I had just changed lanes because I was gearing up for a right turn.  WTF?!?!

But since I’m a getting “pulled over for speeding” virgin, I didn’t think to ask about how he knew how fast I was going or when he got the damn radar gun calibrated.  Whatever.   I guess I can’t bitch too much.  In the 10+ years that I have been driving, this is my first ticket.  It could be worse.

Now I just need to find out what the ticket is going to cost me.  I’m assuming it will be somewhere around $200 since I was apparently going 16 miles over the limit.

Thanks Office Motorcycle Cop for popping my speeding ticket cherry!  Asshole…

So, have you ever been nabbed for going too fast?  Did you get out of it?

I am so thrilled that spring is finally here!  I am so over the cold and damp weather we’ve had this year so far.  BTW 2010, I’m not impressed.  The 10 day outlook is marvelous – 70s all around.  I can’t wait to spend the weekend outside, soaking up the sun and basking in spring’s glory.

That’s why I was annoyed as hell when I went to bed last night, and my throat was scratchy.  By the time I woke up this morning, it really hurt.  And as the day progresses, it keeps getting a little worse.  Add in an achy neck and a headache, and I’m in tip-top shape over here.  I’m sure by the time I get home tonight, I will just collapse onto the couch in a sniffly, whiny mess.

Normally I try to look on the brighter side of being sick, namely meaning that I may end up with a day off to veg at home while trying to recover, but this time around it’s just hard.  We’re going to see Third Eye Blind tomorrow night, and I really don’t want to bail because I’m sick (plus I already bought the $30 ticket…).

Friday night, T and I are planning on going to Abattoir for his early birthday dinner with just the two of us.  It’s Atlanta’s answer to whole-animal cuisine and is very meat centric, so I definitely don’t want to be sick and have to postpone it.  Saturday, we are going to my parents for Easter and will be celebrating T’s actual birthday with a family fondue dinner – noms – and I’m sure copious amounts of German beer will be consumed!

My co-worker had a cold last week (which is who I’m assuming I may have caught it from because I hung out with both her and her roommate last week, and they both had it) and said there was only one really bad day – fever, aches, chills – but then she felt better and has just been coughing and stuffy.  If that’s all it is, I’m pretty sure I can deal with it.  But fingers crossed that it doesn’t get that far.  Now excuse me as I go chug some Airborne.

Oh and by the way, Chelsea Handler was awesome!  She and Heather McDonald had everyone cracking up and howling with laughter.  I know the tickets aren’t cheap, but if you have the chance to go, do it!  Seriously.  No ifs, ands or buts.

And speaking of comedy, Conan O’Brien is coming to Atlanta in June, and T and I want to go.  I was planning on getting him tickets as his birthday present.  The only thing stopping me is that tickets appear to be sold out – lame.  This means we’ll have to get them off Stubhub or from scalpers, and they will be way more expensive (and they aren’t cheap to begin with).  It really annoys me how people are allowed to buy up a ton of tickets, then jack the prices way up and sell them.  Scalpers, why don’t you go get a real job and leave the tickets for the fans who actually want to see the show and aren’t trying to make a quick buck?  Hate…

Do you ever feel like you are stuck on a dead-end road that leads to nowhere?  I think I’m sort of hitting that point.  I am starting to dread the daily grind.  I feel stuck.  I want to be able to learn and grow more, but there really aren’t that many options here.  Maybe I’m becoming a little unmotivated because I receive little reward for my efforts.  Positive reinforcement and rewards (more money) breed harder work and happiness.

Nothing ever seems good enough – it could always be better.  There could have always been more.  I know there are people who appreciate what I do and think I am doing a great job, but I feel negative vibes from some.  Even though I am doing a lot and getting positive results in return.

You think all the time off I just had would leave me feeling refreshed.  Instead, I am feeling this sense of dread and discontentment.  I don’t want to be back.  I want to be anywhere but here.

Maybe I feel this way because my time off just flew by way too fast.  Maybe I’m sad that the happy and festive times of the holidays are over.  Maybe I’m just stressed about all the things that are rushing out of the gate at the start of the year.  Maybe I’m being super emotional because I skipped my period for the last 2 months and now all those hormones are taking over my emotions.  Maybe it’s the winter blues.  Or maybe it’s just time for a change…

Today I found out that one of my good friend’s mom had a heart attack on Sunday morning, and she’s not doing well.  My friend woke up that morning because he heard a crash, so he went to investigate and found his mom unconscious on her bedroom floor.  He performed CPR until the paramedics arrived.

She’s been at the hospital since Sunday, and the doctors says it’s not looking good and for the family to prepare for the worst.  She has no brain activity and hasn’t woken up.  She has low EKG voltage readings, and they can’t keep her heart rate down and her blood pressure is low.

I’m not an overly religious person, but could you guys say a prayer for her?  She’s an amazing woman, who I know you would all love if you met.  She’s only in her 60s and deserves a long future with her family.  Please send all of your good vibes her way because she really needs it!

Thanks lovelies! 🙂

I’m not sure what has been wrong with me lately, but I have been so tired.  For the past few weeks, I pretty much fall asleep on the couch every night.  The times that I doze off vary – sometimes it’s been as early as 9:30 p.m, other times it’s closer to 11 p.m.  I don’t know why I let myself get comfortable and cozy enough to drift into dreamland, but I do.  And being under a snuggly blanket with a cat curled up next to (or on) you doesn’t make staying awake any easier.

I know part of it is a vicious cycle.  I sleep for a couple of hours, wake up and go upstairs, then get ready for bed and lay down.  The problem is, it’s usually around 1 or 1:30 a.m., and it takes me about 20 minutes to wash my face, brush my teeth, change and crawl into bed.  Sometimes I go right back to sleep, but other times it takes me a while.  If it takes me a while, it means that my sleep cycle gets all messed up.  It also means that I don’t get a continuous amount of sleep, which results in me being tired the next day.  It sucks and drives me insane!

I think part of my tiredness also comes from the time change.  By 6 p.m., it’s pitch black outside.  This makes me feel like it’s really late (even when it’s not), and I get tired fairly early.  A few weeks ago, when it was still light around 7 p.m., I didn’t feel nearly as wiped out all of the time.

Tonight, I will NOT let myself fall asleep on the couch.  Once I feel myself getting groggy, I will drag my butt upstairs and lay in bed.  This way if I do fall asleep, at least it’ll be where I’m supposed to do it.

So, are you a random couch snoozer or do you actually make it to bed before dozing off?  And, is the time change messing you up too?

Ok guys, last night was rough!  I suffered through some torture and I was sure I wouldn’t be able to sleep things were that sketchy.  You may know that I am not a fan of bugs, specifically roaches.  Well, last night I got the roach-related scare of my life.

Since I haven’t been sleeping well lately, T and I decided to head upstairs to lay in bed and watch TV around 10.  That way we would both be comfortable, and we could roll over and go right to sleep when the show was over.  We were just hanging out and relaxing, watching Dinner Impossible.

At one point, T decided to head downstairs to get a glass of water.  I’d been propped up awkwardly and sat up to readjust my pillows, when I saw the biggest and sketchiest looking roach crawling on the ceiling, maybe only a foot or so away from the bed.  I freaked the fuck out!

I started yelling to T to come and kill it before it came after me.  It was having a hard time climbing on the ceiling since it’s popcorn-y, so it fell.  Then I panicked.  I was literally backed into a corner because that asshole was blocking the door (well not really, but it seemed that way).  The thing that freaked me out the most was that when it fell, it opened it’s wings and gently fluttered to the ground.  The crawling ones are bad enough, but the flying ones are double scary.

Finally T came running up the stairs because I was screaming like a lunatic.  Guys, it was fucking HUGE and that scary.  He grabbed our little metal trashcan and put it on top of it, but to my horror, it wouldn’t die!  He smooshed the crap out of it, and every time he lifted the can, it crawled away…fairly quickly.  It wasn’t even phased that he was smashing it with a trash can.

I think after a couple of terrifying minutes, T was able to eliminate it.  As I was sitting on the bed, curled into a ball and twitching with horror, I saw something move out of the corner of my eye.  Yup, Roach #1’s buddy was climbing on the wall by our bathroom.  I started screaming again and T came running.  I pointed at Roach #2 with a shaky finger, jumped off the bed and hauled ass down the stairs.

I almost had a heart attack when I reached the landing.  Crawling around on the living room floor was flying Roach #3.  I started screaming all over again.  Luckily the furbabies were right there, and Fado was on a mission to seek and destroy.  He clawed and batted at it until T could get down there to kill it.  I sat huddled in a ball on the stairs like a coward, trying not to cry at the invasion of our house.

Eventually I headed back upstairs and sat on the bed, waiting for T to return.  He was cleaning up the remnants of #3 downstairs.  As he walked into the guest room to clean up #1, he noticed that it wasn’t in the same spot he’d left it in.  That fucker wasn’t dead after all!  This began round 2 of crushing the roach with the trash can until it finally died.

By this point, I was completely traumatized.  We are not dirty people, hell we’d just spent time cleaning the bathrooms and the kitchen.  I just don’t know where they keep coming from.  I mean, living in the south in an old house, you expect them.  Every once in a while, I will find a dead one on its back (thankfully the cats like to attack them).  But I have never, in the entire time we’ve been there, seen 3 live ones INSIDE.  Two of which were in our room…shudder.

The only thing can think of is that because it was raining really hard outside, they must have come inside to escape the water.  I’m assuming they come in through the air vents, though I’m not really sure.  But they really just appear out of nowhere sometimes.  I also know that they can squeeze through tiny cracks in between doors and windows, so maybe that’s how they get in.  Maybe it’s time for a monthly pest control service…

Today has started out kind of meh.  Well, it began last night.  I tried to go to bed around 11:30 because I was super tired.  I got ready and laid in bed to watch TV.  I drifted off to sleep.  Then I woke up when T came in to get ready for bed.  Since he’d gone to the gym, he had to take a shower first.

He finally crawled into bed, and I began to doze back off.  All of a sudden he popped up and got out of bed.  Naturally, this woke me up…again.  I asked him what he was doing, and he said he heard the cats shredding something in the guest room.  He went to investigate and found Fado rifling through some papers, trying to shred them.  He pried them free, removed Fado, and climbed back into bed.  By this time, it was around 12:20.  So much for my early night.

Around 3:00-something, I woke up because Zoey was sniffing my face.  I’m not sure what her deal is, but she likes to hop onto the bed, right by my pillow, and sniff or meow at me.  At this point she was just sitting and sniffing, so I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Fast forward to about 6:30, an hour before my alarm is set to go off.   Zoey returned to her spot by my face.  This time she was meowing up a storm.  She won’t just sit or lay there, she tries to climb onto my nightstand to bat things off.  Or she pretends she’s a gymnast, and tries to get her fat ass onto our very skinny headboard and walk across it.  This results in her sometimes falling onto your head or pillow.  Let me tell you, it’s awesome when she does that!

Naturally, I pushed her off so I could go back to sleep.  Well, she came back for a third time.  This meant war.  I scooped her little fat self up and deposited her into the hallway.  I think she stood there scratching at the door for a few minutes then left.  I happily drifted back into dreamland.  About 5 minutes later, Fado started getting restless – the commotion Zoey caused woke him up.  So he started howling, beating at the blinds, just being his annoying self.  I made T get up and dump Fado into the hallway as well.

Of course by the time my alarm went off, I felt like crap.  I dragged my lethargic ass out of bed and crawled into the shower, hoping it would help me feel more alert.  I had to shave, so I grabbed my shaving cream and sprayed it into my hand.  All of a sudden, the foam exploded out of my hand. 

What the fuck? I was so confused and couldn’t figure out what happened.  I shook the can a little and sprayed again.  This time something super cold and steamy came out.  I jerked my hand away and held it under the hot water.  Then it finally hit me – I’m not a morning person so I’m a little slow sometimes – I had just sprayed my hand with CO2 from inside the shaving cream can.  And it was cold and stung.  I don’t know what happened, and why the shaving cream wasn’t coming out, but it was stange.  I sprayed a few more times (not at my hand) until I thought it was better, then tried again.  That time shaving cream came out, but it was really fluffy looking (instead of gel-like).  Luckily, the rest of my shower was uneventful.

Once I was done, I dried off and stepped out of the shower…and almost died. My right foot was partially on our little bathroom rug and partially on the tile floor and my left foot was still in the tub, and I started to slip.  Luckily I caught myself on the towel bar, but I banged the shit out of my left shin bone on the side of the tub.  I know it’s going to be a huge welty bruise, because it hurt standing up while I was getting ready.

All I want is a full night’s sleep, not to get burned from CO2 in my shaving cream can, and not to nearly break my leg getting out of the shower.  Is that too much to ask?!?

To make me feel better, feel free to share your clumsy stories so I don’t feel like the only Bambi on new legs.

Thanks to all of you for the anniversary wishes!  You are all too sweet! 🙂

It’s that time again, where you share a little bit too much about yourself with thousands of strangers.  To read about everyone else’s horror stories, go to LiLu’s TMI Thursday page.

This is a very special story.  Luckily it did not happen to me, but I was there to deal with the aftermath…

It was fall 2004, and I was a senior in college.  Little S was a new freshman.  She and some of her friends had fake IDs, so they would come and hang out at the bars with us from time to time.  On Friday night, Little S’s friend DJ was visiting us for the weekend.  He was super excited to be going out in Athens and couldn’t wait to hit the bars.

He came up pretty early in the afternoon, so we decided we’d go to the store to get some dinner.  We bought a rotisserie chicken, some sides, and some beer.  DJ also got himself some chicken tenders.  We all sat down to eat and have a few beers.  DJ ate a lot.  I was surprised at how much food the kid could put away.

Fast forward a few hours later, a few more friends came over to pre-game before we went out.  DJ kept chugging cheap vodka out of the bottle (he called it a shot, it was more like giant gulps).  We played some drinking games, the boys may have shotgunned a few beers, and then we were on our way.  We ended up in this bar/concert venue called Tasty World.  We were all hanging out, having some drinks and having fun.

Some of our guy friends were Marines, so they tended to drink like crazy.  At one point all the Marines and DJ were taking shots of liquid cocaine (they vary from place to place, but they are super strong – all liquor).  I looked over just in time to see DJ shoot it and spew it ( and some of his dinner) back into a shot glass and then into a pint glass.  Ewww, gross! I knew it was time for him to go because most bars don’t take kindly to people barfing in the open.  One of the Marines and I took him back to my place.  FYI – it was barely 11 p.m.

By the time we got him home, he was super stumbley and not feeling well.  I dragged him into the bathroom so he wouldn’t get sick in my living room.  At that point he told me he had to pee, so I told him to sit on the toilet (I didn’t want him to miss) and I’d be back to check on him.  I walked out and about 30 seconds later I heard a huge splat sound coming from the bathroom.

I knocked on the door and peeked in.  DJ had started throwing up…in my bathtub.  Since he was sitting on the toilet, the tub was the closest place for him to aim.  Let me tell you, in my entire life I have never seen so much puke come out of one person.  The tub was practically half full (lengthwise) of regurgitated chicken,  side dishes, and alcohol.  The bathroom reeked!

Luckily for him, I kick into mom mode when someone is sick or hurt (I don’t know how I do it), and I managed to help DJ get cleaned up, changed and comfortably spread out on the bathroom floor.  He was not to be trusted to sleep anywhere else.  Then I had to take care of the oh-so-nasty tub.

Unfortunately our drain wasn’t one of those open ones where stuff could flow easily down.  No, it had to have a little cover over it that kept stuff from going down.  That meant I had to scoop the puke out of the tub with a solo cup to put it in the toilet so I could flush it.  I kept repeating that action until the rest would wash down the drain.  It was seriously one of the most disgusting things I had to deal with.  To make matters worse, it was really cold outside, so that meant we couldn’t leave the windows open for hours because it would freeze the place out.

Needless to say, I returned downtown to be rid of the smell and enjoy a much-needed drink or two.  I’m not sure how the hell I ended up being the one to take care of DJ and his mess.  All I know is that I wanted to smack some people for getting him all tanked up and making me take care of him.

Happy TMIT!

So, this weekend was a pretty low-key weekend in the grand scheme of things.  Friday we went to Sweetwater after work to meet up with some friends.  We were loving the partially cloudy sky and the band was jamming.  Suddenly, it starting raining.  It wasn’t coming down too hard, and T and I decided that we would much rather get a little damp than crowd inside the brewery to stay dry.  Well, then it poured.  Luckily it was only for about 5 minutes, and we didn’t get too soaked.

After we all went home to change, we decided to meet up a little Irish bar to hang out.  One of our friends had some college buddies in town, and it was one of their birthdays.  So, we hung out, had drinks, took some celebratory shots, and played some beer pong.  Some people left earlier than others because they were tired or the bar was too loud/crowded.  But a majority of us stayed until closing time (around 2:30).  FYI, we got there between 8 and 9 p.m.

This is where things get dicey.  I found out the next day that one of college buddies decided to drive home.  It was his birthday.  He was wasted.  That was so not cool.

As the remaining group of us were leaving, we talked about going back to our house to hang out/get some late night food.  Everyone was down with that.  As we were talking about getting a cab and getting some cash for a cab, one of our good guys friends starts trotting to his car.  We try to stop him because we all know that he is way too drunk to be driving.  And he won’t listen to us.  Another one of our friends tries to keep him from driving by blocking his car in.  Drunk friend says he’s going to hit his car if our other friend doesn’t move.  I even try to reach into the car to grab the keys out of the ignition, but he has one of those cars where you don’t use the keys to start it.  They just have to be in the vicinity, they don’t actually go into the ignition.  Figures…

So, he drives off.  We are all pretty pissed off, but there was nothing more to do.  Around 3, we get to the house and notice he’s not there.  We figure he maybe just went home instead to go to bed.  I called a couple of times, but got no answer.  I figured he was asleep.

The next day, we learned why he didn’t answer.  He got busted for a DUI and was in jail.  I feel bad for him, but at the same time I don’t.  He is normally a very responsible guy, but that night I don’t know what got into him.  He was being completely belligerent and acting like an ass.  I still haven’t heard what the story was behind him getting stopped.  But I do know he spent about 15 hours in jail, which I’m sure was horrible.

I just don’t get it.  Why is it always the guys who insist on driving after drinking?  If I have too many drinks to drive, I’m the first to crash on a couch, call a cab or try to get a ride from someone who hasn’t been drinking.  But sometimes I feel like guys think they have to be macho and prove that they can still drive after drinking, which is completely stupid.

Yeah, it sucks to have to shell out a ton of cash for a cab and leave your car overnight.  But it costs a lot more time and money to deal with a DUI.

I wish that Atlanta had better late night transportation options, because maybe that would make the problem less prevalent.  We have the option to take a cab, which comes in close to $30 for a 5 mile ride.  This seems a bit ridiculous and a bit price gougey.  Then there are those services where they drive you home in your car and have another car follow to take the driver back.  I love those services, but they cost double what a cab costs, and who can afford that on a regular basis?  We have MARTA, but it doesn’t stop anywhere near places people go out and most of the stops aren’t super accessible by foot.  And you definitely can’t walk to too many places because the city is so spread out.  I think there should be some sort of late night bus option.  There was one when I studied abroad in France, and it was always packed.

But then you have to think, even if you and your friends are being safe, there are always  assholes out there who are breaking some kind of law and may end up causing you harm any way.

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