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This past Saturday, we took my best friend ASP out for her bachelorette party – her last weekend of freedom.  We had a group of 10 girls, and we had a ton of fun!

The day started with ASP and I heading to get body wraps at Suddenly Slimmer.  It was one of the weirdest things I have ever done! You are wrapped up from head to toe in ace bandages that have been soaked in a mineral solution.  Then you are covered with a poncho and have to do an hour on one of those gazelle fitness machines.  Every 20 minutes you are “basted” – like a turkey – and your booties are emptied – the toxins from your skin and overflow from the bastings gather in your foot booties.  Nothing is stranger than being wrapped up like a mummy and not really being able to move while doing exercise.  It was a very odd experience, but my skin looks great.  Everything was smoother and soft.  I also had some scars/marks that faded some, which was awesome.

The night of debauchery began with drinks at JD’s place.  She has a lot of bachelorette party items, so her apartment was perfectly decorated with a variety of penis paraphernalia.  There were 10 of us girls, and ASP wanted to head to the Atlanta landmark Mary Mac’s Tea Room for dinner.  It was a funny experience because some girls were true Southerners, while some of us were not.  This led to us transplants trying some new and interesting foods like pot likker with cornbread.  I was a little scared to try it, but it ended up being really tasty, so I was glad I did.

After our Southern dinner, we jetted back over to JD’s to have the most delicious cake ever from Southern Sweets Bakery.  Then ASP opened her presents.  We had a mini champagne toast, then headed over to The Clermont Lounge.

We arrived just as the guys were heading in the door – they had also decided to head to the scariest strip club ever.  We all went inside together, but stayed fairly separate.  JD and I bought ASP’s fiance a lap dance from a 60-something year old stripper who wears a Little Red Riding Hood outfit.  Nothing is more awesome than watching someone wedge their granny panties (literally) into a thong and stick their butt in a poor guy’s face.  Priceless.

We had a lot of laughs, but unfortunately we couldn’t take any pictures of our craziness inside because they don’t allow that.  But I do have some pre-Clermont images to share with you.


ASP and me with the world’s strongest hurricanes ever – I was loving mine!


JD rocking the special fake penis undies – yes they were brought to Clermont and yes they were worn in public


Who needs a veil when you have this spiffy penis hat?


All of us ladies before we headed inside…

So, how was your weekend?



One of my best friends, ASP, is getting married on November 15 (which also happens to be my birthday)!  She was one of my bridesmaids and helped me out during the stressful pre-wedding times, so I want to throw her a really awesome and fun bachelorette party!  There is a slight catch though…she’s not your typical bride.

Let me explain…ASP and her fiance have been together for years, and got engaged while I was in Germany.  They didn’t do it the traditional way with the guy getting on one knee and proposing.  They talked about their future, decided they wanted to get married, and bought ASP a ring.  My parents did the same thing when they got married.

Originally they had planned on a destination wedding to Las Vegas or a beach, but then her fiance’s father’s health issues ended up changing the plans.  They decided to look around the Atlanta area for a site, but just kept coming across super expensive options.  Then someone e-mailed her about a wedding opportunity that would benefit an Atlanta children’s shelter, and she thought it would be a good option.  It isn’t too expensive, the proceeds go to charity, and it is a fairly quick ceremony and reception – one hour.  They decided to go this route on October 15 – one month out from the day they will tie the knot.

And this is where I come in.  Since ASP was such a good sport and helped plan my showers, my bachelorette, and was in my wedding party, I wanted to show her how much I appreciated what she did for me by throwing her an awesome bachelorette party the weekend before her wedding.

I have a couple of ideas that I’ve come up with and discussed with some friends, but I wanted to get some of your opinions for a bachelorette party for someone who isn’t a typical bridey-bride (I hope that makes sense).

Idea 1:  Gather at someone’s house, make a nice dinner with some wine, and hire a male stripper to come over and surprise the bride!  I think that would be fun and hilarious…but how does one go about ordering one?  I’ve never done that before, so I don’t even know where to start looking!  Haha!  Are male strippers sketchy?

Idea 2:  Go out for dinner and drinks, then wind up at the Clermont Lounge – Atlanta’s trashiest and oldest strip club.  It’s a famous ATL landmark that everyone loves, and Amanda has mentioned she’d be down with going there.

So, that’s all I have for now.  If any Atlanta readers have suggestions, please let me know!  If you’ve ever thrown a bachy party for a more non-traditional friend, I’d love to hear what you did!

Thanks lovelies! 🙂


I made it back from Panama City Beach for all of you that were concerned.  I’ve just been a little busy since I got back.  I know you are all just chomping at the bit to know what happened…

We got a later start than we had planned on Thursday.  ASP was supposed to take a final early, then leave for the trip.  Well, her professor showed up 15 minutes late and still had some work to do on the test.  There was about a 30 minute delay before she actually took the test.  CMc got held up at work since there was a ton of stuff that had to get finished before she could hit the road.  We all met up around 3:00, split into 2 cars and went on our way.  It took about 6 hours to get there, but it’s in the central time zone so it only felt like 5.

We all reconvened at the sweet condo we were staying at.  Little S’s friend’s parents let us stay at their AMAZING beach front cottage for free.  The place was missing all the tacky beachy decorations and we super nice.  It had a huge patio and was on the 9th floor, so we had quite a view. 

See what I mean?

Our first night was pretty chill.  We went out to dinner and played some board games when we got home because a lot of people were tired.  After we finished our game, everyone went to bed…except JD and I.  We decided it would be cool to sit on the porch, chat and have another drink.  Well, another turned into another, and another (you get the picture).  And the next thing we knew it was 4:30 in the morning and we were still awake…talking about books we like.  Yeah, we get crazy.

Friday morning was a little rough since we had 7 people in the condo and not everyone sleeps late.  I think we ended up getting up a little before 10.  That day was our beach day, so we headed down to the sand to stake our claim.  As you can tell, the water was a little rough, which I happen to like.  Most of us went out and played in the waves.  Let me tell you.  Strapless top (trying to avoid weird tan lines) + waves = lots of flashing and funny moments.  It was a blast.

That night was my big bachelorette night out since no one wanted to be jacked up for the ride home on Sunday.  We all dressed up, me extra specially.  I got the whole shebang – penis veil, penis straw, some kind of wild girls sash – my friends don’t play. 

All dressed up and stuff

Our plan was to go to dinner and head to Club La Vela, the hottest nightclub in the world (um, no).  It’s trashy and the weirdest mix of people you will ever see, but we had fun.  It was Ladies’ Night from 9-12, so we headed in around 10 for free drinks and craziness.  Lets just say that everyone was feeling no pain by the time we left.

The girls made a mini list of things for me to do/collect, so I went around acting like an ass to get it done.  I got a piggyback ride from a stranger, a condom from a girl (no guys in PCB carry them – eww), some guy’s boxes (yeah, I rule), danced with a stranger, random guys to buy us shots, random guys to get me a drink, a bouncer to propose…and then I lost my list.  Not too shabby if I say so myself.

We hit up a bunch of the many rooms the club had, and ended up in VIP.  It was lame.  They had couches roped off for celebrities (not sure what famous person was going to hang out there) and wouldn’t let us sit.  The bartender in there was a total bitch, and at one point CMc looks at me and said she wasn’t going to tip her because she kept giving her attitude.  Well The Bitch heard her, and was trying to throw her out because she thought CMc called her a bitch.  She never did but The Bitch didn’t care.  She ran out to get a bouncer, and I told CMcto hit the road.  The bitch finally came back with the bouncer who had proposed to me (score) and they couldn’t find CMc.  I pretended I didn’t know where she was and everything fizzled out.  The funny thing was, CMc had gone out a side door and was sitting by and chatting with the same bouncer who had been asked to throw her out.  He never knew that she was the person he was supposed to be looking for.

The next few hours were spent being silly and hanging out by the pool deck.  Eventually we realized that CMc and Jax had hopped the fence and were hanging with some guys on the beach.  JD found a cute boy and they were hanging out/making out.  Eventually Jules also had herself a little hook up, leaving me, ASP and Little S to hang out and be random.  Finally we got everyone back together again, and CMc and Jax almost got booted again for jumping over the fence to get back in.  We all played dumb, and it was ok.  Since it was getting late, we sat around talking beside the pool for a bit.  CMc and Jax decided they wanted to go swimming so they jumped in the pool.  All was cool until some bouncers noticed them.  They made them get out and threw them out, which was fine with us since we were all tanked and tired. 

We were all hurting Saturday and pretty much spent the entire day hanging around the condo.  Jax and Jules made it to the beach really early, the rest of us didn’t venture down until 4.  We hung out for a bit, then got ready for dinner.  We went to a shitty pirate-themed restaurant where the food was meh and overpriced, but we got cool hats.  Then we wanted to play putt-putt (mini-golf for you Northerners) but it was rainy.  So we settled for getting amazing air-brushed T-shirts and karaoke at some dive bar across the street. 

The Shitty Ship

All in all, it was a great weekend.  We all had fun and got along.  What more can you want?  We are planning to do a little girl’s night out in a few weeks for all of the people who wanted to come to PCB but didn’t make it.  The boys are going to Vegas, so it’s only fair that we blow it out too! 🙂  

My bachelorette party is finally here.  We leave tomorrow in the early afternoon.  I am so excited to have 2 days off of work and some days at the beach.  Squee.  Needless to say, I’ve been very unproductive today due to the excitement and last minute planning that is going on.

At least the day has been going by semi-fast.  I ran some errands before lunch (aka went to the mall) and bought a couple of dresses to wear over the weekend.  I am slightly annoyed with my NY & Company experience though.  They are having a super great sale on summer dresses (plus I had a $30 off coupon), and I was super excited.  I picked out all of these awesome dresses that I have been eying during the past month and wanted to finally buy because they were on sale.  And you know what?  Out of the 5 I tried on, only one really fit.  The rest made me look so slutty because they are the types of dresses that you can’t wear a bra with because they are super low cut.  Um hello, not everyone in America is flat-chested.  Would it kill you to put a little extra fabric on the top of the dress so it actually covers my boobs and not just my nipples.  Grr….I really liked those dresses.  And I love my boobs.  People pay good money to get what I am lucky to have naturally.  But just because I have a chest doesn’t mean I want it to hang out all of the time.  Sometimes I don’t want the girls on display for everyone to ogle.

Anyway, sorry for the rant.  Back to work for me since I really haven’t done much today.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I’ll be back Monday, hopefully with a great tan and some awesome stories!

Yeah, with the wedding only 32 days away, be prepared for wedding blabber 2008.  It’s all I’m thinking about because I’m trying to get everything finalized so I’m not too stressed at the end. 

First of all, I ordered Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred DVD and oh. my God.  It kicked my ass.  That woman is crazy.  I’ve only done the first level, which is about 20 minutes long.  And you know what?  I have never sweat that much for 20 minutes of work.  When I’m at the gym, I don’t sweat nearly as much and I work out twice as long.  I felt pretty good afterwards, but my legs hurt like hell.  Ow.  I’m gonna try to do it again in the morning.  As long as I can move my legs again.  🙂

This weekend was wedding-tastic.  Saturday morning I had a marathon hair appointment.  First, I had my regular hair cut and color.  That lasted about 1.5 hours.  After that I went through my trial wedding hair and make up for another 2 hours.  My head was loaded with rollers while my face got beautified, then we played around with my hair.  I decided to go with an updo just because it’s super hot in Georgia in August, and it looks really cool with my color.  Plus it’s glamorous.  What, you want to see it?  Ok.


Yeah, I like it a lot.  And so does T.  He kept telling me how hot I looked all night.  Aww.

Sunday we went to my parents’ house to celebrate my dad’s birthday a few days early.  It was a lot of fun.  We ate, drank and laughed like crazy people.  We also played around with wedding songs.  My dad and I were testing out different songs for our father-daughter dance.  This resulted in some impromptu dance lessons from my mom and dad in our foyer.  I’m sure if people saw us, they would have thought we were crazy!  But I think we have a song picked out!

We also finally decided on wedding favors.  We’ve decided on personalized shot glasses that we’ll fill with candy.  Everyone loves shot glasses, and they’re fun keepsakes.  Plus being filled with candy makes them even cooler.  Now I just need to know how many people are coming so I can order them…

Today I went to look at some programs after work.  Who knew there would be so many that I just didn’t like?  I finally found one that I think is classy and modern, exactly what I’m looking for.  It comes with a pocket (that will either be red or black shimmery paper) to hold the program.  The actual program will be on tri-folded white paper.  I think it’ll look pretty nice afterwards.  No we need to finalize the ceremony so we can order them…

I can’t wait till Thursday because that’s the day we are leaving for my bachelorette party at the beach.  I’m so excited!  We’ve got a good group of girls going, even though not everyone invited can come.  I know there will be many crazy shenanigans and tons of fun!  For the weekend, I ordered some cute dresses and a bathing suit from Victoria’s Secret.  Too bad 2 out of the 3 dresses don’t fit.  This is what baffles me.  Victoria’s Secret = bras and boobs.  So shouldn’t the dresses be cut to fit boobs?  Yeah, guess they didn’t think of that.  I look semi-scandalous in them, so I’m sending them back.  But the bathing suit fits and is super cute.  It’s the light brown and white polka dotted one that’s all over the catalogues.  I love it.  And it’s bandeau so no funky tan lines for the wedding!

Unlike T and his boys, my girls and I had a very hard time deciding where to go for my bachelorette party.  The boys decided from the second we got engaged that they were going to Vegas for a weekend.  At first I thought I wanted to do that too, but after some consideration I realized that it would cost a fortune.  Unfortunately most of my girl friends (me included) don’t have a lot of extra cash to blow on a weekend in Vegas.   I’m sure you can go out there without spending a ton of money, but with us having to go in July and with the constantly rising gas prices, I’m sure tickets would be close to $500.  Which is a ton of money, and we haven’t even thought about the hotel and the expenses of actually going out and doing stuff.  In the end, none of us wanted to spend a grand for a 4-day weekend.  Plus, Vegas in July = scorching!

A few weeks ago, my sister’s best friend let us know that her parents have a condo on the beach in Panama City Beach that we can stay at for free.  This is right up our alley!  It’s right on the beach and has a pool, and we won’t have to spend a dime to stay there!  This means we have a lot more freedom on what types of activities we can do since we are saving some cash.   I’m super excited about hanging out with my girls and lounging on the beach for a few days!  It’ll be so much fun!

Plus we are all excited to get tacky airbrushed t-shirts made (you know you’re jealous!) that say something classy about my bachelorette weekend.  CMc said she went there in college, and they ended up at a pirate-themed restaurant.  So we will totally be going there too!  And don’t forget about Club La Vela, PCB’s most famous club.  I will definitely be sporting my penis veil there while I spastically shake my groove thang through the throng of partyers.

As I plan more and more of my wedding, I’m starting to realize that I am a pretty laid back bride.  I don’t need everything to be perfect or super expensive to be happy.  I want all of the people close to me to have an amazing time that they will never forget, and that will make me happy.

If anyone’s got any fun suggestions on cool PCB places to check out, throw them my way.  I haven’t been there since I was a freshman in college, and we couldn’t get into anything.

I’ve been a little busy with work so I haven’t been blogging as much as usual, plus I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a writing slump (at work and on here).  First of all, I am super jealous of all the lucky people who have today off (I am so not one of them…boo).

Anyway…This weekend I had 3 of my BMs together, so the topic of the bachelorette party came up.  Where to go and what to do?  And seriously, I don’t know.  And it’s driving me insane!!  T and his buddies have all been discussing Vegas since the day after we got engaged.  And I feel like us chicas are a bit clueless.  There are about 13 people that I want to invite (including my BMs) but I’m not sure how much they can afford.  I’d love to do Vegas too, but I feel like $800-S1,000 is a bit ridiculous for everyone to have to pay.  Granted we’d probably have two rooms that we’d split between everyone, but I don’t want to put anyone out or have them be left out.  I am also confused about the whole paying issue.  I would definitely buy my own plane ticket, but do I let the other people pay for the hotel room?  That’s how it’s worked at the other bachelorette parties I’ve been to (but they’ve also been in Atlanta and just for the night).  We also discussed going to Atlantic City so we could hit the beach and have a mini-Vegas atmosphere.  Plus I’d love to see all the Guidos with their blowout hairstyles on the shore…haha.  

Then my other option would be to have a laid back beach weekend somewhere nearby.  Maybe we could rent a beach house or condo and hang out by the ocean all day.  If it was in Florida or South Carolina or even on the Georgia coast, then we could drive and save some money.   

What is a reasonable amount to spend on a weekend bachelorette party trip (leaving Thursday and coming back on a Sunday)? 

If anyone’s been to Vegas, how much did you end up spending while you were there (I’ve heard things aren’t too expensive there because they want you to spend your money on gambling)?            

Anyone got any cool trip suggestions?  I’ve heard Miami is fun, but I’m not sure I want to do that (I know how expensive everything down there is). 

Blah, I hate Mondays….

With my wedding around the corner (I swear I won’t talk about this all the time, it’s just new and a GIGANTIC part of my life right now) and planning getting heavily underway, I am faced with the decision of what to do for my bachelorette party.  This is supposed to be my last wild and crazy night with my girls as an unmarried chica, and I have no clue what I want to do.  Do I just stay in Atlanta and hit up a lot of cool/fun places?  Do I go out of town for a crazy adventure?  Or do I do something more low-key, either in town or out.

T and his boys are going to Las Vegas for his bachelor party, which sort of freaks me out a little.  It’s not that I don’t trust him, but most of his boys are single.  So that means (to me at least) lots of partying, probably at a strip club, and lap dances from skanky girls (eww).   I know I should trust the boys because they are my friends too, but I’m still worried that they will get drunk and egg T on to do stupid stuff (which might make me mad).  It’s not even that I have anything against strip clubs.  I’ve gone before with T and our friends, and it’s always been funny and we all had a great time.  But still, I won’t be there so I worry.

His trip to Vegas also makes me think that maybe I should do something crazy like that.  The day we got engaged, my study abroad girls were talking about all of us going to Vegas for a girls’ trip.  So maybe I’ll have my bachelorette party there.  The only reason I’m hesitant about going is because I want all of my close friends there, and I know some of them don’t have a ton of extra cash – hell by that time I might not either.  😦    

What I do know is that I want it to be a memorable night or weekend, where everyone has an amazing time they will never forget.  Stupid games, penis cakes, goofy hats and tons of hilarious pictures are totally must haves!  Guess I better tell my friends to start saving up!  😉

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