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Day 6 – A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.

I am the biggest animal lover out there.  I know I’ve said this before, but I would have a zoo if I could.

It’s so hard to just pick one animal, so I will have to post a few of my favorite non-pet animals that I’d like to have as a pet.

A tiger - so cute and so ferocious


I love penguins - they are so smart and just adorable


The red panda, aka the Firefox mascot, is my new obsession

If you want to see the cutest live feed of these guys, check out


Shamu! I used to be obsessed with orcas when I was little

As a child, my dream job was to work at Sea World with these guys.  As I got older, I wanted to be a marine biologist and study them.  Unfortunately, science was not my strongest subject.  Sigh…


Today on my way home I was chatting with my friend Jewels when all of a sudden I came across horrible traffic.  I was slightly confused because traffic only gets that backed up when there is bad weather or there’s a Braves game.  Since I was catching up with Jewels, I wasn’t too horribly irritated by rolling along at a speedy 5 miles an hour.

When I hung up the phone, I got a text from JD saying that a zebra had escaped from the circus that’s set up in Atlanta and had run through downtown and was on the highway.  In order to keep the little guy from getting injured, police closed down the highway until its trainer could catch it and move it to safety.  Eventually it was carefully surrounded by motorcycles and the trainer caught him and loaded him onto the truck to take him back to the circus compound.

Can you imagine sitting at a traffic light and seeing a zebra galloping down the sidewalk?  So bizarre.  I’m just glad he wasn’t injured and made it safely “home” – not that a circus compound in the city is a good home for any animal…

The funny thing is, this isn’t the first zebra hanging out on the highway incident in Atlanta.  What?!?, you say.  Well, in 2008, about 20 miles south of Atlanta, a baby zebra apparently fell out of a truck and was hit by another car (so sad).  He eventually made it to the shoulder of the road, where he was spotted by commuters, munching on grass.  He was taken to a recovery center and went through surgery and now lives there happily ever after.

Somebody needs to take these poor guys back to Africa and keep them off the Atlanta highways.

So, anything crazy going on in your neck of the woods today? 🙂

Here is the link to the video if you want to check it out.

The other week, I was reading something on People Pets, when I came across an article about super cute and eco-friendly cat toys from Casbah Kitten (fret not dog owners, they also make dog toys).  Since Valentine’s Day was quickly approaching (and Zoey kept eating her other toys) I thought I’d buy a couple of the cute little guys for the fur butts.  I do have to admit that it took me forever to decide on a few because they were so adorable.  I ended up choosing the Supa Kitteh, the Chickadee Fatberd, and some colorful Jeally Beans.

Supa Kitteh

Chickadee Fatberd

Colorful Jelly Beans

The second I took these guys out of the box, the cats went crazy.  They LOVED their new toys – which made me very happy because you never know how your pets will react to new toys.  Both Fado and Zoey played with them for a decent amount of time, even though Zoey’s been playing with them more.

I just hope they don’t destroy them too fast because they are fun to look at.  And I will definitely be ordering more for them in the future!

*Images courtesy of Casbah Kitten

A few weekends ago, I had a pretty fun-filled weekend.  It consisted of cookie making, movie watching, tacky Christmas sweaters, and Cavalia.  As the weeks have passed, I just realized I never updated you guys on all that fun that was had.

Let’s just say, our Christmas cookie baking and movie extravaganza turned out to be a little more like get hammered and have the worst hangover of your life on Saturday.  We did bake cookies, and some of us tried to watch movies, while the rest of us sat on the patio in 30 degree weather drinking and smoking like champs until 2 a.m.  We were frozen.

I’m sure the hangover wouldn’t have been so bad if I had not decided to try a new festive holiday cocktail – the poinsettia.  This lovely beverage is a mixture of equal parts cranberry juice, champagne, and vodka.  Let me tell you, adding vodka to champagne is a bad choice.  It seriously intensifies the normal champagne headache by about 10,000.  Don’t get me wrong, it was good…damn good.  But I was hurting the next day.

I finally did recover from the living hell I was in.  This was aided by copious amounts of Gatorade (red, the flavor of champs) and a KFC extravaganza that included the grilled and original recipe bucket (the grilled is super tasty), mac-n-cheese, coleslaw, green beans and biscuits.

After JD and I bounced back, we got to work on updating covering up the stains on our Christmas sweaters.  Since they are handmade and include an assortment of non-washable items – ornaments, gift bows, foam gingerbread people – they can’t be washed.  And they are white.  This means that stains are very visible.  And what do you do when you can’t remove a stain?  You cover it with more festive decorations.  After we updated them and covered ourselves in gold glitter hairspray, we were definitely the tackiest people at the party.  Gotta love it!

JD and me in all of our tacky glory.  I even went extra festive with red and green coordinating pieces.

That’s one thing about JD and me, we don’t do anything theme related half-assed.  Along with our sweatshirts, we also made shoes, bought socks with Santa faces on the back, yard candy canes as accessories, and holiday gift bags as purses.  Our earrings are also homemade – candy cane ornaments attached to earring backs!

Would it be weird to take my sweater to get dry cleaned?  I’m just saying….

That Sunday we went to Cavalia, which was really amazing.  Some of the acts included a woman commanding 10 white horses to move in a variety of synchronized moves.  They would all run around the stage, horse hug each other (one horse put his muzzle on the next horse’s back), they would run in concentric circles in opposite directions (I always worried they’d crash), and they’d all stand in a straight line and bow.  It was cool.  Other tricks included guys standing on 2 horses at a time as they ran full speed around the ring – one even jumped off the horses’ backs, over a pole and landed again.  One act featured 2 girls on white horses mirroring each other’s movements.  It was so in-sync, that in the beginning I didn’t realize that they weren’t performing in front of a mirror.  The show also included a lot of cool Cirque-esque acrobatics.  Trapeze work and ribbon and rope work.  If the show comes to you, I recommend that you go see it.  It was one of the coolest things I have witnessed performance wise between humans and animals.

I’m wishing all of you a wonderful weekend!  Got anything exciting planned?

Sidenote:  Did any of you watch the Pound Puppies cartoons when you were little?  If you did, do you remember how they would always yell “puppy power” before they did something crazy?  That was such a cute show!

Anyway, yesterday T forwarded me this e-mail about a guy in Birmingham who has a bunch on lab-retriever puppies he can’t find a home for.  They are so stinking cute!  T and I have been talking about getting a dog once we move into a house, but when we saw the e-mail we debated whether or not we should try to adopt one of these little puppies now.

The thing is, I’m torn.  I really want to go ahead and get a dog.  But in 6 weeks we are going to Germany for 2 weeks, and I’m worried about leaving a new puppy behind.  We’d either have to board it or have a friend puppy sit for us.  Is it bad to be gone so long from a new dog?

My other concern is that we still live in the condo.  I know it’s big enough to fit us, the cats and a puppy, but I worry that it’ll get tight once the little one grows up.  I’m also hoping we’ll be moved into a house by that time.  The good thing about our neighborhood now is that it’s very dog-friendly.  We have a huge grassy quad behind us that we could go play in.  We also have a little fenced in patio where we could let the puppy hang out while we keep an eye on it.  There are also a lot of places you can walk a dog around the neighborhood.

The thing is, I’ve never had a dog.  T had one when he was really young, but I’m sure he doesn’t remember all of the responsibility that went into taking care of a dog.  My family has always had cats, who are very self-sufficient animals.  All they need is some food, water and a liter box and they are set.  I know having a dog takes a lot more effort and impacts your life in a huge way.  There are scheduled times for walks and feedings.  There needs to be training so the dog doesn’t run-a-muck in the house.  It would need to be crate trained because I wouldn’t want it to chew up the house when we are gone.  You can’t just come and go as you please when you own a dog like you can with a cat, but I am ok with that.   I would be down for us being a little more settled down and not always the life of the party.

So, all of you dog owners out there, what are your thoughts?  Do you have any advice for someone interested in getting their first-ever dog?  What would you do if you were in our situation?  🙂

As you all may know, I have 2 crazy cats, Fado and Zoey.  I love them dearly.  My favorite thing about both of them is that they have such distinctive personalities.  They will totally let you know when they want you do something for them.

Total tangent – On Saturday, T and I spent the whole day cleaning out our scary guest room.  For the last 2.5 years, it has been a catch all for everything in the house we don’t have a place for.  It seriously had gotten to the point of being so ridiculous, I was sort of embarrassed to go in there.   About 5 hours and 5 boxes of Goodwill donations later, it looked like a real room!  Just to give you an idea of how crazy it was – you could barely walk into the closet because there were so many boxes of T’s old clothes and my clothes that we never wore in there, as well as a ton of random crap just blocking up the small space.  We seriously donated 48 old T-shirts from T and like 8 pairs of jeans.  It was intense!  I do want to brag about how lovely the room looks now, so here are some photos.


Our desks that were covered with so much junk they were unusable.


Our neatly organized closet – with space that can actually be used!

Anyway, while we were cleaning we came across some old shoe strings.  For most people, shoe strings are not exciting, but for us they are.  Why, you ask?  Well, string is Fado’s absolute favorite thing to play with in the whole wide world.  You should see how excited this little guy gets when he finds some string.  It’s so cute!  We’ve spent tons of money on little crinkle tunnels, feathers on a stick, and fuzzy toy mice, but nothing provides hours of entertainment for Fado like a plain old string.  To keep them from ending up in the garbage, I tossed the stings into the hallway.  Shortly after, we found Fado chewing on and playing with them.  And so it started.

Fado’s favorite way to play with string is to have you sit in the middle of the room and drag it in circles around you.  He will run after it and pounce on it relentlessly, for hours on end if you would keep dragging it around.   It is a lot of fun, especially because you can see how much he enjoys his string time, but you do get tired.  Occasionally he will get over zealous with his pouncing and claw you, and eventually you need to stop.  Even though he doesn’t want you to.

Since we found 2 stings, one of them is in the spotless guestroom and the other is in the living room.  When Fado wants to play, he will let you know.  All day yesterday he would run up the stairs and sit in the guestroom by his string.  If you walked anywhere near him, he would start to get up and make this funny chirping meow sound as if to say – “Yay, you’re coming to play with me.”  It breaks my heart when he gets like this and I don’t have time to play with him since he is so eager to chase his toy.

Last night we played for about 10 minutes in the living room, then I went to sit on the couch with T to watch a movie.  The entire time we watched, Fado would roll around on the ground next to the string and chirp, begging us to play with him.  It’s really pretty funny to watch.  Eventually he gave up and came and laid on the couch with us.

But his quest for the string never ends.  This morning on my way out the door, I was greeted with a chirpy meow and this:


Fado eagerly waiting for someone to come and play with him.

I guess I owe someone some play time tonight.  I bet he’s sat there most of the day, just waiting for someone to make the string move! 🙂

Fado is our cute, slinky little black kitty.  He recently turned 3 years old, but still looks like a kitten.  He barely pushes 10 pounds, and I often wonder if he will ever get bigger.  He is pretty long (and tall when he stands on his back paws) but he’s so slim for a male cat.  I wonder if he’ll ever get a jiggly belly.  Probably not (why can’t I be that lucky?).

Even though he is small, he can be quite the terror.  Some of our friends have nicknamed him Destructor because he is like a small black tornado tearing through the house, destroying everything in his path.

And now I give you an extra special glimpse into his awesome, fun-filled life from his perspective, since he can’t type this on his own.

7:30 a.m.Beep, beep, beepI slowly stretch my cramped legs from sleep in between T and Bing all night. What is that sound?  Shake, shift, roll. Damn it guys, stop moving.  Can’t a cat get some sleep around here?  Pet, scratch. Oh, I like when Bing scratches me under my chin.  Purr, purr, drool.  I’m gonna crawl into her lap and go back to sleep.  Floating through the air. How did I up get here?  Flop onto the bed. Where is she going?

7:45 a.m. – Why is the bathroom door closed?  I want in.  Scratch, scratch, meow. What are you doing in there?  Let me in!  Door opens. I’m in.  Hmm, I’m thirsty.  Jump onto the counter.  Turn on the water.  Water on.  Yes.  Drink, drink, drink.

7:50 a.m.Where’s Bing?  Wait, I hear more water running.  She must be behind that curtain.  Maybe I can get some more water.  Spastically shove shower curtain out of the way.  Oh, I found her.  Hi mom!  I’m going to hang over the edge of the bathtub until she gets out.  Wet hand pushing my face away. What the hell?!?  Fine, I’ll lay on the floor next to the shower.

8:00 a.m. – I’m over the bathroom.  Meow, meow. Let me out of here.  Door opens. Freedom.  Oh, T is still sleeping, I’m going to lay back down.  Sleep…

8:30 a.m. – Why’s it so dark in here all of a sudden?  Eyes open. Oh, Bing’s going downstairs.  Pounce off the bed. Yes, outside time.  Outside, outside, outside!  Hauling tail into the kitchen, meow. Please let me outside mom!  Mom, I want to go out.  Now!!!  Meow, howl, banging on the blinds. I’ll keep doing this until you let me out woman.  Come on.  I want to go out now!!!  Hey, where is she going?  Front door closes.

8:30 a.m.-6:15 p.m. – Eat, sleep, play, eat, sleep, play…

6:20 p.m. Car pulling up in front of the house.  Is that mom?  Let me climb in the window.  Climbing, meowing. Hi mom!  Hi!  Look at me.  I want to go outside.  Keys in the door, unlocking it.  Meow, meow…running to the front door. Welcome home!  Let’s eat dinner!  Time to go outside!

6:20-6:30 p.m.Meow, meow, meow. Stop sitting down.  We need dinner.  Hey, I’m thirsty.  Turn on the faucet.  Can I play outside now?  You have to go to the bathroom?  Me too!  Wait for me.  Meow, meow, meow. Let’s go upstairs.  Running up the stairs. You’re so slow, come on!

6:35 p.m. Food bowl is on the floor.  Scarf, scarf, scarf. Now I can go play outside.  Mooom!  Meow, howl, banging on the blinds.  Door opens. Yes!  I’m outside, suckers.

*During the evening hours, Fado comes in and out about 5 times.  He can never make up his mind about whether he wants to be in or out.*

11:15 p.m.T and Bing are heading upstairs to go to bed. Bed time!  Here I come.  Wait for me!

11:20 p.m.T and Bing are getting ready for bed in the bathroom. What are they doing in there?  Oh, I want to lay in the sink so I can hang out.  Jump into the sink. Wait, I need some water first.  Meow, meow. Turn it on since I have no hands!  Slurp, slurp, slurp. Done!  Now I can lay in the sink.  Wait, how did I get on the floor?

11:25 p.m. – I’ll go lay in the bed.  Yeah, sprawl out.  I’m too big to curl into a tiny spot.  I need to spread out.  Laying down to go to sleep.

11:45 p.m. –  Oh, mom’s in bed under the blankets.  I know!  I climb up and sleep on her.  I love to snuggle.  Climbs onto Bing and settles in. I’m so happy.  Purr, purr, droolsleep.

*And that is what life with Fado is like.  Sometimes he even decides that it’s time to go outside in the middle of the night, so he starts banging on the bedroom blinds.  This results in banishment to the hallway.*


This is what I do when you guys are at work!  Suckers! – Fado

For the last few days, Georgia has been cool.  And it is glorious.  Gone are the days of 90 degree heat, high humidity and basic sweaty hell (for now anyway).  It’s only been in the 70s and overcast, so it has been remarkably pleasant out.  I am even able to turn off the air conditioner and leave the windows open instead.

I always love being able to sleep with the windows open or leave them open during the day because it helps eliminate the stuffiness that develops from always having the house closed up.  Well, my cats Fado and Zoey love this time of year too.  Why, you ask?  Open windows = breezy lounging spots for kitties to enjoy during the day or at night when they are stuck inside.  I opened the windows up on Sunday night, and they have been enjoying themselves there ever since.

The first night I had the windows open, the cats each started off in separate windows.  At one point I awoke to a noise and noticed that both of them were sharing one window space.  I thought it was funny, then went back to sleep.  A little while later I woke up to Fado climbing on top of me to settle in for bed.  I didn’t mind this because T is out of town and it’s nice to snuggle with a cat when he’s not there.  He plopped himself on my side, purring, then went to sleep.  He finally migrated off of me but stayed in the bed, glued to my side.

Monday night went the same way.  I went upstairs to go to bed, the cats followed, and jumped into the window.  They slept there for a while or switched windows, then Fado jumped onto the bed and settled in on or next to me.  It’s cute and all, as long as he lays fairly still.  Which he does for the most part.  But sometimes he gets a little spastic, like last night.

Our same nightly routine began and ended, and I drifted off to sleep.  At some point in the evening I felt a “plop” onto the bed.  I looked over to see Fado coming towards.  I’m used to what he’s going to do by now.  But last night it was different.  Instead of climbing onto my side, he climbed right up to my shoulder / side of my face.  He squished himself into me, then started bathing.  I tried covering up the spot on his side that he was licking.  That didn’t stop him.  I finally shifted and that seemed to stop him.  But then he unfolded himself onto my face.  He was like a little fury pillow and I tried to curl up with him.  But he kept scooting up.  So all of a sudden I was hugging him like a kid hugs a teddy bear, with my face buried into the top of his head.  That was all well and good for about 2 minutes, but then he started scratching and his fur covered my face, making me itchy and it hard to breathe without getting a hairball.  That wasn’t cool.  I finally pried him off of my face and sat him down next to me.  And rolled over only to have my feet hit Zoey on the bottom of the bed.  So there I was, trying to make room for myself between my sprawled out kitties.  Finally we all fell back asleep.

I know they are excited about having the windows open and being able to enjoy the breeze from the sill or from the comforts of my bed (or face), but damn guys.  Can you give me a little breathing room (literally)?  If not, you guys might get the boot to the hallway.

I can only imagine what waits for me tonight…

I had a super fun weekend, except for Sunday afternoon.  Friday night we hoped in the car to celebrate our friend Z’s birthday in Athens.  Drinks were consumed, dance moves were busted, and everyone had an all around great time.  Saturday we enjoyed a BBQ at another friend’s house and spent some time lazing around in the pool.  Saturday night we went out to dinner for CMc’s birthday, which was followed by a crazy scaveneger hunt and dancing. The scavenger hunt was so much fun. We broke up into 4 different teams and spent about 2 hours running all over downtown Athens trying to check off as many activities as possible. In the end, I think our team won.  But by the time we all reconvened at midnight, CMc didn’t feel like reviewing all the teams’ lists.   Oh well.  Even if we didn’t win, we had a ton of fun and managed to check out some new places.

Sunday around noon, we went out for a birthday brunch for CMc.  Afterwards, I promised my sister (Little S) that I’d help her clean up her room since she was moving out of the Athens condo (tear).  We dusted, vacuumed and scrubbed some floorboards.  Around 4, we called the U-Haul place to go and pick up the truck.  Originally they had told her she could pick it up at 1.  But earlier that morning they had called and said it wouldn’t be ready until 4.  Of course, when she called at 4, it still wasn’t quite ready.  We were finally able to get it a little before 5.  We got there and the truck was tiny! And upon our inspection, we realized that it didn’t have a ramp.  Um, not having a ramp to move furniture = seriously f*cking annoying.  When she asked the guy about the ramp, he told her that the small trucks don’t come with one.  If she had realized that when she was reserving it, she would have ordered the next larger size.  The place we got the truck from also didn’t have and dollies for us to rent, which meant we had to go buy one.   On top of the lack of size and ramp, she ended up paying almost $300 for the stupid thing.  Apparently this weekend was the big moving time for Athens, so the company doubled their prices.  Not cool.

Luckily, she didn’t have a lot of stuff left to pack.  Only her bed, TV stand, desk chair, some boxes and old clothes.  Her friend who she was sharing the U-Haul with, on the other hand, had an apartment full of crap.  Being the nice sister and brother in law, T and I volunteered to help Little S and her friend out.  Well, it sucked.  A lot.  We were loading things till about 8, when it started to torrential down pour and lightening.  Of course we had to haul the remaining stuff that wasn’t in the truck yet back inside and wait out the rain.  Around 9 we finally hit the road.

T and I were planning on just going home, but we knew my dad, my mom, Little S and friend would never be able to get all of the heavy stuff out of the truck, so we went to my parents’ house to help.  We didn’t get there till 11 and didn’t leave until 12:15, meaning that we didn’t get home until 1.

When we got home, we were greeted by our kitties.  And one of them wasn’t looking so hot.  Pour little Zoey’s meow was super croaky, she was sneezing and coughing, and her poor eyes were watering like faucets.  Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep between the late arrival, Fado’s noisiness in our room once we went to bed, and Zoey’s constant sneezing.

I took her to the vet this morning and she has a respiratory infection and/or allergies.  She had a slight temperature, but everything else was fine.  I was given some antibiotics and allergy meds for her sneezing.  Does anyone else find it funny that cats can have allergies?  T is back at home this week and is studying, and he says she’s doing fine.  She’s spent the afternoon sunning herself on our porch.  But I am not looking forward to having to force feed her the meds the rest of this week.  Poor kitty!

In other random news, my college’s mascot passed away over the weekend.  He was a month shy of his 10th birthday when he died of heart failure.  His funeral was today at 3p.m.  He was buried inside our football stadium along with the other bulldog mascots who have died.   It was weird, but it hit me really hard.  He’s been the mascot the entire time that I was in college.  He was our most winningest mascot ever, and I (along with the rest of the Bulldawg Nation) was hoping he could be around to see us win a national championship.

Here’s to you Uga VI…You were one damn good Dawg!  RIP little buddy.

As you may know, I have 2 cats.  A boy (Fado) and a girl (Zoey).  Fado is this tiny, 10-pound black cat.  He is long and slinky and likes to get into trouble.  Sometimes I think he acts more like a dog than a cat.   He is not afraid of water and will play outside in the rain.  When I let him in and dry him off, he wants to go right back out into the rain.  When I’m in the shower, he pries the shower curtain open to check out what’s going on.  Sometimes he climbs in and just sits at the end of the tub watching the water.  It’s strange, I know.  He also will only drink water out of the faucet, but sometimes I catch him trying to drink out of a cup.  The faucet thing is pretty bizarre.  When he hears the water running, he comes flying into the room and jumps on the counter to get a drink.  He does this in the bathroom or the kitchen (kind of gross, I know); he doesn’t care where it comes from.  Sometimes it’s cute, but other times it’s really annoying.  Like when I try to brush my teeth or wash my face and have to fight him for the water.

He also loves being outside.  Sometimes I can throw pine cones or rocks around the grassy area behind our house, and he will chase them and act so excited.  I see all of the neighbors playing fetch with their dogs and feel a little weird to be playing in the yard with a cat.

Little S is staying with me since she just started her new full time job and is still adjusting to her new 40-hour week.  Last night after dinner we were sitting around, and she was bored.  So around 9 p.m. we decided to go for a walk.  We headed out the back porch gate and walked around to the street when we saw Fado slinking through the bushes.  Since he acts like a dog, when we called his name he came running over to us.  Meowing the whole way.  We petted him a little, told him bye, and headed on our way.  Once we reached the street, I turned over my shoulder to see him meowing and trotting after us.  I told Little S, and we stopped and watched him for a few seconds.  He was acting like he wasn’t following us when he really was.  He’d stop and look around, then dash past us and stop again.  We told him to go home and kept walking.

Well, the crazy little guy ended up following us the entire time.  He’d get really far behind, and I’d start to worry because he’s black and parts of the neighborhood aren’t lit that well at night.  So we’d whistle and call his name, and he’d come running at full speed.  The poor little guy tuckered himself out, because at one point he was sitting by a bush panting, like a dog!  We kept walking and gave him a chance to rest.  We decided we needed to head back towards the house since it was getting late, and Fado was trailing us.  On the way back he wasn’t being as cooperative as he was on the way down.  He kept stopping in the grass and meowing, which was making me nervous because there were a lot of cars driving by, and I was afraid he’d get spooked and run into the road.

So, what did I do?  I scooped his little furry ass up like he was a baby and carried him home.  Yeah, pretty much the whole way.  I put him down a few times, but he was taking forever to catch up with us.  This led to me picking him up again and continuing the hike up the monster hill to my house.  If you could have seen me, you probably would have cracked up.  How often do you see 2 girls exercise walking, while one of them carries a little black furball in her arms like a baby?  Probably not too often!  I seriously felt like a crazy cat lady.

Once we got home, I thought that we were lucky that Fado was the one to follow us and not Zoey.  She hates being carried and does this flailing arm/leg thing that makes her look like she’s swimming when you pick her up.  Fado will just lay in your arms or hang over your shoulder like a kid.  I guess this is what being a parent feels like!  🙂

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