Thanks to T, I had an extremely short week last week.  We were off Thursday, Friday, and Monday of Memorial Day weekend because of our trip to New York.  It was a whirlwind few days, but it was a lot of fun.  Then I had this past Friday off because T was getting Lasik.

Let me tell you, that was an interesting experience.  Friday morning, JD and I (she was nice enough to come to keep me company) dropped T off at the eye center and decided to grab some lunch while he was prepped for the surgery.  Of course we had impeccable timing and made it back right as he was headed into the operating room.  My poor baby looked a little nervous and twitchy as he was waiting for things to get started, but he kept his cool.

As JD and I were sitting there chatting, wondering if we were going to be able to actually see what was happening with his eyes, the doctor walked by and let us know that we could watch the whole thing on the TV that was situated in the operating room.  We were excited and a little skeeved out by the idea of seeing lasers shoot into T’s eyes, but of course we watched anyway (btw – you can’t actually see the lasers shooting into his eyes).

The whole experience was short, about 15 minutes long from start to finish, and slightly creepy.  He opted to go the completely machined route instead of having the doctor cut his cornea open because he thought there was less room for error this way.  After his corneal flap was detached, the doctor folded it down so the laser could be shot into his cornea to reshape it.  After the laser, the doctor flipped the flap back up there and smoothed it into place.  The whole cornea removal and replacing process was so bizarre.  In case you are curious, a cornea-less eyeball looks very melon-like in texture.

When the surgery was done, one of the nurses walked him across the room and had T read the clock and he was able to.  And it was literally only a few minutes after the surgery.  I was impressed at how quickly the whole process went down.  We had to sit around for about 30-45 minutes after the surgery before we could go home, just so the doctor could make sure everything was fine with his eyes.

The doctor told him it would be best to go home and nap for at least four hours to give his eyes a chance to rest and heal, but of course he wasn’t able to fall asleep.  Being the trooper he was, he just hung out with us with his eyes closed during that time.  This meant he needed some assistance to get around the house, but after a while he was able to do it alone.  Around 5:30 that night, he was finally able to open his eyes.  It was so cute because he was so happy and emotional about being able to see unassisted for the first time in 15 years.

So far, everything is good. During his follow up appointment, the doctor said everything was healing nicely and all looked well.

I’m so happy for my baby and his new special eyes.