I sort of hate to admit it, but new favorite TV show is Style Network’s Jerseylicious.  If you are not watching this amazing salute to Jersey’s “more is always better style”, you are missing out!  FYI – I know not all of you Jersey folks dress or act that way, and these shows are not a representation of how a majority of you act, but it doesn’t make shows about the “Jersey” way of life any less funnier or addicting!

In case you aren’t in the know…

Jerseylicious profiles the Gatsby Salon in central NJ and its quirky cast of stylists.  The salon has just undergone a multi-million dollar renovation to make it a chic and classy establishment.  This means the salon’s owners are bringing in an assortment of new talent to help bring in new clientele who want to spend some money.

My favorite character on the show is Olivia.  She is the slightly over-tanned and overly made up aspiring make up artist, but she really is a genuinely nice person who is trying to do the right thing and avoid the drama.

If she would lay off the bronzer and tanning some, I think she would be a really pretty girl.

Her arch-nemesis and co-worker Tracy is always starting drama and being a pain in the ass.  Her sole goal in life is to make Olivia’s life miserable.  She is one of those people you love to hate because she thinks she is gorgeous and amazing.  Not only is she not that attractive, her personality makes her look hideous to me.

Seriously, how big does your hair need to be?

Gigi is the sweet girl next door who has a big heart and loves her boyfriend, who treats her like a jerk from time to time.  She wants to be married and start her happily ever after as soon as possible.

She is glam without being completely overboard.

Alexa thinks she is God’s gift to Earth and make up.  She does a good job, but her “I’m the best at everything I do” attitude really gets under my skin.  It’s her way or the highway, and if she doesn’t agree with someone, she will sure as hell let them know.  She has seemed to mellow out a little as the show’s progressed, so maybe that’s a good sign.

She will beat your ass if you don’t think she is the make up goddess!

If you loved Jersey Shore, you will love this show.  It’s got a ton of drama and a cast with attitudes and styles that are larger than life.

This past Sunday’s episode was amazing!  Tracy and Olivia were taken to NYC to receive a make-under.  They were stripped of their big hair, bronzer, and crazy long fake nails, and I thought they looked really good.  Of course they didn’t quite feel the same way.  Their reactions to their new looks was to die for, totally making it a must-see!

What’s your current guilty pleasure TV show?

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