Yesterday I had my Dove Visibly Smooth VIP party at Urban Body Studios in Atlanta for an urban bar class.  Most of us met up at the studio, and we were all really curious because none of us had taken an urban bar class before.  We were greeted by a firecracker of a woman who quickly told us to take our shoes off – all of us were walking around the room with our sneaks on.  We all quickly obliged and headed back in to begin our session.

She informed us that urban bar is a mix of dance, pilates and aerobics.  She cranked up the tunes and we all began to get stretched out and warmed up.  It really was quite hilarious because only a couple of us had ever even taken dance classes (I am one of those dance-free chicks), and some of us looked a bit goofy and uncoordinated. You should have seen us all trying to grapevine…it got pretty ugly pretty fast – I wasn’t able to get my camera up fast enough to capture it on film!  At one point she  realized that we were all wearing the same shirts (thanks to Dove – woot), and she really got a kick out of it, especially as we were all trying to get our coordination in check.  Some of us may have 2 left feet, but at least we looked cute in our tanks!

Since Dove also sent me a Flip camera, I (and some of the other girls) took time out from the class to film everyone in all of their urban bar glory.  Check out below for a short compilation of our hour in the studio.  Don’t be too intimidated by our lack of grace…

If you’ve never taken an urban bar class, I totally recommend you check it out.  It was a lot of fun and different from any other class I’ve taken before.  Plus it works muscles you don’t normally work out,(well maybe you do…me, not so much) and  I think most of us are pretty sore today.

I’ve been a Degree deodorant girl for years, but I will definitely be using Dove from now on.  A) It smells so good – even at the end of the day or after a workout. B) It conditions your underarms.  C)And I’m really excited how it is supposed lessen underarm hair after time.  I don’t know about you, but I hate having to shave everyday to remain hair-free all summer long.  My poor little armpits get a little irritated by daily razoring, and I’m looking forward to not having to deal with that anymore!

Of course the party didn’t end once we finished our urban bar class.  When we were done, everyone came over to the house for a little cooking out and hanging out.  Of course we had a few beers, which totally negated our workouts.  But it was too nice of a day to not have a couple of beers on the patio!

Thanks again Dove!

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