The end of January was obviously a little on the busy side for me seeing as I had no time to write during the last 11 days.  I seriously wonder how the days can just fly by so fast sometimes, especially the weekends.

This is going to be short and sweet…

  • Having a kegerator is amazing.  We started off with Pilsner Urquell and Sweetwater 420 (a local Atlanta brew).  Well, the Pilsner only lasted us a week (stop giving me your judgy mcjudgerson eyes).  We had people over the first 2 weekends we had it, meaning that the beer went faster than we anticipated.  This weekend we picked up a Hoegarden.  After the 420 runs out, we will aim to have one regular and one light beer on tap.  Gotta watch those calories somehow!  My favorite thing about the kegerator is that it has drastically reduced our garbage flow.  Any time people came over in the past, there were tons of bottles and cans that had to be gotten rid of.  Now we only have to plop the dirty glasses in the dishwasher.  So quick, easy and environmentally friendly!
  • We took our condo off the market this weekend.  We decided that it would be better to just wait to see if the seller’s market picked up at all instead of losing a ton of money by trying to sell it right this instant.  Plus we haven’t really found any houses in our price range that we really love – they are either really old and still expensive or new and in up and coming (read – higher crime) areas.  With robberies on the up and up, I just want to try to avoid these higher crime places for a few more years until they stabilize more.  So the new plan is to maybe fix some things up around the place and give it another year before we put it back on the market.  We also talked about putting one of my paychecks into savings each month to help us grow our future down payment amount.
  • Since we are staying in the condo a little while longer, we decided to get some new bedroom furniture.  Yesterday we went to Ikea and ended up with a new bed frame and 2 dressers that match the night tables we already have.  Everything we bought is brown/black, so it looks great with our bedspread and all the things we have hanging on the walls.  Pictures to come shortly.
  • I am sucking it up at Project 365.  I was doing so well with taking my photo everyday, and then the weather got gross and I got busy and the camera stayed tucked inside my purse.  Lame, I know.  This week I will work on getting back on track with the whole project because I really was enjoying my daily photograph.

So, how did the end of January turn out for you?  Anything new and exciting happening in your lives?