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Today on my way home I was chatting with my friend Jewels when all of a sudden I came across horrible traffic.  I was slightly confused because traffic only gets that backed up when there is bad weather or there’s a Braves game.  Since I was catching up with Jewels, I wasn’t too horribly irritated by rolling along at a speedy 5 miles an hour.

When I hung up the phone, I got a text from JD saying that a zebra had escaped from the circus that’s set up in Atlanta and had run through downtown and was on the highway.  In order to keep the little guy from getting injured, police closed down the highway until its trainer could catch it and move it to safety.  Eventually it was carefully surrounded by motorcycles and the trainer caught him and loaded him onto the truck to take him back to the circus compound.

Can you imagine sitting at a traffic light and seeing a zebra galloping down the sidewalk?  So bizarre.  I’m just glad he wasn’t injured and made it safely “home” – not that a circus compound in the city is a good home for any animal…

The funny thing is, this isn’t the first zebra hanging out on the highway incident in Atlanta.  What?!?, you say.  Well, in 2008, about 20 miles south of Atlanta, a baby zebra apparently fell out of a truck and was hit by another car (so sad).  He eventually made it to the shoulder of the road, where he was spotted by commuters, munching on grass.  He was taken to a recovery center and went through surgery and now lives there happily ever after.

Somebody needs to take these poor guys back to Africa and keep them off the Atlanta highways.

So, anything crazy going on in your neck of the woods today? 🙂

Here is the link to the video if you want to check it out.


The other week, I was reading something on People Pets, when I came across an article about super cute and eco-friendly cat toys from Casbah Kitten (fret not dog owners, they also make dog toys).  Since Valentine’s Day was quickly approaching (and Zoey kept eating her other toys) I thought I’d buy a couple of the cute little guys for the fur butts.  I do have to admit that it took me forever to decide on a few because they were so adorable.  I ended up choosing the Supa Kitteh, the Chickadee Fatberd, and some colorful Jeally Beans.

Supa Kitteh

Chickadee Fatberd

Colorful Jelly Beans

The second I took these guys out of the box, the cats went crazy.  They LOVED their new toys – which made me very happy because you never know how your pets will react to new toys.  Both Fado and Zoey played with them for a decent amount of time, even though Zoey’s been playing with them more.

I just hope they don’t destroy them too fast because they are fun to look at.  And I will definitely be ordering more for them in the future!

*Images courtesy of Casbah Kitten

Hello lovelies!  Wow, it’s been a minute since I’ve last posted.  Sorry about that.  Things have been a little hectic.  Last week there was some serious work-related drama that put me in a less than stellar mood.  Things have smoothed over, but still, last week was sucky.

I know you are all dying to know what my Snuggie looked like during the pub crawl.  Well, JD and I went Jersey Shore on those bitches, and I am very confident to say I think that we had the best looking Snuggies by far.  We were slightly hungover that day from too much late night partying with friends, but we managed to still have a good time.  The best part of the night was when strangers came up to me and tried to read Poughkeepsie out loud.  Hilarious!

Jersey Shore Snuggies

Snug Life


I have to say, our Super Bowl Party was quite the success.  We had an amazing spread of goodies to choose from that included homemade humus, sliders, crawfish and shrimp, buffalo chicken dip, mini meatball subs, chicken tenders, taquitos, taco cups, chips, cheese and crackers.  We seriously had so much food that it barely fit on the table.  Since about 20 people showed up, we had to do some serious rearranging to fit everyone into the condo.  We ended up rearranging our living room and bringing our futon down from the guest room, which makes the living room look more open and gives us a ton more seating.  We also set up a TV on our bar that is in the dining room so people had options on where they wanted to hang out to watch the game.  It was so much fun – one of kegs ended up getting floated (it was a small one that we’d had for a bit) and beer pong was set up in the dining room.


We had quite the snow storm for Atlanta on Friday.  I think we ended up with 3-4 inches – I know that’s not a lot for most of you, but it’s quite the ordeal here.  Since the snow was seriously coming down, we got to leave work early.  Unfortunately, since the rest of Atlanta got out early as well, it took me almost an hour and a half to get home (I only live 10 miles from the office).  Major suckage.  But everything was so pretty when it was covered with snow, and I am sad to see it melted away already.

This was about 4 hours into the snow storm

And of course nothing will stop Fado from going outside, not even the snow.  He’s such a brave little guy!


T and I had planned to go to Savannah for a nice romantic Valentine’s Day weekend trip, but the work drama and snow poo-pooed on our plans.  Luckily the B&B we were going to stay in was nice enough to let us cancel at the last minute without charging us a fee.  We will definitely be staying there when we finally take this trip, and I seriously think we aren’t meant to ever take it because something always pops up and causes us to postpone – ankle sprains, weddings, work issues, weather.  You name it, it’s stopped us.  Sigh…

Our Valentine’s Day was pretty unproductive.  We lazed around the house watching True Life marathons and made a nice dinner.  What did we make?  Well, be prepared to drool – crab stuffed lobster tails, bacon wrapped scallops, mushroom bruschetta, and a salad with dried cranberries, cherries, nuts and blue cheese.  It was amazing!  We meant to take some pictures of it, but we went a little fat kid and ate the whole thing without snapping any images…oh well.  This coming Saturday, we will go see the DaVinci Exhibit at the High Museum of Art and go out for a nice dinner before meeting up with friends for a birthday celebration.  Who says lovey dovey activities can only take place on February 14th? 😉

Does anyone else feel like today should be Friday?  No? Just me?  Alrighty then.

I don’t know what’s up, but lately I feel like the work weeks are dragging by so slowly.  But of course this phenomenon can never happen on the weekends, which fly by in a flash!  Major suckage.

Speaking of weekends, this one is going to be quite the doozy.  We are going to be busy, busy bees.  Tomorrow night we are getting together with friends of a friend (along with some of our regulars – JD, CGN and her husband Dr. D) to grab some food and drinks.  We decided to try Ormsby’s, a new west Atlanta pub with an awesome game room.  Last night there was an alumni singles mixers there, so I accompanied JD to the event.  We opted not to actually attend, but just hang out and enjoy the scene.  We had a couple of cocktails and people watched, and had a grand ole time.  Before we left we decided to explore the downstairs area, which features another bar and assortment of games – backgammon, bocce (complete with its own bocce court and room!), darts, pool, and shuffleboard.  I think it will definitely be a lot of fun to hang out there tomorrow night – as long as the crowds aren’t insane!

Saturday will be the busiest of days.  T and I may have to pop by Little S’s place to help hang some new Sheetrock on her kitchen ceiling.  After we finish there, we will be heading to the Atlanta Snuggie Pub Crawl.  Laugh all you want, but I am super excited about this.  I am a sucker for all things themed.

Since wearing a Snuggie is just not enough, JD and I have decided to kick ours up to the next level by bedazzling them (T doesn’t want to wear one – what a bum!).  And making them all pretty is good and all, but they need something to make them scream “WOWW,” so we are doing them up Jersey Shore style.  We will rock the bumpits, big sunglasses and hoop earrings, and have Snuggies that scream guidette – mine will more than likely say the Princess of Poughkeepsie (sorry Snooks, but I used to live there too and I have seniority because I’m old and shit) in faux crystals and all the jazz.  Before we go out tomorrow, we will have to get our hot glue guns out.  Fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain on Saturday!

Later on Saturday night, T and I are meeting up with our friend SJ and some of his friends from out-of-town to go see Umphrey’s McGee.   I don’t know a ton of their songs, but we always jam out to them when we’re hanging around SJ’s fire pit and I liked them when we went to the concert last year.  Hopefully I won’t be too schmammered from the pub crawl to have fun! 🙂

Sunday, we will more than likely be hosting a Super Bowl party – our first one!  Little S was going to have one at her place this year, but she is remodeling her kitchen at the moment and her house is all torn apart, making it a less than ideal spot for a party.  Since no one else has mentioned doing anything, T and I invited friends over.  I figure since we have the kegerator and will be supplying the beer, other folks can bring the munchies.  FYI – I just ordered our 4th keg today!  Can you say Lushy McLushersons?

Now here’s where you come in lovely readers.  I do want to make a couple of yummy and inexpensive appetizers.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I would love to branch out and try something new.  I figure we’ll have somewhere between 10-20 people coming by.  Thanks for your input!

The end of January was obviously a little on the busy side for me seeing as I had no time to write during the last 11 days.  I seriously wonder how the days can just fly by so fast sometimes, especially the weekends.

This is going to be short and sweet…

  • Having a kegerator is amazing.  We started off with Pilsner Urquell and Sweetwater 420 (a local Atlanta brew).  Well, the Pilsner only lasted us a week (stop giving me your judgy mcjudgerson eyes).  We had people over the first 2 weekends we had it, meaning that the beer went faster than we anticipated.  This weekend we picked up a Hoegarden.  After the 420 runs out, we will aim to have one regular and one light beer on tap.  Gotta watch those calories somehow!  My favorite thing about the kegerator is that it has drastically reduced our garbage flow.  Any time people came over in the past, there were tons of bottles and cans that had to be gotten rid of.  Now we only have to plop the dirty glasses in the dishwasher.  So quick, easy and environmentally friendly!
  • We took our condo off the market this weekend.  We decided that it would be better to just wait to see if the seller’s market picked up at all instead of losing a ton of money by trying to sell it right this instant.  Plus we haven’t really found any houses in our price range that we really love – they are either really old and still expensive or new and in up and coming (read – higher crime) areas.  With robberies on the up and up, I just want to try to avoid these higher crime places for a few more years until they stabilize more.  So the new plan is to maybe fix some things up around the place and give it another year before we put it back on the market.  We also talked about putting one of my paychecks into savings each month to help us grow our future down payment amount.
  • Since we are staying in the condo a little while longer, we decided to get some new bedroom furniture.  Yesterday we went to Ikea and ended up with a new bed frame and 2 dressers that match the night tables we already have.  Everything we bought is brown/black, so it looks great with our bedspread and all the things we have hanging on the walls.  Pictures to come shortly.
  • I am sucking it up at Project 365.  I was doing so well with taking my photo everyday, and then the weather got gross and I got busy and the camera stayed tucked inside my purse.  Lame, I know.  This week I will work on getting back on track with the whole project because I really was enjoying my daily photograph.

So, how did the end of January turn out for you?  Anything new and exciting happening in your lives?

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