Well, this is the third year in a row that I have missed the National Delurking Day.  I excuse the first year since I had just started blogging and wasn’t really down with all the fun things that go on in the blogging world.  I’m not sure what the hell happened last year, I think I was just busy and didn’t realize what day it was.  Well, I obviously missed it again this year but thought it’s better to be late than never!

I was catching up on my reader today while lounging on the couch watching TV and saw NPW’s fun way to get people to delurk, so I decided to steal her idea (hope you don’t mind – imitation is the most sincere form of flattery).  🙂

I appreciate all of you who take time out of your busy days to stop by my little piece of the Internet and read about my life and all the random things going on with me.  All of the comments you leave and the advice you give makes me smile and brings a little extra happiness into my life.

So lovely readers, please delurk and play my little “would you rather” game and let me learn a bit more about you (since you know so much about me already).  Answer as many as you like and leave your answers in the comments section.  Hell, you can even leave a would you rather for me to answer.  And if you have a blog that I’m not reading, let me know and I’ll check you out!  I’m always looking for new reading material!

1.  Would you rather lose your sense of hearing or your ability to see?

2.  Would you rather make lots of money doing something you hate or be broke and do what you love?

3.  Would you rather that Conan continue to host The Tonight Show or that Jay Leno take it back?

4.  Would you rather party with Snooki or beat bitches up with J-Woww?

5.  After eating half of your food in a restaurant, would you rather find a used bandaid in your food or part of a roach?