Man, let me just say how annoyed I am that I have to work tomorrow.  Ugh, so not fair – especially since T has off!

Here are my next round of photos for Project 365.  Enjoy!

Day 9 – artsy wine shot

Day 10 – Last Sunday night’s dinner – homemade pomodoro with mozzarella stuffed meatballs

Day 11 – The kegerator got here today! Fado is sitting on the box, scoping out the scene

Day 12 – Cool icicle outside of my office

Day 13 – The kegerator is here!

Day 14 – First hockey game of 2010

Day 15 – First beers out of the kegerator

Day 16 – Playing quarters at the bar

Day 17 – T really loves this thing! He looks like a kid at Christmas!