Today I was reading Kay’s new blog, when I came across her post on Project 365 – a project where you take a photo a day for the entire year.  I don’t have a fancy pants camera, just a little point and shooter, but I think it will be a really fun and unique way to document the year.  My dad is a photographer, and I would love to maybe learn a little more about taking great pictures and one day upgrade to a fancier camera with a lot more options.

I know I am a few days late, but I think I can make up for some lost time with some pictures from New Year’s and some I took today.  After this, I will do a post a few times a week with my latest images.

I am pretty excited about this!  I guess I need to be better about carrying my camera around with me.  🙂

Here are my first batch of photos:

Jan. 1 – Zoey and her little tongue

Jan. 2 – How I spent the first few days of 2010 – curled up on the couch

Jan. 3 – Wii is fun!

Jan. 4 – Fado only drinks out of the faucet

Jan 5. – Welcome to Atlanta, a part of the suddenly arctic South

Jan 6. – Gotta love Atlanta rush hour.  But at least the sunset is pretty!