Do you ever feel like you are stuck on a dead-end road that leads to nowhere?  I think I’m sort of hitting that point.  I am starting to dread the daily grind.  I feel stuck.  I want to be able to learn and grow more, but there really aren’t that many options here.  Maybe I’m becoming a little unmotivated because I receive little reward for my efforts.  Positive reinforcement and rewards (more money) breed harder work and happiness.

Nothing ever seems good enough – it could always be better.  There could have always been more.  I know there are people who appreciate what I do and think I am doing a great job, but I feel negative vibes from some.  Even though I am doing a lot and getting positive results in return.

You think all the time off I just had would leave me feeling refreshed.  Instead, I am feeling this sense of dread and discontentment.  I don’t want to be back.  I want to be anywhere but here.

Maybe I feel this way because my time off just flew by way too fast.  Maybe I’m sad that the happy and festive times of the holidays are over.  Maybe I’m just stressed about all the things that are rushing out of the gate at the start of the year.  Maybe I’m being super emotional because I skipped my period for the last 2 months and now all those hormones are taking over my emotions.  Maybe it’s the winter blues.  Or maybe it’s just time for a change…