This has been a long week!  I haven’t made it to bed before midnight this whole week.  I’ve been crawling, half-dead, into bed between 12:30-1 a.m. at the earliest.  I’m too old to not be sleeping more!  Anyway, I’m so glad it’s Friday.

As I stare the first weekend of December in the face, I realize that I have a lot of stuff planned in the next few weekends, starting with this one.  Tonight we have decided to have a little holiday film festival chez moi.  We’re picking out some of our favorite Christmas movies and will watch them while we create some delicious holiday-themed cocktails and bake some cookies to munch on.  We’re talking about making hot buttered rum, but I just don’t know how I feel about butter in my drink…ick.

Tomorrow we’re gathering with our other SEC friends to watch the SEC championship game.  Sadly I don’t like either team, but I guess I’d rather go Bama than Gator (ugh, Tim -Jesus- Tebow).  After that, we are going to a birthday party featuring my favorite holiday theme – tacky Christmas sweaters!  A few years ago, T, JD and I all made our own, and they’re always a big hit.  Since they are 2 years old, some of the tacky crap is falling off.  That just means we’ll have to glue some new stuff on them tonight!

My homemade tacky sweater complete with shoes – this is from 2 years ago when it was freshly made.  This year I will take some pictures in it!

On Sunday, the whole family is going to see Cavalia. I’m so excited because I am fascinated by people who can do crazy acrobatic tricks and I love animals.  What more could you want?

So, I’m just hoping the rest of this day will go by quickly so I can jump right into my fun-filled weekend!

Do you have any exciting plans this weekend?  Are you going to any tacky Christmas sweater parties?