Thanksgiving has come and gone with a vengeance.  Tons of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cornbread muffins, squash casserole, giblet gravy (don’t judge me, this stuff is to die for), pumpkin and apple pies, and last but not least tapioca pudding were consumed, along with copious amounts of pinot grigio and beer.

This was a pretty tame year for us, if I do say so myself.  Normally, especially in the years that T’s family used to come down, we’d all gather at our favorite Mexican joint for delicious food and margaritas.  We followed that up with a trip downstairs to my parent’s basement bar where we’d continue to drink tasty beverages along with some shots, while playing darts and karaokeing into the wee hours of the morning.

This year, instead of Mexican, we opted for a new Thai/Japanese/Chinese restaurant.  The food was really good, and we enjoyed ourselves.  After dinner, we did return to the basement bar, but we were more chill.  T’s family didn’t come down this year, but our German neighbors did come hang out with us.  We hung out and chatted.  The guys played darts.  And I think we were all in bed by 1 a.m.

Thanksgiving day was fun – our German neighbors joined us for dinner.  They brought a goose and red cabbage (homemade, by the way).  We all gorged ourselves on the goodness and tried not to slip into turkey comas at the table.  After dinner, I went for a walk with my parents, the Frau and her cute puppy dog.  The cold air was all I needed to drag me back from la-la turkey land.

We all gathered again in the basement to have a few drinks and play a new board game called Sequence.  My family is CRAZY about board games, and it was a lot of fun (even though my team lost every game but the last 2).  The night ended early once again because T and the Frau both had to work on Friday – which if you ask me, is pretty shitty.  It’s a major holiday weekend corporate America!

Since I didn’t have to work on Friday, my mom and I had a Twilight Saga kind of day.  First we watched Twilight because she’d never seen it.  She didn’t love the movie, but wasn’t completely disappointed.  Then I dragged her (she was worried about the screaming teeny boppers we might encounter) to see New Moon.  She liked it better than the first one, and we had an enjoyable mother-daughter geek out.  Haha!

Speaking of the holidays being right around the corner…

T and I are trying to come up with things we want for Christmas this year.  We decided that we want need to add a dual-tap kegerator to our already alcohol-fueled lifestyles.  Plus it will look so cute sitting next to the bar we already have.  Just imagine…all the fresh beer that you want on tap, right at your finger tips, waiting to be poured in all of its frosty and frothy glory.  This will not help any type of dieting we are planning…

And you know you are getting old when you ask your parents to buy you new french patio doors to replace the crappy slider you currently have for Christmas.  And when you consider buying 6 new windows to replace the old drafty ones that cause you to freeze every winter instead of forking tons of money over for random presents.  I’m just saying…