Does it blow anyone else’s mind that Thanksgiving is tomorrow?  I feel like 2009 just started, and now Christmas is exactly one month away.  What. The. Hell.  Where did the time go?

I’m not complaining because 2009 has been a great year, but it’s just crazy how fast time is flying by!  I thought last year went fast because we were planning a wedding.  This year definitely feels likes it’s gone by 10 times faster.

In honor of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share some of the things that I’m thankful for and are making me smile.

~ My family because they are truly wonderful people

~ My friends because they are amazing people who are so much fun to be around

~ Having a job where I enjoy what I do

~ Being healthy

~ Having my family and friends be healthy

~ Being happy about where I am in my life right now

~ My new computer that works and looks really cute – it’s purple

~ Having 4.5 days of time off – I heart this time of year

~ Cool fall temperatures and sunny skies

~ Stuffing myself senseless on amazing food

~ More than likely going to see New Moon again with my mom on Friday – I am a nerd, I know

What are you thankful for this year?  What is making you smile?


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  Eat lots of amazing food and enjoy the time you are spending with your family and friends! 🙂