Hello lovelies!  First of all I want to thank all of you for the birthday wishes last week!  You are all too sweet!

What can I say?  The weekend was crazy, yet so much fun.  I think I’m still recovering!  Friday night, the boys from NY and our best man arrived, so we all went to Fox for dinner and drinks before heading to VaHi for the pub crawl.

I had actually picked out 4 bars, 3 of which I’d never been to so we could branch out.  Well, we stopped at the first one and decided we may need to move on.  It was a cute Irish pub, but it was teeny, tiny and already sort of packed – there was live music and another pub crawl group already there.  Plus it was roasting inside.  We decided to head to bar 2 before any more people showed up and had to pay a cover and leave 15 minutes later.

Luckily, JD, ASP and her fiance had already made their way to the second stop, and they were able to secure a small patio.  About 20 people showed up, so we completely took over the patio.  In the end, we had such a prime spot that we never ended up leaving.  This was fine with me, because we had enough room for everyone to hang out.  It was really a lot of fun.

On Saturday, we took it easy until it was time to head to the pre-wedding festivities.  Since the whole wedding, from start to finish, was only an hour, ASP decided to invite everyone to a pre-wedding dinner gathering.  We hung out, wined and dined, then headed to the hotel around 11:30 p.m. to get ready for the wedding.

ASP didn’t have a bridal party, but I went back to the bridal suite to help her get ready.  She’s been one of my best friends since 7th grade, so I was glad I could be there for her.  She was so cute – she was as calm and cool as a cucumber.  If she was nervous, she never said anything about it or showed it.

She walked down the aisle at 1:00 a.m. sharp.  The whole ceremony lasted about 5 minutes, but it was perfect.  We laughed and oohed and ahhed, and everyone cheered when they sealed the deal with a kiss!

The reception went by pretty fast –  they did all the special dances, bouquet and garter toss and cake cutting in about 10 minutes.  I got up and gave an impromptu speech, everyone cheered the happy couple.  Then we all danced our butts off for the next 20 minutes or so, and it was done.  It was very “wham, bam, thank you ma’am,” but it was exactly what they wanted.  I’m so happy for them and love them so much!

Sunday night, we went out for my birthday dinner with my family, the NY boys and JD to Two Urban Licks.  The food was phenomenal!  T and I split the Lobster Corndogs for an appetizer.  What is a lobster corndog?  It’s a lobster tail on a stick that is battered and fried like a corndog.  It was delish!  I ordered the Bronzed Scallops with Gouda Grits, Pico de Gallo and Smoked Tomato Broth.  It was heaven on a plate.  I seriously cannot get enough of correctly seared scallops – they are melt-in-your-mouth, to-die-for!  Since it was my birthday, I was also given a complimentary dessert.  It was a decadent chocolate cupcake with ice cream.  It was really tasty, but I was so full I didn’t eat too much of it.  I did share with the table though.

After dinner, we decided to go out and grab a birthday drink.  We went to this divey Irish bar down the street from JD’s house.  I think we may need to start hanging there because the bartender was super nice.  Since it was Sunday, it was a little dead.  But he brought us over some jello shots and even sent me a free shot for my birthday, so I can’t complain!

It was an amazing weekend, and I’m sad it’s over.  But it has taken me all week to recover-too many late nights and not enough sleep!

Partial group shot – NY boys, former NY girls (we went to high school in NY and now both live in Atlanta) and JJ

Me and ASP before the wedding – she was so pretty

Jumping for joy about the impending nuptials

Sunday night birthday dinner at Two Urban Licks – yes I wore the dress from Thursday

My birthday dessert