Last night was the start of my birthday weekend celebration.  In honor of me being on this earth for 27 years (ok, 26 and change until Sunday), T took me out to dinner at Woodfire Grill, Kevin’s (from Top Chef Las Vegas) restaurant.  He is our favorite chef on the show, so we were both super excited to eat his creations.  Let me tell you, it was the most amazing meal I have ever eaten.

Everything on the menu sounded great, so we decided to go with the 5-course chef’s tasting menu – so we could sample as much as possible without having to make decisions on what to eat!

Our dining experience began with delicious fall cocktails while we waited for our table.  I chose the Champagne Cocktail, a unique mixture of oregano syrup, dolin blanc vermouth,  lemon juice and marques de gelida cava.  It was such an aromatic drink, with an herby and sweet flavor.  The smell was just as wonderful as the taste – it may be my new not too sweet favorite cocktail, if I can recreate it at home.  T went with the bourbon-based Fall Classic – wathen’s single barrel bourbon, cranberry shrub, bliss maple syrup and orange bitters. soda.  T enjoyed the cocktail a lot.  I thought it was tasty as well, but I’m not much of a bourbon drinker.

After we were seated, we were given an amuse-bouche that was an interpretation of a Waldorf salad.  It was a tiny bite, but that bite packed so much flavor.  It was AMAZING.  We were presented with silver spoons topped with a tarragon cream sauce, an apple and pickled celery.

Our first course offering was a tomato broth, topped with a variety of beans and vegetables that was finished off with a soft poached egg.  My favorite part of the dish was the egg – when you cut into in, even though it was soft-boiled, the yolk stayed together and you were able to scoop up the vegetables and broth with it.

Our next course featured the most perfectly seared scallop I have ever seen with lamb jus and a flavored oil.  The scallop practically melted in your mouth it was so tender!  As we finished, our waiter told us that Kevin was working on a special oyster dish and wanted to know if we were interested in sampling it.  We said yes and were presented with a dish featuring some type of Washington oysters that are grown on a rope.  The oysters were topped with fresh vegetables and a tangy sauce and were sitting on top of a pile of seasoned salt.


After we finished the oysters, we received our next course – a quail dish.  The plate featured 2 quail breasts with turnip puree (to DIE for), apples and turnips pieces, and a sauce.  The dish was the perfect combination of sweet and savory, and was a true testament to fall.


Our fourth course was our favorite.  It was a sorghum braised pork belly that was accompanied by homemade sausage and creamed Brussels sprouts.  It was so succulent and flavorful.  I seriously could have died and gone to heaven after the first bite!

pork belly

The meal was rounded out with 2 desserts.  T received a banana cake and I received chocolate crepes with chocolate filling.  Mine even came with a birthday candle! 🙂 Both desserts were rich and delicious, the perfect ending to a wonderful meal.


On our way out, we saw Kevin in the kitchen.  We stopped by to tell him how much we enjoyed his food and that we were rooting for him on Top Chef.  He was even nice enough to take a picture with us!


All in all, it was the best pre-birthday dinner I could have hoped for.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of the weekend will be as remarkable! 🙂

** Sorry for the crappy iPhone food pictures.  We felt a little weird busting the real camera out during the meal!**