A couple of days ago, I posted about all of the things that had me smiling this week.  One of those things was the cute dress I bought for my friend’s wedding.  I was super excited because I got the $180 dress for $130.  I thought to myself – what a steal!

Fast forward to last night…I went shopping with JD to help her pick out a dress for the same wedding.  We decided to start at TJ Maxx.  Growing up, I was never a fan of the store.  The store near my childhood house never had anything in my size nor anything I liked.  Now that I live in Atlanta, things are much different.  The discount stores have an awesome selection of designer clothes in a variety of sizes.  Can you say “Jackpot?”

So imagine my complete and utter shock when I saw my dress, in a slightly different color, for $90 less than I’d bought it a few days before!  I found it in my size, and in a slightly different design in black.  I tried it on, it looked great, so I bought it.  The super expensive one is going back to the store tonight!

Since I was saving money, I looked around to see if I could find a cute new dress to wear out for my birthday celebration this weekend.  I did, and it was fairly inexpensive as well.  I guess I have learned my lesson the hard way – I will not avoid the discount stores any longer.  They will be my first stop from now on.  And if I don’t find what I’m looking for, then I’ll hit the department stores.

So, are you a bargain shopper that can scour the racks for a deal?  Or do you need more practice, like me?

And in case you are curious, here are some pictures of my new dresses.

other dressThis was what the original dress looked like, only it was with different silver shades, not black and tan

black dressI went with the black one

b-day dressAnd this is the dress I bought to wear out tomorrow night for the bar crawl

**UPDATE:  Here are some photos of me in my new dresses.**