I am in such a giddy and happy mood this week.  Why, you ask?  Well, my birthday is this weekend, and there are a lot of fun things in the works!  So, without further ado, here are the things that are making me smile today:

1.  My birthday is in 5 days!  I love birthdays, especially when you’re able to get together with all of your friends and celebrate.

2.  I am getting a new computer – we just ordered it today!  After much deliberation between a Mac and a PC, T and I decided that we would go with a PC after all.  Last night we spent a good hour at the Apple store playing around with the different MacBook Pros, getting a feel for them.  While we really liked them, we had a really tough time justifying spending so much money on one laptop.  Instead, we went with Dell, and ordered 2 and a printer for a teensy bit more than the Mac we were considering.  I went with a 15-inch purple Inspiron, while T went with a Yankees version of the same one.  I am so excited to have a working computer again soon!

3.  My best friend ASP is getting married this weekend!  Saturday night all of us will gather to have pre-wedding dinner and drinks.  Then we’ll head to the hotel she is getting married at for her late-night wedding.  I bought a new dress for the wedding last night and was kind of upset that it cost so much, but when I got to the register it was $50 off.  So I was super excited – plus the dress makes me look really skinny!

4.  A couple of our guy friends are going to be in town from NY visiting this weekend, so that will be fun.  We haven’t seen them since May.

5.  Since ASP is getting married during the wee hours of the morning on my actual birthday, I will be celebrating on Friday night.  I wanted to do something different this year, so we are doing a bar crawl in the Virgina Highlands.  I have the places picked out and the length of time we should stay at each place decided on, but I still haven’t come up with funny things that we need to do in each bar.  If you have any bar crawl suggestions, I’m all ears (or eyes).

6.  On Thursday, T and I are planning of going to Woodfire Grill for an early birthday dinner.  For those Top Chef fans out there, that’s Kevin Gillespie’s restaurant.  He’s our favorite chef on the show, and we totally hope he makes it to the end.  His dishes always look so creative and tasty – I can’t wait to go try them for myself!

7.  My family (parents, Little S and JT, and T and I) are all going to see the show Cavalia in the next few weeks.  It’s a show combining equestrian arts, music and acrobatics that was created by a former Cirque du Soleil mastermind.  I keep hearing amazing reviews about it, so I’m very excited that we will be able to check it out while it’s in Atlanta.

So, what’s got you smiling these days?