I just want to say how much I love Halloween!  You are encouraged to be creative and pick out an awesome costume and go out and have fun.  Love it!

This year JD and I hosted our 3rd annual Spooktacular.  This was the first time we had it in her new condo, and the space was perfect.  We rearranged her living room and dining room furniture, giving us a ton of space.  Plus her new place is very open, so it was perfect for a party.

Friday night we almost went mad while we were trying to get items for the party.  Every store we went to had no Halloween stuff out.  Everything was Christmas.  We were about to go insane because it wasn’t even November yet!

I’m sure you are probably wondering why we waited until the last minute to shop…well, we thought we had a lot more decorations leftover from our past parties.  In fact, a lot got trashed last year, so we threw them away.  Of course neither one of us remembered this until we found the few we had left Friday night.  We didn’t end up finding too much stuff on Friday, but we hit the jackpot at Walgreen’s on Saturday – my new favorite Halloween shopping spot.  We got so much stuff, all for half off or even more, so it was perfect.

Everyone had super creative costumes and we all had a ton of fun.  Check out some pictures from the party.

The decorations:


The lights blinked and played the theme song from Halloween



I am the spiderweb queen



Everything looked so cool in the dark, but then you couldn’t see the details.

The costumes:


T and Me as Bill and Sookie

We even made some bottles of TruBlood


The party hostesses – JD as Cyndi Lauper and me


Little S and JT as Jon and Kate Plus 8


Group shoot – Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood, Axel Rose, Cyndi, Bill and Sookie


RC as Joel McHale dressed as Rainbow Brite (from the Soup) and CMc as Captain Planet


It’s not a party until beer pong and flip cup come out

So, how was your Halloween?  Did you get dressed up?