I don’t know if you are like me, but I love Halloween!  There is something so exciting about coming up with a fun costume idea, going to buy it or making it yourself.  Throughout the years, I’ve had some pretty creative costumes that I really loved.  Others years, I was grasping to come up with something clever.

I do remember some of my costumes that I had as a kid that I completely loved.

When I lived in Germany, I didn’t celebrate Halloween with my German friends because they just don’t do that over there.  When I wanted to get into the spirit of ghosts and goblins, we had to trick-or-treat on the area army bases where many of the American families lived.  One year I dressed up as Pippi Longstocking, my favorite childhood character. My dad and I went to my school’s Halloween carnival where I sported my striped men’s t-shit as a dress, red and white striped socks, and sprayed orange pigtails with pipe cleaners helping them stick straight out.  I loved that costume so much, especially my fake freckles my mom drew on with her brown eyeliner.

Another year I dressed up as a cat.  In my black leotard, white tights, white tail and black cat mask, I felt like a real feline.  When we moved to America, I dressed up as a witch with a pointy hat that never quite stayed up and a long tattered gown.

One of my favorite family costumes was the year that my dad, Little S and I dressed up as the Addam’s Family.  I was Morticia, my dad Gomez, and Little S Wednesday, complete with a constant frown on her face.  My mom stayed behind that year and handed out candy while my dad traipsed through the neighborhood with us.  We sang the theme song as we walked up to each house.

I continued to dress up in middle school and high school, even though I don’t remember all of the things I dressed up as.  One year, ASP and I went as Thelma and Louise.  Unfortunately, I don’t think many people got that… In high school one year, I went as Courtney Love.  I sported a tiny red baby doll dress, white T, and black combat boots.  I had crazy hair and make up – people thought I was an angry, dead prom queen…not quite.

I don’t think I dressed up much in college.  But I do remember going trick-or-treating with Little S and her friends my freshman year.  I decided to go as Kelly Osbourne, eighties style.  I had blue and orange eye shadow, punky hair, a mini-skirt with white fold over ankle socks (like you wore when you were little) and high heels.  I guess my standby costume in college was always the eighties look – big hair, crazy eye make up, cut off tights, white lace ankle socks and heels.

The past few years I’ve actually worn real costumes.  In 2007, I wore my German dirndle and was a real beer wench.  T wore a keg costume, the perfect accompaniment.  Last year I was Chun Li, the best female video game character of all time.  Guys and girls loved my outfit.  We reminisced about our favorite video game while we ordered beers at the bar.  I even ran into another Chun Li.  I really wanted T to go as Ryu, but we couldn’t find a costume that wasn’t super expensive.  Instead he went as a redneck Gator fan – which got us tons of laughs at the bar.

This year, I have finally gotten T on board with a couples costume – we are going as Bill and Sookie from True Blood.  I can’t wait!  I am making myself a Merlotte’s waitress outfit.  I recreated the logo in photoshop, which I will iron onto a white T-shirt.  I’ve got black shorts, a green apron, and a long blonde wig.  I will definitely have some bloody bite marks on my neck.  Going as Bill won’t be too hard for T – he’s going to wear a black button up and jeans.  We’ll paint him all pasty pale, give him fangs, and a fluffy brown wig.  If I feel enterprising enough, I’ll even make a bottle of TruBlood.

For the third year in a row, JD and I are hosting our awesome Spooktacular.  It started as a joint birthday party for both of us, but has now turned into a pretty crazy Halloween tradition.  It seems to get crazier and crazier every year.

So, what are you going to be for Halloween this year?  What was your favorite costume that you’ve ever worn?  Got any special plans?