So, I know it’s been a minute since I got back from my German adventure, but I wanted to share some of the pictures we took with you.  Since my computer at home isn’t in tip top shape, I wanted to wait until I got my external hard drive back from my parents (they were going to work on assembling our wedding album – yes, we’ve been married more than a year and still haven’t made our photo album) before loading the images up.

We are also going out of town this weekend on a work retreat to the mountains, so I want to be able to take cute pictures.  So I brought the camera to work to upload the pictures here as well for back up – you can never be too safe.  Since it’s Friday, I uploaded my pictures to my blog.

Now for your viewing pleasure, Deutschland Adventure – 2009, part 1


Having dinner with the family at the pizza place (Opa, T, Me, Oma, JT, Little S, Finni)


Gearing up for the real Oktoberfest by practicing at the Mini-Oktoberfest.  Prost!


Berlin skyline at night


About to start the walking tour of Berlin – Brandenburg Gate


The Holocaust Memorial


Bebel Platz where the book burnings occurred.  Translation:  This is foreshadowing. Where one burns books one will also burn men.


Berlin’s Museum Island.  The Gates of Babylon are here.


Night out on the town for JT’s birthday!

Happy weekend! 🙂