Yesterday, T and I went to the mall to buy him some new clothes and shoes to take to Germany.  Since we’d gotten up a little after 11 a.m., we decided that we would just shower and head to the mall and eat lunch/breakfast there.  We walked into the food court and were greeted by really loud rap music.  We were both pretty confused because Lenox Mall is not where I was expecting to hear rap music blaring from some speakers in the food court.

We started walking around to check out our food options, when we saw it.  There at the back of the food court was a long table set up in front of banners that read “Krystal Square Off.”  Now, those of you who don’t live in the south, you may not know what Krystal is.  Well, it’s a burger chain very similar to White Castle, that sells little square hamburgers (and chicken sandwiches – those are my favorite, especially after a night of drinking).

Apparently yesterday was a qualifying round for the national Square Off later this month.  I totally grabbed T’s arm and did a little squee.  As gross as it is, it’s always fun to watch people stuff their faces with as much food as possible with a limited amount of time.

We grabbed our lunches and headed over to get a front row seat.  Luckily the whole eating part didn’t start until after we were finished with lunch (that’s a plus).  As the competition got closer to starting, more people gathered around.  This meant we’d lost our good views.  So, we headed over to a new area where we could stand a see the whole thing.

There were 12 contestants, all guys, competing for the chance to make it to the finals.  Their ages and sizes ranged the spectrum.  There were new rules this year that included no burger dunking and contestants had to eat 5 Big Angus Burgers (full-sized hamburgers) that counted as 25 regular Krystals.

Let me tell you, it was pretty intense to watch.  Some people were fairly slow, but the main guys chowed down.  The winner ate 66 burgers total!  Holy cow!

Now, here’s my thought of the day…How are these professional eaters not morbidly obese?

Krystal nutritional break down, if you ate 41 regular Krystals (287 grams of fat and 6,560 calories) plus the Angus Burgers (135 grams of fat and 2,350 calories) you’d ingest a whopping 8,750 calories and 415 grams of fat.  I don’t understand how they don’t have a heart attack on the spot!

For your viewing pleasure, I took a couple of photos and videos with my phone to share with you guys.  Sorry the quality isn’t so great, but the sunlight coming through the window messed up the lighting for me.

2009-09-13 14.23.20Nom noms – eat up boys!

Everyone stuffing it in during the last minute of the eat off!