I know it’s been a few days since my last post, but things have gotten a little hectic at work (and my laptop at home is dead – even though I am slowly bringing it back to life).  We’re leaving in 6 work days for a 2-week trip to Germany, so I’m trying to tie up loose ends and finish everything before I head out.  Let me tell you, I. Can’t. Wait. for this trip.  Two work-free weeks will be glorious!

I guess my blog will be a little quiet once I leave since I don’t plan on spending my time in Internet cafes blogging up a storm.  Let me know if you’re interested in keeping my little blog company by guest blogging while I’m on my Euro Trip.   I’d be happy to have you!


I love this time of year, but man is it bad for my car.  Right outside my house, where I park, there is this giant oak tree that spits death acorns off of it.  Well, when they drop off the branches, they ricochet all over the place.  They bounce off our glass screen door, making me think that someone is knocking.  They bounce off of our cars so hard they leave damage that looks similar to hail damage.  The acorns make such a loud noise when they hit the metal on the car that it woke me up a couple of times the other night – we were sleeping with our window open.  The worst part is, when I get out of the car I have to make sure I don’t step on them and faceplant into the parking lot (à la birthday weekend 2008).


On a parting note, here is our schedule for our trip:

9/18-22 Waldershof (small town where my grandparents live)

9/22-25 Berlin

9/25-27 Nuremberg/Erlangen

9/27-30 Munich

If anyone has been to any of these places and done something fun and unique, please share it with me.  We are still ironing out our plans for what we want to do in each city – especially Berlin since none of us have ever visited.  🙂