It’s that time again, where you share a little bit too much about yourself with thousands of strangers.  To read about everyone else’s horror stories, go to LiLu’s TMI Thursday page:)

A couple of years ago, T, JD, Z and I all made a Saturday excursion to Atlanta’s Renaissance Fair.  It’s located about 25 minutes south of Atlanta, so it really wasn’t a bad journey at all

Growing up, we went to the Ren Fair almost every year.  We gouged ourselves on giant turkey legs, funnel cake, meats on sticks, soda – you name it, we ate it.  We’d gather around to watch the shows and take pictures with the workers in period costumes.  My sophomore year of high school, the highlight of the year was the class field trip to the Ren Fair.

When our little group made our trip in 2006, none of us had been in years.  Why did we go – you ask? Well, JD’s roommate and his brother were both working at the fair.  Her roommate was one of the musketeers and his bro was some dragon they were hunting during the show.  We wanted to see them dressed up in their crazy costumes, and they gave us free tickets.  We couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

It was a humid May Saturday that alternated between sunny and overcast.  We ran into the roommate and brother, took some photos with them, then explored the festival for the rest of the day.

I hate to say it because we did have fun, but it just wasn’t quite as magical as it was when I was younger.  Since I’m older now, I started to notice all of the people who were a bit weird and a little too into the Renaissance era.  At some point you have to stop dressing up in period costumes like a teenager, you know.

At one point we were all walking around, exploring all of the little shops, when we saw something that made our jaws hit the dusty ground.  Walking towards us was this early 20-something year old chick in the strangest outfit we had ever seen.  She had on a black suede/leather bustier (that was showing a lot of chest) and a matching skirt that was basically just strips of leather hanging halfway down her thigh.  It was short and hoochy.

As she walked by us, we all stared her down because we were slightly shocked – it is a family place and she looked like a street walker.  And then I saw it…a blonde bush poking out through the leather strips that were exposing her hoo-ha as she strolled through the festival.

I squeaked out a “No fucking way!” and pointed her out to the rest of the group.  Everyone was cracking up because we couldn’t believe that we just saw some medieval-loving chick’s va-jay-jay.  We all continued to watch her walk by, and then we were exposed to her bare ass – confirming the fact that there was no way in hell she was wearing any panties.

While we were dying and discussing what we’d just seen, this woman pushing a stroller looked over at us and said, “I can’t believe that girl is walking around with her twat hanging out.”  We all nodded our heads in agreement and continued to crack up laughing.

I seriously don’t understand some people.  What in the hell would make you think it was ok to walk around family-friendly fair with your goods exposed for all the people (and children) to see?  Some people need to be smacked upside their heads occasionally.