This weekend there was a German Bierfest taking place in a park in downtown Atlanta.  Since we are heading over to Germany in a few weeks, T and I thought it would be fun to hit it up.  It’s not quite the same as a real German fest, but I guess it’s the next closest thing.

Saturday afternoon, we made our way downtown – which is really kind of empty looking on the weekend since all of the businesses are closed.  The park was a good size for a little festival.  There were grassy areas and tiled areas, and there was even some shade.  T and I were joined by JD, and the 3 of us made our rounds, sampling all of the German brews.

A couple of hours into the fest, we decided to grab some food.  We found a spot under the beer tent and made our way over.  On our way, we bumped into T’s manager, whom I had just met the week before.  She was there with her German cousin Flo, so we invited them to join us.  We were all talking and laughing and having fun.  We learned that Flo lives in Munich, so we exchanged information with him so we can all meet up when we are in Munich at the end of September.  He told us that he’d take off work and hang out with us at Oktoberfest.

Toward the end of the day, we were all sitting in the grass  enjoying a beer and the nice weather.  Flo decided he wanted to get a few pictures taken of our group.  So we stopped a stranger who wasn’t totally annihilated and had him take one for us.  The person who took the photo was an older man who was with another guy who was about our age.  About 30 minutes later, we all decided to take another picture, so we asked the younger guy from earlier when we saw him walk by.  He said yes and took the picture, the proceeded to join our group.

We all chatted for a few minutes, and then his friends came by.  They told him that they had called a cab and it was there.  Well, this is where things got a little strange.  The guy (Jeff) told his friends he was going to hang out a little longer and told them to go ahead without him.  At first we all thought that maybe he had some other friends there that he was going to meet up.  That wasn’t the case.  He just sat there chatting with us, which was alright at first.

But then T’s manager and Flo decided they were going, so we decided to grab one more beer then head out too.  This is the point we expected Jeff to head on his way too.  Well, he didn’t.  He just tagged along behind us.  We figured we’d keep talking to him while we finished our drinks, then we’d part ways.  At one point he and T left for the bathroom, while JD and I waited.  We were both talking about how strange it was that he was still following us around.  Then we decided that we would hop a cab to her house instead of walking back, and we figured that he would go on his way after that.

Of course, finding a cab is never easy (especially when you really have to pee).  We walked around for a good 10 minutes with no success.  At one point another group of people walked by, and Jeff started talking to them.  I took this as our chance to ditch him.  I grabbed T and JD and we made a sharp right down another street.  It’s not that we are mean, but JD didn’t want a total stranger following us to her house.

We thought we had gotten away, when Jeff appeared around the corner too.  This guy was seriously hard to lose.  We finally found a cab, and he got in too.  We were hoping that he would just ride with us to JD’s then keep riding to his final destination.  Well, we weren’t that lucky.  At JD’s he got out too and paid for part of the cab, so we were sort of stuck with him at that point.

We decided we’d run upstairs, use the restroom, freshen up, then head to our friend’s cookout.  While we were inside, he told me that we were much cooler than his friends.  It was nice and all, but we were acting pretty strange in the hopes that we would deter him from hanging out with us.  Finally we piled into the car and headed to our friends’ place.  That’s when JD was like, “Is there somewhere I can drop you off?”  His car was parked not too far from our destination, so we told him we’d drop him off on the way.

T said that Jeff had mentioned that he thought JD cute, and while we were at the liquor store he offered to chip in money for the beer she was buying.  She told him that she had it covered, because she realized that he was fishing for an invite.  About 5 minutes later, we dropped him off at his car and finally went our separate ways.

That was seriously one of the oddest stranger encounters I’ve ever been in.  Who stays behind when his  friends are leaving to hang out with people he doesn’t know?  Who keeps tagging along when those people are obviously trying to go about their business and politely leave you behind?  Some people are just clueless!

Has anything like that ever happened to you?

And for shits and giggles, check me out in my real German dirndl.  I am totally planning on wearing this to Oktoberfest this year – I hope it still fits!  We may also be buying T some lederhosen!

Spooktacular 2T and me –  Halloween 2007German beer girl and her keg