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I’m sitting at a bar in the Atlanta airport, drinking a double Bacardi and diet, waiting for our flight to take off. I’m so excited! I haven’t seen my family in exactly 2 years, so it’ll be good to get back over there.

I can’t wait to eat and drink my face off on all the amazing German food and beer!

See you lovelies in October!


Bing 🙂


Yesterday I met up with JD at the nail salon by my house to get a pedicure and get my eyebrows waxed before the trip.  The salon is a nice place, run by the sweetest little Asian ladies.  We all (including T – he got a manicure) actually went there before the wedding to get our nails done.  They are friendly and funny, but they are sneaky.

First of all, they are always trying to up-sell you on something.  You want just a basic pedicure – they hand you a laminated menu advertising 5 different types of upgrades.  They look at you and tell you that you have callouses, you should do the $35 treatment.  You look tense, you should add in a 10 minute massage.  After going here a few times, I’ve learned their sneaky ways.

They speak heavily accented English, but it always seems to get a little bit harder to understand them when they are up-selling you.  They speak a little softer, or they let their accents show through a little more so you have a harder time understanding them.  I learned this the hard way.

One of the first times I went there, I got a manicure, pedicure and an eyebrow wax.  As I was laying there waiting for the painful waxing process to get underway, the technician mumbled something about waxing.  I didn’t quite hear what she said, so I said yeah.  The next thing I knew, she was smearing molten wax across my upper lip to remove my “mustache.”  I, in fact, do not have a mustache.  Maybe there’s a little peach fuzz in places, but it’s not dark and you can’t see it from afar.  It doesn’t need to get waxed.  Needless to say, I left there with a red “mustache” from where the process had irritated my skin.  Lovely.

I am n0t the only one who has had an issue with waxing there.  Last summer, Little S stayed with us until she found her condo.  One day she came home from work and asked if there was a place she could get her eyebrows done.  I told her about the place I always go to, but I warned her about the mustache waxing.  She drove over and returned about 20 minutes later, with the same red “mustache.”  I started cracking up because they’d gotten her too, even after I warned her.

You may ask why I keep going there?  Well, they do an awesome job.  My toenails look wonderful.  My eyebrows are perfectly shaped and scraggle-free.  The girl probably spent 10-15 minutes waxing, shaping and plucking the strays.  Sometimes I let my hair dressers wife do them, and they never turn out as nice.  One time she made them fairly uneven, and I didn’t notice it until I got home and really looked at them in the mirror.

Have you ever had any nail salon or waxing people try to sneak one over on you?

Since I’m super busy and don’t have time for a real post, I thought I’d share some of my favorite pictures from our Germany 2007 trip.

Feel free to share any fun travel stories you may have.  I promise – tomorrow will be a real one before I head out!


Oktoberfest Day 1 – We’re already a few giant beers in


Dad, me and T – Oktoberfest day 2 – A little more low key


Birthday dinner for my Opa (head of the table) at the local pizzeria.  Funny because he doesn’t eat pizza.


Hiking up the Labryinth at the Louisenberg – cool tunnel in the mountain


Family photo op – Opa, Oma, Dad and me

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday, T and I went to the mall to buy him some new clothes and shoes to take to Germany.  Since we’d gotten up a little after 11 a.m., we decided that we would just shower and head to the mall and eat lunch/breakfast there.  We walked into the food court and were greeted by really loud rap music.  We were both pretty confused because Lenox Mall is not where I was expecting to hear rap music blaring from some speakers in the food court.

We started walking around to check out our food options, when we saw it.  There at the back of the food court was a long table set up in front of banners that read “Krystal Square Off.”  Now, those of you who don’t live in the south, you may not know what Krystal is.  Well, it’s a burger chain very similar to White Castle, that sells little square hamburgers (and chicken sandwiches – those are my favorite, especially after a night of drinking).

Apparently yesterday was a qualifying round for the national Square Off later this month.  I totally grabbed T’s arm and did a little squee.  As gross as it is, it’s always fun to watch people stuff their faces with as much food as possible with a limited amount of time.

We grabbed our lunches and headed over to get a front row seat.  Luckily the whole eating part didn’t start until after we were finished with lunch (that’s a plus).  As the competition got closer to starting, more people gathered around.  This meant we’d lost our good views.  So, we headed over to a new area where we could stand a see the whole thing.

There were 12 contestants, all guys, competing for the chance to make it to the finals.  Their ages and sizes ranged the spectrum.  There were new rules this year that included no burger dunking and contestants had to eat 5 Big Angus Burgers (full-sized hamburgers) that counted as 25 regular Krystals.

Let me tell you, it was pretty intense to watch.  Some people were fairly slow, but the main guys chowed down.  The winner ate 66 burgers total!  Holy cow!

Now, here’s my thought of the day…How are these professional eaters not morbidly obese?

Krystal nutritional break down, if you ate 41 regular Krystals (287 grams of fat and 6,560 calories) plus the Angus Burgers (135 grams of fat and 2,350 calories) you’d ingest a whopping 8,750 calories and 415 grams of fat.  I don’t understand how they don’t have a heart attack on the spot!

For your viewing pleasure, I took a couple of photos and videos with my phone to share with you guys.  Sorry the quality isn’t so great, but the sunlight coming through the window messed up the lighting for me.

2009-09-13 14.23.20Nom noms – eat up boys!

Everyone stuffing it in during the last minute of the eat off!

I’ve never owned a pair of Ugg boots before because A) I live in Georgia and it’s not that cold  B) Because I live in Georgia, I can’t justify spending a lot of money on real winter boots.

But, I know people who have them and love them, so I know I’d like them too.  Especially when I head to NY for the winter.  Plus I always have cold feet!

So I decided to enter Whooga Boots free Uggs contest.  Fingers crossed that I win because I never win anything when I enter contests!

ugg boots

I don’t know about the rest of the country, but it appears that Swine Flu (and the regular flu) is running rampant in Georgia and Florida.  That freaks me the fuck out.  I am leaving for Germany in 6 days and can’t be infected with this highly contagious illness – especially since we will be spending some time with my grandparents when we first arrive.  They are older and not so healthy…

You want to know why I think flu is running rampant?  Because people continue to send their kids to school or go to work when they aren’t feeling well.  It’s so stupid, selfish and rude.  If you are sick, stay the hell home.  Don’t go out in public and spread your germs around.  Plus, you will be anything but productive if you aren’t healthy.  If you stay home and rest up, you will get better much faster.

I personally have never understood the reason why people insist on going to work or school when they don’t feel well – don’t even get me started on the bullshit prize that kids win for perfect attendance.  I know some companies don’t give sick days (which is so stupid and blows my mind) but I don’t think people should get punished for being sick by having to use a precious vacation day or not get paid at all.  When a sick person comes to work, they affect the company in so many ways.  First of all, they are not at the top of their game, so they aren’t being as productive as they would be if they were healthy.  Second, they will infect the rest of the office, which will severely decrease productivity – especially in a small office.

At, we didn’t get sick days.  In fact, they were super stingy on our vacation time as well.  This meant that people didn’t really take off, unless they didn’t mind not getting paid.  One January, one of the customer service reps had a really bad cold, but because of the lack of sick days, he came in anyway.  Well, he ended up getting about 10 other people in the office sick – including me and JD.  We both caught his nasty head cold that gave us fevers and wiped us out for days.  We didn’t miss any work because we got sick on Friday night and had the weekend to recover.  But a couple of our sales guys ended up being out during the week because you can’t sell things over the phone when you’re hacking up a lung.

The reason I’m talking about Swine Flu in particular is because one of my boss’ daughters has it.  She’s been out all week because she’s had a horrible fever and this nasty hacking cold.  They went to the doctor on Tuesday and the doctors were fairly certain she had it – they never ran a test though.  Why?  I’m not sure, especially since the CDC is in Atlanta. Then our accountant called and said she thought her daughter had it too.

My boss came back to work today, and I hope to God that she isn’t carrying it because we had to work on something that required us to next to each other.  I. Can. Not. Get. Sick!

I am so excited about the Germany trip.  This time next week, we will be a few hours short of take off.  Yippee!

I keep using the trip as an excuse to buy new things.  I bought a new waterproof jacket and a bunch of cute fallish tops from Old Navy last week.  Then I decided that I needed to get some books so I could read on the plane or the trains.  So I ordered Shanghai Girls (hmm, it appears that I ordered the large print edition) and Second Glance:  A Novel.  I can’t wait to crack into them.  Heck, maybe I’ll start one before we leave.

Last night I met up with Little S and her boyfriend, JT, to do some pre-trip shopping.  I decided that I wanted to get one more pair of jeans.  I have some skinny jeans that I’m going to bring and another pair are slightly wider in the leg, but they may not look as good with tennis shoes or heels.  Since I keep hearing everyone on the Net rave about the new Gap jeans, I decided to give them a try.  People, they are awesome.  I’m 5’10 with a 34-inch inseam.  Do you know how hard it is for me to find long jeans?  I decided to get the Curvy in a medium wash, and they’ll still be long – even in heels!  I also bought the cutest pair of black flats to bring with me too!  I know I shouldn’t be shopping before our trip, but it’s hard not to!


So, originally I was not planning on jumping on a new vampire bandwagon, but I think I lied to myself.  I am totally going to start watching The Vampire Diaries when it premiers tonight – my TiVo’s season pass is already set!  I’m intrigued and definitely want to check it out.  I hope it’s good – especially with True Blood ending this Sunday.  A girl’s gotta get her vampire show fix somewhere.  🙂  Anyone else going to be watching it too?


Speaking of The Vampire Diaries, I am obsessed with the song that’s played in some of the previews.  It’s by Metric and it’s called “Help, I’m Alive.”  I heard it a few weeks ago on the radio and thought it was really catchy.  Now that it’s in the show previews, I’m hearing it a lot more which makes me happy.  Scroll down to the song to see the video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “untitled“, posted with vodpod

Now you can love it as much as I do!

I have never really like Pearl Jam, but I have to say I really dig their new song “The Fixer.”  It’s so catchy and sticks in your head all day.  If you don’t know it, go to the PJ site and click play on the tape deck!


My laptop bit the dust the other week when T’s family was in town visiting, so we’ve been computer-less at home for about a month.  The other night I decided to test my computer savviness, and holy hell – I fixed that MoFo.  I ended up having to completely reload windows, which means I probably lost some stuff.  Luckily I had an external hard drive that I did back stuff up on, on occasion, so I hope most of it is saved.  It took me some time (because I didn’t have the disks with all the drivers that needed to be installed, which meant I had to find them online) but now it works like it’s brand new.  Now if only the battery could still hold a charge…


I vote we have mandatory 4-day work weeks instead of 5.  I feel so much more productive when I get an extra day off!

I know it’s been a few days since my last post, but things have gotten a little hectic at work (and my laptop at home is dead – even though I am slowly bringing it back to life).  We’re leaving in 6 work days for a 2-week trip to Germany, so I’m trying to tie up loose ends and finish everything before I head out.  Let me tell you, I. Can’t. Wait. for this trip.  Two work-free weeks will be glorious!

I guess my blog will be a little quiet once I leave since I don’t plan on spending my time in Internet cafes blogging up a storm.  Let me know if you’re interested in keeping my little blog company by guest blogging while I’m on my Euro Trip.   I’d be happy to have you!


I love this time of year, but man is it bad for my car.  Right outside my house, where I park, there is this giant oak tree that spits death acorns off of it.  Well, when they drop off the branches, they ricochet all over the place.  They bounce off our glass screen door, making me think that someone is knocking.  They bounce off of our cars so hard they leave damage that looks similar to hail damage.  The acorns make such a loud noise when they hit the metal on the car that it woke me up a couple of times the other night – we were sleeping with our window open.  The worst part is, when I get out of the car I have to make sure I don’t step on them and faceplant into the parking lot (à la birthday weekend 2008).


On a parting note, here is our schedule for our trip:

9/18-22 Waldershof (small town where my grandparents live)

9/22-25 Berlin

9/25-27 Nuremberg/Erlangen

9/27-30 Munich

If anyone has been to any of these places and done something fun and unique, please share it with me.  We are still ironing out our plans for what we want to do in each city – especially Berlin since none of us have ever visited.  🙂

It’s that time again, where you share a little bit too much about yourself with thousands of strangers.  To read about everyone else’s horror stories, go to LiLu’s TMI Thursday page:)

A couple of years ago, T, JD, Z and I all made a Saturday excursion to Atlanta’s Renaissance Fair.  It’s located about 25 minutes south of Atlanta, so it really wasn’t a bad journey at all

Growing up, we went to the Ren Fair almost every year.  We gouged ourselves on giant turkey legs, funnel cake, meats on sticks, soda – you name it, we ate it.  We’d gather around to watch the shows and take pictures with the workers in period costumes.  My sophomore year of high school, the highlight of the year was the class field trip to the Ren Fair.

When our little group made our trip in 2006, none of us had been in years.  Why did we go – you ask? Well, JD’s roommate and his brother were both working at the fair.  Her roommate was one of the musketeers and his bro was some dragon they were hunting during the show.  We wanted to see them dressed up in their crazy costumes, and they gave us free tickets.  We couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

It was a humid May Saturday that alternated between sunny and overcast.  We ran into the roommate and brother, took some photos with them, then explored the festival for the rest of the day.

I hate to say it because we did have fun, but it just wasn’t quite as magical as it was when I was younger.  Since I’m older now, I started to notice all of the people who were a bit weird and a little too into the Renaissance era.  At some point you have to stop dressing up in period costumes like a teenager, you know.

At one point we were all walking around, exploring all of the little shops, when we saw something that made our jaws hit the dusty ground.  Walking towards us was this early 20-something year old chick in the strangest outfit we had ever seen.  She had on a black suede/leather bustier (that was showing a lot of chest) and a matching skirt that was basically just strips of leather hanging halfway down her thigh.  It was short and hoochy.

As she walked by us, we all stared her down because we were slightly shocked – it is a family place and she looked like a street walker.  And then I saw it…a blonde bush poking out through the leather strips that were exposing her hoo-ha as she strolled through the festival.

I squeaked out a “No fucking way!” and pointed her out to the rest of the group.  Everyone was cracking up because we couldn’t believe that we just saw some medieval-loving chick’s va-jay-jay.  We all continued to watch her walk by, and then we were exposed to her bare ass – confirming the fact that there was no way in hell she was wearing any panties.

While we were dying and discussing what we’d just seen, this woman pushing a stroller looked over at us and said, “I can’t believe that girl is walking around with her twat hanging out.”  We all nodded our heads in agreement and continued to crack up laughing.

I seriously don’t understand some people.  What in the hell would make you think it was ok to walk around family-friendly fair with your goods exposed for all the people (and children) to see?  Some people need to be smacked upside their heads occasionally.

For the past weeks, my teeth have suddenly become über sensitive.  I’ve never been able to chomp teeth first into a Popsicle, but now when anything really cold or hot touches my upper, right side back teeth, I get this shooting pain in my mouth.  And let me tell you, it’s not very pleasant.

I have always been someone who takes super care of my teeth.  I brush twice a day, sometimes more.  I never very rarely go to bed without brushing.  And when I brush, it’s for at least 5 minutes.

I never had a cavity growing up.  I go to the dentist twice a year.  In fact, my first filling came when I was 23 or 24.  I was in for a cleaning and my dentist said my top 2 back teeth had tiny cavities, so I ended up with fillings.

When I first noticed the sensitivity, I didn’t think too much about it.  I figured I’d buy some Sensodyne and go on with my life.  But then it got worse.  Sunday night I was eating some tortellini and bit down on it.  The heat from the filling sent a jolt through the right side of my mouth I took a sip of my cold drink (clearly I was not thinking) and ended up with a second jolt.   I’m not sure which tooth it is, since it only hurts when something hot or cold touches it.

I really hope my enamel has just worn down and that’s it’s.  My coworker said something similar happened to her a few years ago and she ended up with a root canal.  😦

My appointment’s tomorrow afternoon.  I’m going for my bi-annual cleaning and to get that bad boy checked out.  Fingers crossed it’s nothing major…

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