Last week one of my clients had a VIP preview night for a new lounge-like place they were opening.  I pretty much came up with a unique campaign idea the used unique marketing strategies – a cool Web site, t-shirts, a huge banner, cards to pass out around town, etc.  It was a really fun project to work on.

Since my client is about 2 hours from Atlanta  and the VIP night went until 9 p.m., I was able to stay the night in their hotel so I wouldn’t get back to Atlanta after midnight – that was super nice of them.  I got to the hotel about 45 minutes before the event started Thursday afternoon,  so I decided to check in and freshen up before meeting with my clients.

As I got my key and headed into the elevator, I noticed that I was on the top floor of the hotel.  I thought that was pretty cool because I expected to just be somewhere on one of the lower floors.  Imagine my surprise when I unlocked the door and walked in to a suite (sweet!).  My jaw nearly hit the floor.

The hotel underwent a major renovation last year (which I also helped promote), so everything is less than a year old and very modern.  As I walked in, I glanced to the right.  There was an additional bathroom and vanity area.  I had a giant bathroom in my room, which had a huge tub and separate shower.  Then I headed further into the room and ended up in the living room, which had a huge leather couch and chair and a wet bar.  On the table there was an array of dark chocolate candy bars, a plate with a baguette and cheeses, and an ice bucket filled with Diet Dr. Pepper.  Apparently someone had called my office to find out what kind of chocolate and drinks I liked so they could put them into my room.   I found out later from one of the girls on the sales team that they don’t even have Dr. Pepper there, so someone went out and bought it especially for me.  Next to all of that was a thank you note thanking me for all of my hard work.

The whole thing brought tears to my eyes because it was just so sweet.  They often thank me and tell me that I am doing a great job, which is wonderful in my book.  The fact that they went above and beyond really touched me.  It’s my job to inform the public about them, whether I get special treatment or not.  It was such a shock to know that they arranged everything just to show me how much they appreciate my hard work.  Not everyone is as lucky as me to have such cool clients!


On another note, we leave for Germany in 16 days.  I. Can’t. Wait.

In preparation for my trip, I did some online shopping.  Since the weather in Bavaria can be a little freaky in September (70s in the day, 30s-40s at night, a decent amount of wind and rain), I figured I should buy myself a nice waterproof jacket.  I found a really cute North Face one at a decent price.  The best thing about it is that it has a fleece liner that I can zip out and wear alone or use inside the jacket if it’s colder.  So I basically ended up with 3 jackets for the price of one – yay!

jacketI really like the color of it!

I also just went on a mini Old Navy shopping spree.  I figured that I should stock up on a few long and mid-arm sleeved shirts to wear on those cooler fall days.  I just hope everything fits…