Last night I was on my way home from work and I was listening to the radio.  Someone had called in and won something (by the way, which never happens to me) and she was talking about how banana flavored things were her favorite treats.  I had to hold back a gag.  To me, banana flavored things are nasty.  I like real bananas and banana bread, but artificial banana is just rank, in my opinion anyway.

That got me thinking about how we all prefer different tastes.  What’s delicious to one person is completely disgusting to another. I have 2 other major flavor dislikes that I feel most people enjoy – artificial grape and watermelon.  I really like both fruits in their real forms, but grape/watermelon candy has never been at the top of my list.  I think it’s much too sweet and it grosses me out.  I avoided grape Kool-Aid (Oh yeah, oh yeah…oh no, naughty, naughty Kool Aid – best Dane Cook skit eva!) and soda like the plague.  I still to this day don’t understand how people drink that stuff.  It reminds me of Dimetapp.

I also have never liked root beer.  It tastes kind of like medicine to me.  I’ve always tried to give it a chance, but I am not a fan.  Candy, sodas, floats – ack.  Sometimes I wonder if growing up in Germany until I was 7 has something to do with my dislike of fairly popular American flavors.  Who knows…

Growing up in Germany did not give me the taste for black licorice though.  I can’t eat the candies.  My mom can down a whole bag in one sitting.   I can suffer through some licorice flavored alcohols though – ouzo, grappa, pastis – even though they aren’t my favorite.  When I studied abroad in south France, everyone loved pastis.  It was common to drink it before a meal.  I tried it once and was not a fan.  However I will drink it after a meal if I am super full.

I do love all things tangy and fruity – cherry, strawberry, raspberry, pomegranate, orange (anything citrus really).  I guess my preference leans towards something that is sweet and sour, because it offers a happy medium.  T loves all things lemon and lime, which I also don’t mind, but I prefer things a little less sour.

What are some of the flavors you absolutely can’t stand?  What are some that you consider favorites?

Random side note – My home laptop has blue-screened of death (sad, I know)T and I are considering getting a Mac.  Now that he has a new job, he doesn’t have a company computer anymore, so we’d been sharing my laptop.  But if we get a new one, I know we’ll each want to play on it non-stop…If it’s not super expensive, I definitely think we should each get one.  Here’s the thing, which one is better – the regular MacBook or the MacBook Pro?  Any feed back you have would be helpful.  Thanks!

For you viewing enjoyment, Dane Cook’s Kool-Aid skit (start at 1:10 for the Kool-Aid part only)

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