I’m not really in a bad mood or anything, but I do feel a little PMS-y, which is making me focus on the negative a little more.  As I’m sitting here trying to keep my mind focused on work, I notice that I am hovering over some of my pet peeves.  In order to help me re-focus, I figure I would share some of them with you.  I warn you, some of them may be better for TMIT, but none of them are horribly bad.

People who don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom. This grosses me out beyond belief and is so unsanitary.  I remember the last time I willingly skipped washing my hands was when I was a little kid, about 5-6 years old.  I’d used the bathroom, then plopped down at the table to eat lunch.  I grabbed my sandwich off my plate and started eating.  My mom asked if I’d washed my hands, and I said no.  Then she told me how gross it was to not wash your hands and how you could spread germs by doing that.  After that moment, I’ve never willingly not washed my hands.  If there is no running water and I’m outside somewhere, I’ll pour water from a bottle or get some ice from a cooler.  As a last resort, I will use hand sanitizer (but in my book that is still not as good as using soap and water).  There are some people in my office who don’t wash their hands – sometimes they use hand sanitizer and sometimes they don’t.  How do you know, you ask?  Well, my office is next to the bathroom.  I can hear the faucet turn off and on (as well as the toilet flushing and the door opening way too quickly after the flush to allow significant time to hand sanitize), and it doesn’t always do that…shudder!

People who sprinkle when they tinkle. I know there are some people who have an irrational fear of letting their bum touch a public toilet seat, but that doesn’t give them a right to pee all over it.  I can understand if you are in a bar and you have to use the world’s (or in the case of the movie Trainspotting, Scotland’s) dirtiest toilet, and you are terrified to get your tush anywhere near it.  But it most cases, public toilets aren’t that funky.  They end up getting funky because people Number One all over them and on the floor, which begins the vicious cycle of no one being able to sit on it any longer.  At least if you are going to hover, wipe up if you miss.  There is nothing grosser than being in a restaurant where the toilet seat is peed on – the people who work there are the ones who have to clean it up and then bring you your food.  Think about that the next time your aim is a little off.   

People who don’t know when to use I/me. I know when we were younger we were taught to use “I” instead of “me,” but that rule doesn’t apply to every situation in life.  There are times when it is OK to say me.  The place I see this error more than anywhere else is on Facebook.  People will post pictures of their friends and say “This is Jane and I at the park.”  Actually, it’s Jane and me at the park.   You wouldn’t say, “This is a photo of I at the park,” you’d say “This is a photo of me at the park.”  The best way to figure out if you should use “I” or “me” is to split out the additional person/people in the sentence and say the part about yourself alone.  That will let you know if it should be “I” or “me.”  For example…Little S and I went to the store – I went to the store.  Little S gave a card to T and me – Little S gave a card to me.  It drives me batshit insane when people get this wrong!

Over-indulgent parents. There is nothing worse than watching overly indulgent parents.  Not that I am an expert, but I think my parents did a good job raising Little S and me (see, use me instead of I).  We didn’t get everything we wanted demanded growing up.  If we had 10 things we wanted for Christmas, our parents would choose a few key items to get us.  The rest we’d have to buy on our own or wait till another holiday to receive.  I had friends who’d get every item on their list and them some, and they were so bratty.  They expected to get whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted because their parents always let them have their way.  I remember there were a few times during my school years when I ended up in classes with none of my friends.  I was miserable and cried to my parents, asking them to call the school and move me.  They never did.  They told me it was a learning experience and that in the real world if you didn’t like something that was dealt to you, you couldn’t call and complain to someone to fix it.  You have to suck it up.

Back in the day, I thought it was harsh.  Now I know it helped build my character.  I know of some parents nowadays who would go into the school and raise hell to get their kid moved into a different class.  And I find that sad.  Your kid is no more special than another kid.  Why should he/she deserved to get moved because they don’t like their class?  Moving them doesn’t teach them how to make the best out of a less than stellar situation.  It shows them by bitching and moaning you may eventually get your way.

I also can’t stand it when parents have kids who misbehave in public.  At a restaurant, kids should not have free reign to run all over the place while the parents sit around gossiping and not paying attention.  If they come into an office, they need to know it’s not a playground, and they shouldn’t be running or screaming like they are outside.  If they do act up, punishment needs to be given.  A time out, a spanking, whatever works to make them behave.  Telling them “no” halfheartedly and not making sure they listen to you does not teach any kind of discipline.  If I acted like that when I was little, I would have gotten spanked or put in time out.  It would also not have been a repeat occurrence.

Last but not least…

People who are not courteous when bombing out public bathrooms. I know that sometimes when you are away from home, your stomach will not be happy and you will have to poo in a public place.  There is nothing wrong with that; we’ve all been there at one time or another.  The thing that really drives me batty is when people are bombing out a stall (or in my office’s case, the only toilet), and they don’t courtesy flush.  That is just rank.  You are stinking up the entire bathroom and you may or may not be killing the other people in the vicinity.

Then once you are finished and have flushed, make sure it all goes down.  There is nothing more disturbing than being an innocent potty-goer who happens to stumble upon someone else’s Number Two remnants…shudder.  I don’t know if I’m psycho, but I always check to make sure everything goes down (pee- or poo-related) when I go to the bathroom, and if it doesn’t, I flush again.

So, that is the end to my very long and ranty post.  Sorry it was so heavily related to bathroom issues, but I guess those bother me more than most.

What are some of your biggest pet peeves?  Which ones drive you batshit crazy? 🙂