This weekend went by waaay to fast, but I feel like I say that about every weekend.  T’s parents are in town.  They flew in late Wednesday night, so I haven’t been getting much rest.

They arrived at our house around 11:15 Wednesday night because their flight got delayed.  We ended up hanging around with them until about 2 a.m. that night catching up and having some drinks.  Surprisingly the fact that I only slept 5.5 hours didn’t mess me up as bad as I thought it would.

On Thursday, my parents came up to visit with T’s family, and we had a cook out.  We chowed down on tons of food, enjoyed some drinks, and a lot of laughs.  My parents didn’t hit the road until almost 11 p.m., so it was another late-ish night for me.

Friday, we gathered with a bunch of our friends at a local bar and ended up staying there until about 2 a.m.  Originally I had hoped to not be out all night because we had tickets to the Steely Dan concert the next day.  Of course, once I have a few drinks, I’m always ready to party.  Once we got home, we decided to stay up and have ONE more drink.  That one turned into a few more, and all of a sudden it was daylight.  Yeah, T’s mom and I stayed up until practically 9 a.m.  We were just sitting around talking and having fun, but the time just flew by.

Needless to say, I was hurting when I finally crawled my ass out of (my super awesome and new) bed.  But, somehow I managed to get my shit together and still made it to the concert.  T’s poor mom did not – I felt a little bad for that one because the concert was great.  It was a perfect, warmish (not stifling hot) summer day with a nice breeze.  It did rain a little, but not too hard, and it kept us cool  – we just have bad luck with the Dan.  The last time they came down for the concert, it poured for most of the show.  I was happy that I knew all the songs and was able to bounce back from my super late night.

Yesterday we all lounged at the pool, then went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant – Alfredo’s –  that has been winning awards in Atlanta since the 1970s.  Since T’s family lives in NY, they have first-hand experience with all of the great Italian eateries that we in the South don’t always have.  We stuffed ourselves senseless with yummy food and wine.  I could barely eat my dinner after munching on garlic bread and appetizers.  I basically had a full portion left.  T’s parents really liked it; they even said it was better than the Italian restaurant they always eat at in Poughkeepsie.  I’ll take that as a good sign.

We all rolled ourselves back to the car and plopped down on the couch afterwards to watch True Blood (OMG – last night’s episode was so good!  I can’t believe there are only 3 left in the season.  Sadness.)  Tonight is their last night in town, so we’ll prob end up going out somewhere with them one more time.  We’ll more than likely hit up our neighborhood bar, Fox and Hound, since it’s half-priced food Monday, and it’s a tradition for us all to go there when they visit.

So, how was your weekend?  Did you do anything exciting?  Also, if you’re married/in a serious relationship, do you get along well with your in-laws?  Mine, are fucking awesome – if I do say so myself! 🙂