I’m sure some of you have heard me bitch about our crappy mattress on and off throughout my blogging career.  I’ve constantly talked about going to buy a new one, but for some reason we never did.  Well, that all changed yesterday evening.  After work, T and I met at Mattress Firm because I saw they were having a sweet sale on mattresses.

I arrived at the store before T, so I began making my way around with the employee, flopping onto the various mattress types and rolling around like a fish out of water.   Firm, plush, pillow top, foam.  Who knew there were so many types of mattresses?  And when did they get so fancy-pants?

My last mattress is just shy of 10 years old, and it’s bare-bones.  My parents bought it for me after we moved to Poughkeepsie from the hometown mattress chain with the most annoying commercials ever.  But it got us into the store.  That mattress is justly slightly older than mine and T’s relationship.

So back to last night…we decided to shoot for a plush mattress.  The soft ones were just too squishy and the firms were a little too hard for my taste.  I found my favorite one pretty quick.  T took a little longer to make up his mind.  Part of me thinks it was because the mattresses were pretty expensive and he didn’t want to spend that much money.

I know it’s a lot of money, but if you spread it out over 10 or more years, it’s really not such a big sum.  He was hemming and hawing over the price, saying we should shop around first.  But I just wasn’t feeling it.  It took us this long to start looking, I knew we’d never really comparison shop any time in the near future.  Plus the store has a low price guarantee that if we see it cheaper somewhere else or they put it on sale, they will pay us the difference back 110%.  That’s a totally sweet deal in my book.

We finally decided to go ahead and order it, and it’s being delivered tonight.  You have no idea how excited I am about this! 🙂 We spent a little more than even I had intended, but I know that a good mattress isn’t cheap. So it’s completely worth it for me.  We went with a Stearns & Foster plush top.  It’s seriously the fanciest mattress I’ve ever laid my head (and body) on.

And just because I am dorking out over it, here is a picture of it in all its comfy gloriousness.  (I wasn’t that obsessed with it, but I snapped a photo and put a funny caption on it to entice T to buy it.  And it worked!)

mattressLook how pretty it is!  And it’s so amazing to lay on…

**Thanks everyone for all of your great comments about the puppy.  T and I decided to hold off until we get back from Germany before we revisit the puppy purchase.  Also thanks for your great comments about books you love.  You guys rock my socks off!**