Sidenote:  Did any of you watch the Pound Puppies cartoons when you were little?  If you did, do you remember how they would always yell “puppy power” before they did something crazy?  That was such a cute show!

Anyway, yesterday T forwarded me this e-mail about a guy in Birmingham who has a bunch on lab-retriever puppies he can’t find a home for.  They are so stinking cute!  T and I have been talking about getting a dog once we move into a house, but when we saw the e-mail we debated whether or not we should try to adopt one of these little puppies now.

The thing is, I’m torn.  I really want to go ahead and get a dog.  But in 6 weeks we are going to Germany for 2 weeks, and I’m worried about leaving a new puppy behind.  We’d either have to board it or have a friend puppy sit for us.  Is it bad to be gone so long from a new dog?

My other concern is that we still live in the condo.  I know it’s big enough to fit us, the cats and a puppy, but I worry that it’ll get tight once the little one grows up.  I’m also hoping we’ll be moved into a house by that time.  The good thing about our neighborhood now is that it’s very dog-friendly.  We have a huge grassy quad behind us that we could go play in.  We also have a little fenced in patio where we could let the puppy hang out while we keep an eye on it.  There are also a lot of places you can walk a dog around the neighborhood.

The thing is, I’ve never had a dog.  T had one when he was really young, but I’m sure he doesn’t remember all of the responsibility that went into taking care of a dog.  My family has always had cats, who are very self-sufficient animals.  All they need is some food, water and a liter box and they are set.  I know having a dog takes a lot more effort and impacts your life in a huge way.  There are scheduled times for walks and feedings.  There needs to be training so the dog doesn’t run-a-muck in the house.  It would need to be crate trained because I wouldn’t want it to chew up the house when we are gone.  You can’t just come and go as you please when you own a dog like you can with a cat, but I am ok with that.   I would be down for us being a little more settled down and not always the life of the party.

So, all of you dog owners out there, what are your thoughts?  Do you have any advice for someone interested in getting their first-ever dog?  What would you do if you were in our situation?  🙂