So, as you all may know, we have our condo on the market.  This Sunday I received a call saying that a buyer was interested in putting down a contract.  T and I were a little giddy and a little sad.  We really do love our current place, but we just want something a little bit bigger.

We heard from our agent yesterday that the interested party decided she wanted to buy somewhere else because our Home Owners Association fees are very expensive.  I can’t lie – they’re pretty steep.  $371 a month if you are curious.  I’ll wait till you pick your jaw off the desk.  Ok? I know it’s pretty insane, but we do live on a golf course, have 3 pools, about 900 units in the neighborhood, plus the HOA fees cover trash pick up, water, landscaping and exterior maintenance.  We also have a guard booth where people check in when they visit.  I’m pretty sure the association fees help pay their salaries.  Honestly, I could do without the gate folks.  I’d be happy with a key card, but the neighborhood doesn’t want to do that.  So, for now there are no contracts.  Our agent is going to talk to the buyers agent and see if they can figure something out.

In the mean time, this kind of came up and bit me and T in the ass.  We’ve looked at properties online, but we haven’t checked out anything in person.  We realized that this all could happen pretty fast, so we decided we better get off our butts and start checking places out.

So that’s what we’re doing tonight.  We’re looking in an area right by my work, seriously like 5 minutes away.  The area is alright.  I don’t love it as much as other places, but I am seriously tempted by the fact that I’d be so close to work.  I could go home on my lunch breaks.  If we get a dog, I could go home and walk it during the day.  So, there are some positives.  Plus it’s fairly close to T’s office too.

Now I’m off to go check out some places.  Wish us luck!