I am the oldest child of 2.  My sister, Little S, is one of my best friends.  Since we are only 3 years apart, we’ve always been close – even when we wanted to kill each other because, hey, that’s what sibling do.  We were pretty active kids, I’d even dare to say tomboys.  We loved playing outside, climbing trees, playing sports.  If it involved running around outside, we were there.

Many little kids played “house.”  Little S and I had our own variations of this game.  Instead of being the girly girls with babies and such, we would reenact some of the scenarios from our favorite movies.  We would, in a sense, become the characters we had grown to love by watching endless hours of tapes.  We would make up our own characters and “live” in their world for the afternoon.

Two movies seemed to really influence us, and I’m not sure why.  My movie that I would look to for inspiration was The Journey of Natty Gann.  Let me tell you guys, I was obsessed with this movie.  If you haven’t seen it, get your ass to a Blockbuster and rent it.  You won’t be disappointed – I hope!  Her movie was Pippi Longstocking – equally as awesome!

Little S and I would weave these 2 movies together and pretend to be 1930s runaways who had to hop trains to escape the bad guys.  Our train car was the front stoop.  Our orphanage would be our 2-story back deck – the stairs our secret passage way to the outside world.  We would run through the woods, climb trees, and cross over invisible rivers.  We would seriously be outside for hours, anytime of the year, creating our own mental movie where we were the heroines who overcame hardships to triumph in the end.

Once we got older, our little scenarios happened less and less.  I had moved  onto middle school and it was no longer cool to dream up imaginary worlds with your little sister.  It was time to play Girl Talk or Mall Madness with your girlfriends, or try out makeup while gossiping about the cutest boy in school.

It’s not that I left Little S behind, she had moved on too.  She was very involved in softball.  She and her friends would play makeshift games in the cul du sac.  When they weren’t around, the 2 of us would hit the ball around or play catch.  Our little imaginary world was slipping further and further away.

Now that I’m grown and think back to those simpler times, I really miss them.  We were so innocent and imaginative.  If we thought hard enough, we could dream up anything to entertain us for hours on end.  It’s sad, but as you get older, it becomes harder and harder to get so lost up in something that doesn’t even exist.  Our overworked brains are too fried at the end of the day to create such a magical place that you can escape to.

When I think back to those times running around in the yard with Little S, I really miss being a kid.  Everything was so much simpler and innocent then.