More often than not, when we’re out in a group, I am the only girl.  Even if there are other girls around, I usually end up being the last remaining one.  It doesn’t bother me, but I find it sort of interesting and sometimes wonder how it influences my reactions and behaviors in certain situations.

You can pretty much say anything around me, and I won’t get offended.  Bad words, nasty jokes, crude comments – I’ll laugh at all of them.   Sometimes I wonder if I’m a bad influence to my poor guy friends since I don’t get offended by what they say.  I’ve had some tell me that they end up getting in trouble around some other girls because they got to used to telling me the dirty jokes and I’m not bothered by it, and they forget that not all girls think it’s funny.  Oops!

According to my dad, I talk like a Portuguese sailor (I’m not sure why the Portuguese sailors were singled out with this saying).  Some people may not think it’s ladylike, but at the same time sometimes you just need to drop the F-bomb. I’ve never had a super clean mouth (even though I do chew Orbit gum – haha, funny right?  No?… ), but I know the many nights that I hang out and am the only girl, I sensor myself less and less.  I’m the same way with my close girl friends too, but I totally blame the guys for being a bad influence on me…(I keed, I keed…maybe)

Sometimes it’s kind of nice to be “one of the guys,” especially when you are out.  I always know that besides T, my guy friends will be there looking out for me.  If anyone ever stepped over the line, I know they’d all be right there to help out with any kind of situation.

I’m the same way for them.  If they have had a little too much to drink and are getting mouthy with someone else, I’ll totally step in to help diffuse the situation.

Sometimes I view our relationships as the brother I never had.  And even though we rib each other or bug each other sometimes, we’re still really close and enjoy hanging out together.

But don’t get me wrong, I totally enjoy hanging out with just the girls without the boys – we need some gossip and bitching time occasionally!  And boys aren’t always down with that. 😉

So, do have a preference of hanging out with guys or girls?  Are you often considered one of the guys/girls?