I was looking at some recently tagged photos on Facebook today, and I realized that more often than not, I make some weird ass faces.  When I’m not contorting my face, I’m doing something weird with my arms and hands.  It’s so bizarre!

For your viewing pleasure…some of Bing’s weird face and arm/hand photos:

4th of julyIndependence Day weird face/hand combo

oh girlOooooh guurl

st patsMy wrist should bot bend that way – right?

bdayMy birthday night – sprained ankle – it’s all good

thugThugged out school spirit – Go Dawgs!

hat danceMen’s coat and hat – check.  Crazy arms – check

st pats handsWho even knows – my hands are growing out of my head

trex armsMy all-time favorite – T-rex arms!

So, those are some of my awesome crazy face shots.  Sometimes I feel like Gumby – maybe I’m  too rubbery or bendy for my own good!