*Those lyrics are from a song that is quite possibly the dirtiest, but awesomest, song ever.  Kudos to you if you know who it is.

My lower back is killing me!  I’m not sure what the hell I did to make it hurt, but hurt it does.  It’s sore on my right side, maybe right above where non-lowrise jeans hit.  It feels sort of pinchy, and it is driving me crazy.

I noticed it yesterday, but I’m not sure when.  By the time I got home, it was hurting like holy hell.  I did fall asleep a few times on the couch over the weekend, so maybe I pinched something?  Or maybe I slept weird?  I do have a shitty mattress, that you all have heard (read) me complain about.

It is especially painful when I lean over or bend down to pick something up.  I am starting to feel a little less ouchy today though, so I guess that’s good.  When my back first started hurting, I was convinced it had something to do with my organs – maybe kidneys?  I’m not a bio super star so I’m not sure what’s located in the vicinity internally.

Anyone know of any good stretches I could try to loosen it up?


On a totally random note, T and I watched 5 episodes of True Blood last night.  It’s sick, I know it.  We totally stayed up until 1 a.m. watching, meaning I am super tired today.  We only have 3 episodes left until we finish season 1.  I’m not sure how we’ll do having to wait a week between episodes once we start season 2. 🙂