Last night we had an impromptu gathering at a bar because our normal trivia spot was closed for renovations.  They have good food and cheap beer – $1 drafts. There were 10 of us smooshed into a big booth, talking, laughing and downing those $1 beers.  It was fun.  We hung out for about 3 hours.

Around 10 p.m., most of the people had left and it was just me, T and our friend Z.  The boys decided we should pop over to the collegey bar, lovingly known as The Triangle of Death, for one more beer.  Since it was still early, I said fine, as long as we left by 11:30, so I could get to bed at a decent time.

Of course Z knows the bartender and shots were ordered.  When we left it was almost midnight.  By the time I got to bed, it was 12:30 a.m.  Today I am tired, oh so very tired.  And slightly headachey.

And you know what sucks most of all? T doesn’t have to work today because he quit his current accounting gig and will be starting at a new place (with better hours and better pay) on June 29.   So he was all snug and comfy in bed while I was slowly dragging myself through my morning routine.  Life’s so unfair sometimes.

And when you get older, you don’t bounce back quite as fast as you used to.  Sigh…