So, we have FINALLY finished all of the daunting repairs to the condo.  While we were in NY, my dad was nice enough to come up a few times to do some work.  I am really so lucky and grateful that he enjoys doing work like this.  Even though he seems exhausted when we are finished, I  can tell he secretly loves it.  Why?  I’m not sure.  But I love him for always going that extra mile to fix something that is broken!

Both of our upstairs bathrooms have been painted and have new shiny silver towel bars and toilet paper holders hanging up.  The hole in the laundry room ceiling has been patched and repainted, along with the walls.  My dad hung up new shelves that are much nicer than the old ones that were in there.  Now we just need to do one more final clean…

Today I spoke with our realtor, and she is beginning the paperwork to get our house listed.  We’ve picked a price, and it should be on the market by the end of the week.  I really can’t believe this is actually happening!

I also just received some information back from the loan officer about qualifying for a mortgage, and everything looks good!  Yippee!

Oh, and on the work-related front…

T got a new job!  He’ll start in a couple of weeks, and he  received a decent pay raise.  So even if I’ll be stuck with my shitty salary forever, at least he’s moving on up!