It seems like I keep falling off the blog wagon lately.  But I have been pretty busy as of late with condo repair and preparations to sell it.  And of course, you can’t forget about work.  And planning my parents’ surprise 30th anniversary party.

Speaking of their anniversary party…things never go smoothly when you are trying to plan a surprise.  Never!  On Friday after work I met with Little S so we could do some more planning.  We decided to call the neighbor who is assisting us with getting our parents out of the house so we could formulate a plan.  Well, that is when we found out the our mom is having all of her German friends over for coffee and cake that afternoon.  Just our luck!

Now we have to totally rework our plan.  Instead of getting the parents out of the house, we will have to set up the party in the basement without them catching us.  Little S and I have already set the stage for them by telling them we have a cool anniversary present that we need to assemble in the basement.  Meanwhile we will be having our own covert mission where we will be smuggling the other guests in through the basement.  Eventually, we will invite the German friends to come and see our cool “gift” in the basement.  They will really sneak downstairs to get into position.  Then our parents will head down, only to be surprised by all of their close friends.  Fingers crossed that this goes off without a hitch!  (FYI – thanks for all of your gift suggestions.  Little S and I have decided to make them a special slide show highlighting them throughout the years).


T, my dad and I spent all day Saturday doing major work on the house.  T and I finished striping the wallpaper in our bathroom and touched up any old holes in the wall that had been covered up by the wallpaper.  Tonight we are going home to paint it so we can finally put it back together.  Showering without a shower curtain up has been an interesting (and drenching) experience.

After we finished with our bathroom, I began to remove the border from the hideous yellow stucco walls in the guest bathroom.  Imagine my surprise when the “stucco” started peeling off too.  Come to find out, some genius back in the day had used textured wallpaper.  Whoever lived there before us took it upon themselves to just paint over it instead of taking it down.  Since part of it ripped off on Saturday, the rest has to come down since there is no way to disguise the part without the pattern.

The good news is that the ugly will be gone.  The bad news is that T and I have extra work to do now.  Oh joy!

Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.  Dear old Murphy – you sand your stupid law are on my shit list!