My parents’ 30th wedding anniversary is next week!  Nowadays with divorce rates skyrocketing, being married for any length of time is a feat, especially since they got married when they were only 20 and 21.  I am just really happy to say that my parents are still together and going strong after all these years.

In honor of their anniversary, Little S and I will be throwing them a surprise party.  We’ve already begun plotting with their neighbors and good friends about getting them out of the house so we can sneak in and set up The Bar (the fun party basement).  I’m hoping it won’t be too much of a pain to get them out of the house!

Originally, I had volunteered to cook food for the party, but Little S pointed out that with us trying to set up and potentially make a quick slideshow of photos of them throughout the years (we haven’t had a chance to steal their old photos albums and won’t make it to their house before the party), we may not have time to cook for 20-something people.  We’ll still make some smaller and quicker items, but we’ll rely on a store for the main items.

Originally we’d planned to have the party catered by our favorite Mexican restaurant, but it would have cost $750 to feed everyone.  That is a little insane if you ask me.  So instead we’ve opted to order a Honey Baked Ham.  We’ll prob make some bacon wrapped scallops (yummy) and maybe some clams or shrimp.  If you can think of any tasty and easy party food, please share!   We’ve asked the guests to provide a side or bottle of champagne.  I’m really excited about the party and hope that it turns out well!

Here is my question, what would be a good 30th anniversary present for our parents?  I am kind of stumped.  Everything I’ve seen so far is too girly for both of them (everything is pearl-related – I’m pretty sure my dad doesn’t want pearls).  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Also, how long have your parents been married if they are still together?