Hey lovelies, sorry it’s been a little while since my last post but things have been fairly hectic in Bing and T Land.

Last week was major our hell spring cleaning week.  Our realtor, Diana, met with us last Thursday to discuss putting the condo on the market.  We wanted to make sure the house was in tip top shape so she could get an accurate feel of what all we’ve improved on since we bought it.  Let me tell you guys something.  Our condo, has never been this clean.  I’m really liking it – it’s much less cluttered and everything feels so organized!

She really liked what we’ve done, which is a big plus.  We do still have some minor repairs to make, but we got started on those this weekend.  My dad came up to tackle the leaky shower.  Last year when the water heater bit the dust, I had the plumber investigate the leak.  He basically concluded that the tile job was shoddy and water was getting behind the cracked tile, causing the leak.  So my dad was nice enough to bust out the tiles and replace some things behind the wall.  He is coming up tonight to try a few different things to make sure that the leak isn’t coming from the pipes after all.  If all is clear, he’ll replace the tiles and we’ll be done with it.

While my dad was working on the bathroom, T and I tackled our patio.  It really wasn’t that bad to begin with, but it could use some spruce up work.  Well, I began raking up all the leaves and debris that had blown in there.  Then we used a blower to get the dirt up.  After that, T pressure washed it while I went to Home Depot to buy some flowers to plant, some cute edgers for the flower beds, and new concrete squares that we could use to expand our patio.  Before that, our patio was half laid concrete and half blocks.  Over time, the dirt underneath them settled, causing them to become uneven.

It seriously took us all day to complete the patio project.  ALL DAY!  Whoever lived there before us had used rocks in the flower beds, so we were trying to get them all out of there so we could re-lay the concrete slabs evenly and plant the flowers.  We even dug up some decent-sized rocks, which we used to make a little rock garden – it’s really cute.  I’m not sure who thought it would be a good idea to bury those.  Even though the work was hard and I am sore as hell, the patio looks amazing.  I’m a patio girl, so I’d definitely buy the condo based on that!

On Sunday we began ripping down the old wallpaper in our bathroom.  There wasn’t anything wrong with it looks wise, but it was peeling off in spots so that wasn’t beneficial to the reselling process.  It was sort of fun pulling off the old wallpaper, until it started separating from the adhesive.  We’ve gotten most of the paper off, but still have to get all the adhesive removed before we can paint.  Guess what we’ll be doing tonight after work?  You know you are jealous!  After we finish up that bad boy, we’ll move to the guest bathroom that is painted a garish yellow and is topped with a super FUG flowered border.  At least the border won’t take so long to remove, then all we’ll have to do is paint!

I’m pretty sure that it will be going on the market in the next week or so, so I’ll definitely post some lovely photos for you guys to see.

How were all of your weekends?  Hopefully less labor intensive and dirty than mine! 🙂