As you all may know, I have 2 crazy cats, Fado and Zoey.  I love them dearly.  My favorite thing about both of them is that they have such distinctive personalities.  They will totally let you know when they want you do something for them.

Total tangent – On Saturday, T and I spent the whole day cleaning out our scary guest room.  For the last 2.5 years, it has been a catch all for everything in the house we don’t have a place for.  It seriously had gotten to the point of being so ridiculous, I was sort of embarrassed to go in there.   About 5 hours and 5 boxes of Goodwill donations later, it looked like a real room!  Just to give you an idea of how crazy it was – you could barely walk into the closet because there were so many boxes of T’s old clothes and my clothes that we never wore in there, as well as a ton of random crap just blocking up the small space.  We seriously donated 48 old T-shirts from T and like 8 pairs of jeans.  It was intense!  I do want to brag about how lovely the room looks now, so here are some photos.


Our desks that were covered with so much junk they were unusable.


Our neatly organized closet – with space that can actually be used!

Anyway, while we were cleaning we came across some old shoe strings.  For most people, shoe strings are not exciting, but for us they are.  Why, you ask?  Well, string is Fado’s absolute favorite thing to play with in the whole wide world.  You should see how excited this little guy gets when he finds some string.  It’s so cute!  We’ve spent tons of money on little crinkle tunnels, feathers on a stick, and fuzzy toy mice, but nothing provides hours of entertainment for Fado like a plain old string.  To keep them from ending up in the garbage, I tossed the stings into the hallway.  Shortly after, we found Fado chewing on and playing with them.  And so it started.

Fado’s favorite way to play with string is to have you sit in the middle of the room and drag it in circles around you.  He will run after it and pounce on it relentlessly, for hours on end if you would keep dragging it around.   It is a lot of fun, especially because you can see how much he enjoys his string time, but you do get tired.  Occasionally he will get over zealous with his pouncing and claw you, and eventually you need to stop.  Even though he doesn’t want you to.

Since we found 2 stings, one of them is in the spotless guestroom and the other is in the living room.  When Fado wants to play, he will let you know.  All day yesterday he would run up the stairs and sit in the guestroom by his string.  If you walked anywhere near him, he would start to get up and make this funny chirping meow sound as if to say – “Yay, you’re coming to play with me.”  It breaks my heart when he gets like this and I don’t have time to play with him since he is so eager to chase his toy.

Last night we played for about 10 minutes in the living room, then I went to sit on the couch with T to watch a movie.  The entire time we watched, Fado would roll around on the ground next to the string and chirp, begging us to play with him.  It’s really pretty funny to watch.  Eventually he gave up and came and laid on the couch with us.

But his quest for the string never ends.  This morning on my way out the door, I was greeted with a chirpy meow and this:


Fado eagerly waiting for someone to come and play with him.

I guess I owe someone some play time tonight.  I bet he’s sat there most of the day, just waiting for someone to make the string move! 🙂