Yesterday I was tagged by Hillary to post a picture of myself that very second.  Because of the time difference between Atlanta and Vancouver, I did not notice the tag till this morning.  Not to be one to disappoint, I will take and post a picture of myself right now on this very lovely Thursday morning.  Just a head’s up – I’m having a not so great hair day.  Don’t judge me!

Ok, about 15 minutes later I was finally able to take a damn picture.  The Google phone is not the most cooperative camera out there.


This is my “I’m so happy to be working/slightly annoyed at my camera phone” face .

Look at the special items in my office –

The straw-like wallpaper and half-dead palm tree thing give the office a beach bungalow feeling (not so much).

Check out the balance ball chair in the background that my co-workers sit on when they come to talk to me.  Maybe I should start doing crunches on it…

I’m proud of my heritage – see my Bavarian flag in the background?

Now I am tagging you to play along!  It’s more fun than actually being productive on a Thursday!





Here are the rules:

* Take a picture of yourself right now.
* No primping or preparing.
* Just snap a picture.
* Load the picture onto your blog.
* Tag some people to play along.